More newbies than you can handle!



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Why hello, everyone. My name is Reiz, and I found this site through a good friend of mine named Slyen. Lesse, I'm new, I've roleplayed both in freeform forums before, pen and paper games, as well as IRC chats. I'm 20, I play video games, enjoy long walks on the beach, and occasionally get addicted to soda. I also think I've heard of this place once before. I dunno, but it's giving me a sense of deja vu. Just can't quite put my finger on it.

Yours Truly,

PS: HI GUYS I'M BACK. You poor buggers, you thought you were rid of me, didn't you?
*Does the evil monkey pointing pose and runs off into the night*

Your username is giving me deja vu, Reiz. :D

Welcome back :)
Lemme know if you need help with anything :D
Oo What's with these violent reactions?


Thinks about this for a moment. I kinda remember you. Turn around. Yeah your that...wait who are you? Well I'm Pirogeth, Piro for short. I do Newsletter, and playing roles. Enjoy it!

Writing in the Moonlight,

*Drops an Anvil on leaving*


*High-Fives Reiz's hand that is sticking out from under the Anvil*



*Vanishes into the sunset on horseback*
*Grumpy's steed steps on an anti-tank mine, blowing it up.*

Hey now, I just put those there!
Hello and welcome to the forums you have any questions just ask and we can help

*walks over to Reiz* hi yah your the new one eh well just make sure not to get on my bad side less you want claw marks all over your body.

*walks off into the shadows*
I had nothing to do with it!

Well maybe just a little...
Missed us so much you had to pretend to be someone else, huh?

Welcome back.
Oi, oi, that's a lot of abuse on me guys. Couldn't you greet me with smiles and hugs? ...what's that? No? Well then, that's a fine how do ya do. But personally, I'm glad to be back. I missed you guys without even realizing it until Slyen put me in a chokehold and pressed my face into the keyboard long enough to randomly enter my password by sheer luck.
Hmmm.... **pushes her glasses up her nose and makes a face at her clipboard**

No, no, I don't think you're scheduled to be back yet...
Who are you again?
...I'm not sure if you or not. I'm terribel with names...I think I remember you though. Anywho, if you remember me, you remember me as Mabushii. But regardless of remembrances, it is nice to meet you.
Welcome to the site, or back to it.
*WMFD fires a heavy flamer at Ike*

new? Reiz as been a member longer th'n you 'ave!

*WMD continues to fire the flamer*
It's true. Reiz is an old fart.
**nods sanctimoniously**
Not older than me though >(
Now get off the lawn, Reiz.