Monsters Under the Bed

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  1. Name: Leah Amanda Gretchen
    Age: 13
    Birthday: (10/02/1999)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: A brave person at heart, Leah was the first person to look under the bed and the first one to be taken away from their world. She has an iron will and is also very stubborn. Because of how she entered foster care, Leah is very reluctant to love someone, and also feels unloved. She doesn't believe she is worth very much at all.
    History: After losing both of her parents to a house fire, and finding out that none of her relatives wished to adopt her, Leah was put into the foster care system several months before turning 13. Her history is clean although as of late she has been acting up, throwing tantrums and crying in the corner. Rebecca has been trying desperately to console the child, but nothing seems to be working.
    Biggest fear: Not being loved
    What would keep you interested in this roleplay? Character/Player participation

  2. Name: Ashley Sanderson
    Age: 14
    Birthday: 8/28/1998
    Appearance: AshleySanderson.jpg
    Personality: Quiet and withdrawn, Ashley tends to take care of herself and not really pay attention to the other children at the foster homes. She writes in her journal a lot, having discovered a Harriet the Spy book in her attic growing up and wanting to be like Harriet. She often gets teased for carrying around her notebook all the time, but she pretends it's her link to her mother and won't give it up. Ashley is too used to people leaving her to want to form attachments anymore.
    History: Ashley's mother died shortly after her birth, so Ashley grew up with her father and her grandmother until her grandmother died when she was seven. Wracked with guilt and pain, her father gave Ashley up and ran away. Since then she has bounced from foster home to foster home, never really connecting with anyone and doing poorly in school.
    Biggest fear: Being abandoned by someone she loves.