Mordred Academy of Magical Arts - Recruiting and Planning Thread

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  1. Created over a millennium ago by the son of the great witch Morgana herself, the Mordred Academy of Magical Arts, or MAMA for short, is a secretive and exclusive school that formed some of the best sorcerers, wizards, witches and enchanters of the continent, teaching discretion as the better part of valour and teaching a complete curriculum that will make sure that any alumni will be able to subtly lead the world as they please with a mix of cunning, knowledge, charisma and magical powers. The world must be kept in the dark of these tools, however, and so only select and promising orphans or children of the alumni, when either reach their sixth birthday, are enrolled into the program.

    Both magical and non-magical subject will be taught and learned, and as a boarding school, such a learning will be all year long and quite dense and enriching. Each week will be planned in advance, and, depending on the pupil's performance (a seven or more on a ten-sided dice roll for any of the subjects taken), a test for further boons and regards will be issued. Each year will be separated into thirteen blocks of four weeks programs, with three to six days of schooling per week depending on the age and courses of the pupil. At the beginning, very few subjects will be available, and a maximum of three courses a week will be set, to give time to play, physical exercise and the daily language and writing tutoring taught to each pupil by older students.

    As they age, more features will become available to you, player, to personalize your character and make them grow. I only want six players at most for now, and so the places will be limited. There is also the thoughts at the back of my mind to do block long school trips to spice things up and give more chance of something good and/or interesting to happen to the pupils. Be warned that I expect good effort in each post, and a pretty good activity in both the IC and OOC threads, so be ready to commit!

    Each skill levels will take a hundred points to complete, with thirteen levels in total consisting of:

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  2. I've never got through an entire magic based RP only because no one really committed :(
    I do hope to join this one, at least this will be long term (Which I do prefer).
  3. Thanks for the interest!
    I really hope this will gather a few more and that I will then be able to make this puppy take off.
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