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Did we land on the Moon in 1969?

  1. Duh! Of course.

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  2. Nope. They filmed it at Area 51 to piss off the Russians

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  3. Yes, but they found something there that they couldn't reveal

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  4. Undecided

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  1. I totally lost myself in this at work yesterday.

    I just love the idea that there was something on the moon that scared the shit out of everyone - so much so that they actually faked the moon landing and never went back there.

  2. It does make for an AWESOME story... >:D

    Sadly, I dun believe there is anything interesting on the moon.

    ...On MARS though...
  3. I really doubt anything was found that scared us away from the moon. It's too close to the earth, and if there was something there that the government wanted to hide from us, why would they have attempted more than one publicized moon landing (Fake or not)? I think that it is just a case of 'Not much there and too expensive to keep flying missions to a giant rock."

    ALSO, I was highly disappointed by Apollo 18, could have been such a better movie.
  4. The so-called "Tower of Babel" captured on folm by the soviet Zond 3 probe.


    I may not believe the conspiracy theories but its noce to let something capture your imagination.

    Same spot, lunar 3 orbiter.

  5. I personally think we, essentially, simply stepped out, said we did it and headed back. I think there just isn't a reason to be there, no resources, too much effort to make it into anything, so why go back? It's easy to make conspiracy theories from that idea. Or attribute something mysterious or nefarious to all the things we don't see.

    Having said that, I still enjoy entertaining the idea of the "what if". I love that there are people who can find the little things and turn them into something grand. Maybe I'm wrong and They are right. Perhaps I am simply jaded about what I see and wish to convince myself with a convenient lie. I don't know, that's for certain, but I like the idea of it all.
  6. That's a moon? Oh. I thought it was a Death Star.
  7. I had heard from somewhere that the moon could be a useful "pit-stop" area, for when we do go exploring further. Since it's a three-day flight to the moon, it could be used as a place to refuel and such. It was a vague thing I heard, and, even if the moon is barren rock, it could be useful if we left supplies there for future expeditions. That's three more days of fuel added to a shuttle.

    But I don't think there is anything strange on the moon. It's really just a barren rock. At least, that's my opinion.
  8. *Waiting to hear from the few people that voted for it being fake.*

    I mean...The first groups that said it was fake was the Flat Earth Society...Yes, they believe that the world is flat....
  9. I take it you don't?
  10. Did follow up poking around and re-found this:


    Depending on who you ask this is the tower/shard/spire. Other sources (all unconfirmed) say its in a different spot altogether... theres a LOT of hogwash when researching this kind of thing online. One of my pet peeves (you'd be surprised how often Vay puts his tinfoil hat on, always as a curious skeptic though). To a lot it looks like a castle....

    Another area of the moon that caused a big stir was actually the closed one to earth mainly because of this picture.


    Many said that was a perfect equilateral triangle and another is formed by the white splodges around the crater. Here is a clearer, more recent image.

  11. The moon is just giving us the finger.