Moonwings Spire (Mythos)

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  1. Zypher's pod contacted the newly crowned Regent, Zypher having been left still scanning the forest it had crash landed in. It sent back details that a familiar piece of architecture has bled from the timelines of the past and a large piece of the once grand city, Moonwings had surfaced. It was the Moonwings Spire and home of the Knights of Moonwings appearing with a part of the lake that surrounded it. Inside holds information and technology native to those of AFTA/Moonwings. Zypher wastes no time in heading to the spire to recover some of his history.


    Character List: I'm probably going to keep it small, considering those that don't have Moonwings/AFTA history wouldn't be able to use the equipment nor get around the Moonwings technology.

    Zypher will be leader of the expidition, Westy/Rory shall accompany him.
  2. Yes, Westy shall be coming for she's from outside of Iwaku lore.
  4. Whatever you do, don't awake what's inside....


    ... you have been warned.
  6. Wait, what? What's inside?
  7. Wait and see.
  8. Is...Is My lunch inside?
  9. Coorie is probably eating it in the Spire right... NOW!
  10. Why would no one who had no connection be unable to use the technology located inside?
  11. Can I join? I haven't really played any part of the mythos as of yet. :3
  12. Hey, Rors, is teh fox still wit ya?


    Sorry I've been inactive, dudes.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.