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    Hi there! I'm Moonlight Hunter, but you can call me Moon if you'd like. I'm 20 if age matters to you. I've been called random, hyper, and very chatty. Well if you want to know more about me just ask. I have a job at a hotel as front desk rep. I generally work from 3PM est to 11PM est and if they switch me to a morning shift... well I'm likely to nap for a good chunk of the day after that. Anyway, I post between 1-5 paragraphs and tend to hover at about 3 if I'm given things to work with.

    I have a charahub if anybody would like links to some of my existing characters. I will roleplay mxf or mxm or even three in one relationship. I do not feel very comfortable playing male in mxf. I may attempt a fxf if the plot is interesting and you forgive me for not knowing it very well. Anyway onward to my pairings and such. ^^

    Note: If you messaged me in January and I haven't replied. I'm sorry, some things came up in my life that took 99% of my attention. I'd be happy to pick up plotting again if you desire.

    Also: This seems to be coming up quite often. In mxm I the more submissive. In mxf I play female. I don't shift on these unless I know who I'm playing with well and choose to. If you come to me asking to play female or submissive I will ignore the response. I'm tired of getting my hopes up and then have to reject because of this.
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  2. Pairings- Bolded is the part I prefer.

    Modern-With these, either have a very interesting plot or mix with fantasy or something futuristic to keep my interest.

    Student x New Student
    Non Mute x Mute Feel free to mix this with other pairings I'm not really feeling it though.
    Lawyer/whoever x Runaway
    Popular x Outcast
    Popular x New Student
    Bully x New Student
    Something with twins. I'd love to play either role or have Twincest. Please? Just please?
    Somebody x Thief
    Bodyguard x President's son (M// only)

    Scientist x Creature captured by the government
    Human x Angel
    Human x Merman (Merfolk are NOT friendly and fully harmless. Please? Do I have to beg for merfolk? Seriously, please?)
    Twisted Fairy Tales (I'll do any, as long as I can find a version to read online if I don't know the one we use.)
    Vampire x Abandoned/Orphaned Fledgling (I have a bit of a plot idea here, and it can be reworked to have werewolves instead.)
    Vampire x Human
    Anything really with vampires or werewolves (Really wanting to play a werewolf. I have a few ideas on interesting concepts.)
    Something based on Fae, if you want what I consider fae, just PM me. We can work out a plot. (Please I'm craving this)

    Scientist x Experiment -Only with a good plot
    Scientist's Son x Experiment -Only with a good plot
    Bodyguard/Benefactor x Charge/Ward/Person they guard (I have a few ideas for this)
    Shoot me an idea, I just want some sci-fy at the moment. lol

    Prince x Gypsy
    Mentor x Apprentice (Be it magic or fighting?)
    Guard/Servant x Prince (I have two ideas for this.)
    Pirate captain x Stowaway
    Pirate x Merman

    Characters- You can take a look at them, I may have ideas or will work out a plot for them.
    Charahub that has nearly everybody on it. (I'd LOVE to use anybody, seriously.)
    Suggest things!

    Harry Potter. I'm rusty and would lean more to using an oc as my character. I am rereading the books. The wiki is still my friend.
    Pokemon! Trainers please. I have Pokemon X, and love the Kalos region to pieces. I've played all the generations so I know most of the different regions. I do love N's character as well if somebody would be willing to play him against an OC of mine?)
    Night Angel Trilogy. Do this and I will lovelovelove you as a sister. I prefer OCs, and would love to do a similar master and apprentice type thing at first.
    Something Alice in Wonderland based. I have a few ideas. One involves a being from Underland going into the Overworld.
    Mortal Instruments
    House of Night based (I'm still working through the books, but have internet will google if it's beyond the first 2)

    Picture Prompts
    Four (Only if there is an interesting plot.)
    Eleven (I have a loose idea for a plot.)
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  3. Well I think that's pretty much everything. I will RP over threads or PMs, and feel free to post here or PM me. I won't bite... much.
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  4. Oooo Oooo pick me pick me!! Interested in your merfolk pairing and twisted fairy tales. I prefer MxM and as long as I'm given something to work with can write from anywhere from 1-5 paragraphs.
  5. Hi Wicked! I'll talk more in the PM you sent. ^^
  6. I'd gladly do a vampire or werewolf Rp with you. Send me a pm, we can discuss a plot.
  7. Still looking for partners, craving Mortal Instruments based mostly. ^^
  8. Updated list some. Would love to do something House of Night inspired or with any of my original characters. ^^
  9. I would like to do the mentor x apprentice RP. I can do both magical or fighting depending on what you would prefer. I would like it to be a mxf if you want romance but I don't write smut. Anywho my posts are usually three paragraphs although I might post more when I get into the swing of things.
  10. Hello! Sorry for the late reply. I got distracted.

    But I'd love to do a magic apprentice and mxf is fine with me.
    I'm horrid at smut anyway so no worries there. ^^
  11. Hey. I saw something based on Frozen. Is that still open?
  12. It is still very much open!
  13. Cool! PM me the idea?
  14. Updated some pairings. Would Love to use any of my Characters on my Charahub.

    Note: Sorry to anybody I vanished on. Real Life got kinda insane.
  15. Here are the ones I'm up for:

    Vampire x Abandoned/Orphaned Fledgling (I have a bit of a plot idea here, and it can be reworked to have werewolves instead.)
    Vampire x Human
    Scientist x Creature captured by the government
    Human x Angel
    Human x Merman (Merfolk are NOT friendly and fully harmless. Please? Do I have to beg for merfolk? Seriously, please?)
    Popular x New Student

    I'm also really itching for a Lucifer x Angel or Lucifer x Demon roleplay. Fantasy roleplays are my favorite so chances are if the plot doesn't have some fantasy in it, I'll probably try to convince you to add something in there xD
  16. Oh I'd love to do any of those. But Lucifer x Angel seems really interesting. I'd prefer to play Angel in that because I'm not the most comfortable playing Lucifer as a character. ^^;;
  17. twisted fairy tales seems interesting. What about an rp with the Pied Piper?
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  18. Oh that would be neat! Care to PM me any ideas you have for it?
  19. I love magic in rps *smiles* If you are still looking for partners, let me know. I play a female character and give you her information if you want. She is usually Elven but I can be flexible.
  20. I would be interested in a Night Angel Trilogy type RP.
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