Moogle's (Desperate) Search for Partners ^-^

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  1. ~Introduction~
    Hello! My name is Moogle and I've been roleplaying for a little over three years and have been a member of this wonderful roleplaying community for about five. If you have any personal questions about me, please refer to my profile page. Anyway, I'm pretty much down to any roleplay. I really want something new that I haven't done before, but I'm also down for some old school classics(high school romances and such.) One other thing, I'm currently interested in trying to better my female characters, and have also been interested in trying out a Yuri roleplay. So if that's something that someone would be interested in helping me with, I'd greatly appreciate it. On another note, I'm looking for a roleplay pairing that consists of a human and an animal-human hybrid of some sort, or perhaps a human and their imaginary friend. But yeah I'm open to just about any roleplay long as it's interesting!

    Roleplay Elements I'm Interested In:
    The Divergent Trilogy
    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

    Genres that are a General No-Go:
    Overly-gorified. I don't want to be disgusted by incredible details about guts. Yuck.
    Horror. Just generally boring to me. If you think you have a great plot, tell me.

    These are just a few things I really like in my partners. I'm not huge on rules...nor do I hardly keep them myself. But, I really do like having some sort of sanity to the madness of roleplaying.

    -I'm not a huge fan of waiting for days on end. I love fast replies and I am capable of replying at LEAST five-ten times a day if I'm not too busy. I understand people are busy, and I'm willing to compromise. But please, notify me if you're going to be a while without a reply. I hate being left in the dark.

    -A somewhat decent post length is appreciated. Don't write a freaking novel, but if I write three paragraphs....please at least try to match it or come close to.

    -I roleplay mostly through PMs, but am open to roleplaying through threads. As far as outside Iwaku methods, you'd have to contact me through PM and discuss that privately.

    -Details are great, but please don't be overly descriptive. I love reading books in my spare time, but something that really destroys the literature itself is the implementation of entirely too much detail that it's almost mind numbing.. In short, Details in moderation please.

    -Finally, be willing to talk to me. I like having some sort of conversation with my partners outside of the roleplay itself. This is simply so that if something comes up in the roleplay that one of us doesn't agree with, we'll feel comfortable saying so. It just generally keeps a peaceful roleplay. I try not to be too scary(:P Rawr!) Oh! Speaking of out of character conversation, I do have a Skype and am more than willing to share that with my partners :).
    ~Final Note~
    I hope that all the guidelines above are not too daunting I look forward to roleplaying with anyone who will tolerate me. Roleplaying is one of the few things I can still find enjoyment in, so thank you for taking the time to read through this post. I look forward to roleplaying with you.
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  2. I'm definitely interested.
  3. Well feel free to PM me and we can start talking about something :3!
  4. Totes interested. I have a few ideas.
  5. Well. PM me and we can start talking :D.
  6. I'm interested in everything you posted (Divergent. AVENGERS *^*b, Crime, Romance, Futuristic etc.)
    I love you already xD we'll get along great!

    Unless you're busy and do not want any partners xD
  7. Man, I feel ya on the whole desperation thing.
  8. Yay! Someone loves me :D. Just shoot me a PM yeah ^0^? We can start discussing a roleplay.
  9. I'm always looking for more partners. Pm me :D!
  10. I'm still on the look for some more roleplaying partners, message me if you're interested.
  11. Still looking :3. Pm me
  12. PM comin' your way!
  13. Still looking guys! Pm me :D
  14. Always looking for more partners, don't be afraid to contact me. I don't bite....hard.
  15. Just started searching for partners again. Shoot me some PMs if you're interested!
  16. Hi! If you're still looking for partners, I'm interested. I hope we can create a good rp together.
  17. Yes, I'm still searching ^^. Send me a PM and we can work something out.
  18. Still looking :D
  19. I am still looking. Shoot me a PM ^-^
  20. You had me at your nick being Moogle, I like exploring different characters and genres myself.
    (Though I have the general rule of romance between chars only as a big yes if I know the characters match well enough for it to work out or planning have been sufficient.)
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