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  1. Okay, last RP didn't go quite as well as planned (I should probably have waited until it had gathered more interest; it only really goes well with a lot of people). I am NOT abandoning it, I am just making a new one aside.

    So, which one will it be?

    1. Questionable Ethics, Doubtable Motives: Something goes wrong in a hidden military laboratory hidden southwest of Jamestown, Tennessee, and a dark scheme is revealed - although the priority is to keep everyone safe. (More standard RP that will happen in episodes and parts. May use dice. Depending on the part, death may or may not be present and may or may not be important. Also, depending on parts, there will be such a thing as evolution.)

    2. The Musician - Humanity finally reliably reached the stars. Many civilizations were encountered, many alliances built - but a realization puzzles all: a few cultural songs, elements and tales were common to the whole galaxy, translated, for all to share... which unlocked the keys to the laws of this universe. But how? (This RP is going to be chock-full of cultural references both modern and ancient, and it will require a lot of thought to solve the puzzles... What you know, your character knows, and for all intents and purposes he probably has a pocket computer. Also, "magic" is manipulated through music.)

    3. Further - Space travel has been developed for billions of years. First they reached another star. Then they made it across the galaxy. After that, they conquered intergalactic travel, to end up unifying the whole known universe after eons... Wars were fought, friends made, challenges overcome... and now existence basks in a generalized state of harmony. But it took too long. The end of all is nigh... but a handful of creatures still hold hope to reverse it. (This one is probably going to make use of a dice system and stats to affect certain actions. And of course, different endings can be had depending on the events unfolding by the action of the characters.)

    4. Loop - During an experiment for FTL travel, mankind makes a horrible mistake, sending their astronauts into regions unknown... Will they make it back home? What will they discover? (Most straightforward one. No dice, no puzzles, just good old RPing along.)

    Again, vote. And again, if you people do not wish to do any of these, I might have a secret little something for y'all.

  2. Votes:

    Loop: 1
    The Musician: 1
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  3. I definitely like all the plots listed, although I'm reserving my nerves against dice rolling for a possible D&D-esque game coming up, so 'Loop' would be my choice. I hope other people show a spark of interest here.
  4. The Musician one is my favorite, but ONLY if I can be an awesome wizard through the power of being an awesome glam rock star.
  5. That's EXACTLY what the RP is about.
  6. Sold.

    Do it.


    I will be Zazzy Blazmatazz, and we shall unlock the secrets of the universe by wearing tight snakeskin pants, pink feather boas, and twirling sinuously around microphone stands while singing about how many women we have slept with.
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