More Epic Rap Battles of History

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  1. [video=youtube;mgVwv0ZuPhM][/video]

    SOOOOOO!!!! alright...I LOVE the opening but I think they are both kinda tied....what do you think...and please....add more rap battles ^_^
  2. I'll meet your Chief vs Leo with my Mario Bros vs The Wright Bros >:3

  3. =3
  4. Wins... in order.

    Master Chief. (Small win. Mostly due to lines like "even my initials spell MC" And the flow of his rap.)

    The Wright brothers. (even though they weren't that good, they were better than the mario brothers)

    Beethoven. (I don't even need to explain why, I think XD)

    I've enjoyed Epic Rap battles for a while now... good to see others are starting to discover them too ^_^

    My favorite is Einstein vs Hawking... too lazy to link it though...:P
  5. <<


    Why have we no William Shakespeare and Cat in the Hat? >:|
  6. Here You go Obi Waniana ^__^

  7. [video=youtube;zn7-fVtT16k][/video]
  8. ​XD
  9. Going cartoons here

  10. ​LOOOOOOL!!!!!!!
  11. This is my second favorite after Dr. Seuss & Shakespeare.


    I give it to Bonaparte..because of his last line, lmao.