Moonlight Howl ChaRP [June 6th @4pm CST]

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  1. When: Saturday, June 6 at 4pm central standard time.

    Where: Catacombs

    Level: Noob

    Story Synopsis

    The four werewolf packs of Jagged Valley have been at odds with each other since the Great War decades before, but now facing an impending shortage of food they have to set aside their differences. To symbolise their union and trust - no matter how reluctant - a Coming of Age has been organized for the young members blooming into adult hood. Scars run deep though, and not even the young are at ease.
    The Packs

    Native Earth Pack: These werewolves have found sanctuary in mud houses built on the side of Stub Peak Mountain. Most other wolves find this practice appalling but mud homes, while not the most sturdy, stay cool in the summer and lock in heat in the winter. The way they are often stacked allows for great vantage points and make for excellent look-out decks.

    Hollow Hill Pack: These weres live in a tiny cluster of lean-tos and huts nestled amonge the valley range surrounding Stub Peak Mountain. Tension is ever present between Native Earth and Hollow Hill, each suspicious of one another and constantly looking over their shoulders. Perhaps they were allies once upon a time if their close proximity indicates anything.

    Black Timber Pack: These weres live in the forest edging Jagged Valley in Tee-Pees made of animal skin and strong wood. Black Timber takes a neutral stance in politics and will sometimes trade with Hollow Hill if the benefit out weighs the consequences, but only building materials. But as of late they've closed the boarders of the forest in hopes of rationing what food is available to them.

    Blue Creek Pack: These weres are situated on the banks of Blue Creek and, unlike the other wolves, have taken to farming vegetables though most find the greens near intolerable. They, along with Black Timber, are doing rather well in the face of troubled times, though their means are also looked down upon by the other wolves.
    Social Ladder

    Alphas: These are powerful weres blessed by the goddess Luna. One "power couple" runs the pack - meaning there are two mated alphas running the pack at any given time. Young Alphas-to-Be are often betroved before their first shift but nothing is official until after the coronation ceremony which takes places six months to a year after the Coming of Age; sometimes sooner depending on circumstances.

    Betas: Wolves chosen by the alphas to be their second in command and advisers. Betas often attend meetings with their alpha while the mate and their beta tends to the pack. If an alpha were to die, Their beta takes their place until the heir Comes of Age and s/he chooses their beta after being mated. Betas also double as head hunter.

    Gammas: Elders who have retired from their profession. They share their wisdom with the alpha and help train the newer generation.

    Deltas: These weres are the laborers of their packs. They build and fix homes, cook and skin, tan hides, tailor cothes, and take care of anything else that might need to be done.

    Omegas: Weres unable to mate. These are the hunters, gatherers, peacekeepers and protectors of the pack. They're well known for being distant and aloof.
    Technology and Advancement

    •You're still stuck sticking rocks to sticks and calling it ingenuity.

    • Furs and animal skins for clothing. Wood, feathers, and bones for accessories.

    • Mating: Weres tend to "test the waters" on the night of their Coming of Age before deciding on a mate. Omegas usually don't participate but if they do...

    • Exercise common roleplay courtesy [no godmodding, powerplaying, etc.]

    • No Mary Sues or Gary Stues.

    • Please keep true to your packs. I want this to focus on strife and struggle. I don't want everyone going around spreading love and demanding peace and accepting the fact their sharing what is suppose to be the greatest night of their lives with neighbors they were raised not to like.

    • Did I mention strife and struggle? While romance is allowed, I'd also like everyone to take advantage of the delicious plot candies I left up there.

    • While sexual themes can be mentioned, please fade to black if you go that far.

    • Age range is seventeen-nineteen.

    Part One: Devil's Dance
    Your characters are in a neutral part of Jagged Valley building the bonfire and preparing what food that could be spared. There are no adults, only the Omegas in training are supervising the festivities, which include bonfire, feasting, dancing, drinking "liquid fire", and possibly materials fade to black worthy.

    *Wiggles Eyebrows*
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  2. Can I play an Omega of the Native Earth pack? :D

    Also what exactly do you mean by "unable to mate"?
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  4. Of course! All positions are available! It means they can't have relations with another :c They can get with someone on the night of their coming of age but that's the only night an omaga can feel loved </3
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