Moon Dogs

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"The night is still and quiet like a feather dropping on sand. Such a city is rarely quiet. Due to all the murders, robberies, rapes, or whatever else you'd expect from some sorta psycho. The city of White Fang was more of a burden than anything else you can think of. All this city is made up of, turns a happy look on life into a suicide wish. Streets are littered with corrupt cops, blood, sickness, and idiotic psychos that don't know when to quit. To find one blissful moment in this town only means you're just a few moments away from something going wrong. In towns like this, people hope for heroes...But instead, they got me."

Deep inside a dark alley way, two cops make a quick stop to pull over a young fifteen-year old girl. They tugged her over to side, without giving her a chance to say anything. Moments like this all you expect is the worst. One of the cops dragged her over behind a dumpster while another watches out for strangers, he lifted his lighter up to his lips and lit a cigar. He looked over to his left and a gray flash passed by him, a brief spot of pain shot through his body tumbling him to the ground. in the back the girl fought for her life, and ran out from the alley. "Come back here," screamed the cop. he turned behind him and was confronted by a grey wolf, before he could scream, it jumped upon him and tore out his throat.

There wasn't much to do in a town well city . . . . whatever you call it. Like this because of all the things that go wrong. Cops killing and raping civilians, thugs murdering and doing the same. Even some civilians got tired and just go on killing sprees against anyone who crosses them. He was just tired of it all he was tired of having to fight. But that was all he knew, after he lost everything. The only thing to him was kill or be killed. Though he didn't just go up and kill an innocent. He killed who deserved to be killed, and when he did kill he made sure people would find all that remained. Blood splattered on the walls and many other gory images. To strike fear into those who were corrupt.

He was hearing a conversation between a man and his friends. They were speaking about their intent on raping and then killing a rival gang member's girlfriend. It wasn't his job to get in between fights like this but when they mentioned rape and murder it pissed him off. He jumped up onto a fire escape that was in the alley above them. He morphed and jumped down. All that was heard for the next thirty seconds was screaming and blood being splattered against the walls.
Bria walked through the streets, her nerves on edge. It was that time of night that some of the worst criminals came out. They were always out but in the dead of the night, they seemed to go even further with their crimes. Of course, this was also her favorite time of the night. She loved the blackness that the night sky blanketed the city with. It was calming to her though many people would feel the opposite. Of course she loved the sunshine and the warm air but there was something about the night that was so mysterious that she couldn't resist.

Her four feet padded silently on the sidewalk as she walked through the night. She was just about to turn the corner when she heard the sound of shuffling feet. Then she smelled the distinct smell of another wolf. She walked cautiously around the corner and saw an alley way that the smell and noise was coming from. She trotted over to it, her muscles coiled and ready for a fight. She looked around the corner of the alley and saw that there was indeed another wolf there and it seemed as though he had just ripped out a cop's throat. Bria knew not to get herself involved in another wolf's killings and she stayed around the corner to wait until he had finished but she stay close by in case he needed help. He would sense she was there.
Tyrone's hands ripped and daggered through the mans flesh. The sound of tearing muscles, gushing blood, and breaking bones was all he'd need to excite him for the next hunt. He was a more man like werewolf, he was twice as tall of the regular man and much stronger than several cicus strong men. In his state of savage rage he sensed a presense creeping up on him, a female's smell. He suddenly jumped up to his feet holding a chunk of flesh in his fearsome canines, he looked out the corner of his eye and quickly looked behind him. He saw how she was crouched down, slowly approach him with her blue eye's sharpened and prepared. Tyrone could only assume she was looking for a fight and he was planning to deliver if necessary. The pound of flesh dropped from his teeth, he stood on his beastial legs and held his monsterous arms to his side in a firm battle stance. he grunted a loud terrifying roar and lunged to the top of a roof.

He looked down back at her seeing if she was planning to follow him. If she was planning to attack then he would lead her somewhere to trap her, but if he's wrong then she'd simply do something else he wouldn't expect. He was curious none the less. For about five building he used his legs, he reached out his hands to land on all fours, he began to gallop the rest of the way. he was sure if he'd lost her or if she didn't chase him, but for some reason he could feel her look apon him, overseeing his plan and anticipating his movements.​
After he was done killing the human criminals he looked around. Smirking to himself as he saw the blood and pieces of body parts laying around the alley way. Then a dark shadow jumped over the open air above him to the next building. More instinct than thought made him react. He jumped up to the roof and followed baring his teeth as he did so. He was interested, blood thirsty, but mostly curious. He stood out of sight most of the time and only came out to get closer and to get into cover.
He shoved every ounce of strength into his legs to launch him forward, faster and faster at every turn. Tyrone spotted nearby a local night club, "Baby Dolls". He hated this place but, knew it was a way to shake his pursuers.​
Bria growled as the wolf jumped to the roof. He was making it very difficult to make nice. She then jumped onto the roof to try to talk to him. However, another wolf had already jumped up, his teeth bared as he went tearing after the other wolf. She sighed and propelled herself forward, relying on her nose to guide her after the two mysterious wolves.

Suddenly, she heard music thumping in the distance and knew exactly where they were headed. It was club called "Baby Dolls". It really was a terrible club. With a sigh, Bria changed back into her human form, fixed her hair and walked towards the club, still keeping an eye out for the mystery wolves.
He kept his back up against a wall watching the woman as she entered. He changed back to his human form and sneaked into a clothing store. He stole black finger-less gloves, a white t-shirt, a black jacket, black jeans, and some gray sneakers. He unzipped the jacket and threw the hood over his head to cover his face. Tyrone followed close behind her, smelling the exact same smell as that wolf so he knew his pursuer and what she looked like.

As the two lycanthopes approached the club his senses raised to alert to inform him that he was still being followed. He bared his fangs under his lips, prepared to chomp down on something, if required.
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He watched from a rooftop when he saw another wolf and his target enter a club. With horrid music bursting out of it. He didn't want to be seen as he entered the club. He had to do it stealthily, as he liked it. He jumped to the street and ran to the back of the club in an alley. There was a man holding a women at knife point. He smiled an evil grin his wolf teeth baring in the moonlight. He grabbed the man and dragged him into the darkness. The woman screamed and ran off. He came out of the darkness wearing the mans clothes now in his human form.

He found a window that entered into the clubs dance floor. Though he was happy it was wide open. He jumped up into the window and slid in. Falling next to the massive group of people dancing. He shook his head saddly at the music, and dissapeared into the crowd. Sniffing for the two wolves.
Walking around the club, Bria's fangs slid down. Hopefully nobody would notice them but she doubted they would. Scenting the air, Bria was shocked to realize that the other wolf was behind her! She whirled around, her lips pulled back in a snarl and her eyes flashing. She spotted him a few feet away dressed in a black jacket in jeans. She made a bee line for him.

As she was weaving her way through the crowd, she caught scent of another wolf that had entered. Not sure where he was, Bria disregarded him and instead went for the wolf in front of her. She walked up to him and stood right in front of him with her hands on her hips.

"Why are you running away? And why did you have to pick such a horrible place to run into?" She looked around at the club and rolled her eyes.
The club was raging with ravers, dealers, and just plain out drunks. Colorful lights waved from left to right, exotic dancers, bouncers, and people covered in glow sticks, stuffed with drugs. To him, this place personally makes him sick, on a level that most never do. The setting was like a giant glow in the dark doll house, only you have pschos living in it instead of regular people. It made him sick how the people in this club can live with themselves, stealing from inoccents as if its their right, shooting up on drugs like a child on candy, and performing atleast the most deviant of acts, to act like it never happened. People like him make him wonder if happyness is even a reality.

As the lights flashed and people danced, Tyrone could sense himself being watched by cunning eyes. In that instant, he could smell the male persuer from across the club, but the other's smell was quiet. It made Tyrone set into a state of critical thinking. He couldn't help but think to himself ,How could I've forgotten about these two, this situation could've turned from bad to worse if they found him, thats what he believed though. Before he could make an exit he was already confronted by one of the sources of the scents.It was a girl, and a straight forward one at that.

"Why are you running away? And why did you pick such a horrible place to run into?", she asked. At first he thought she was a regular person who just saw him moving into the club, but as he was scenting through the air his nose located the second wolf smell. But was surprised when he found out it was this girl. He couldn't say anything at the moment, it wasn't the fact that she was kinda cute, but the fact that she had found him so fast. It was impressive and aggrivating, but either way he couldn't run now. If he transformed, too many people would see him, if he just busted out shoving people he'd start a riot. But before making a choice, he stopped and listened to how she just so openly revealed herself to him. As if she wasn't worried about a brawl or whether he knew what she was. So, he replied "If this place is so shitty," he chuckled, "Then why'd you follow me?"

He stood starring into her eyes, in his mind it was like starring into a clear blue sky, Tyrone's glare followed along her curved body from top to bottom, immediately he thought, "She's pretty hot...For a wolf."
The scents were flowing through the air and he found the wolf he was after. Then another one next to him. He chuckled to himself and walked through the crowd. He was always good with stealth. If you were looking at him and he new it, all he would have to do is let someone walk in front of him. Then he would be gone. So he stealthily walked towards the scents. Lucky enough there was a bar stool right behind them.

Maybe only a yard or so away they were there speaking to each other. He chuckled again waiting for them to realize it. His instincts were taking over, but he did try to fight against it. It was over powering him though.