Monster Hunters: new lands old tales.

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    Monsters, a plague upon many and a bane for average people. Over the years there have been a few who've fought and bested such creatures. They are hunters and over time their numbers have grown but so have their foes. And with a disease being spread by more than one monster now the epidemic is becoming a problem. As such this new mostly unexplored land has to have hunters with its settlers. The world would be fine if not for the frenzy and its victims. It started with one monster who would infect others and cause them to go beserk. The gore magala also called the shangaru magala was the source of the frenzy but after having infecting multiple strong monsters it has spread.

    So beginner hunters I'll give you the signs to hunt for. Tee Hee. By the way call me the guild man.

    Sign 1. Glowing red eyes that are extremely hard to miss also inspect for veins and other more pronounced body parts.

    Sign 2. Black mist. This must is a physically thick form of the frenzy if you're infected you'll have to fight it off. That means dealing massive damage to the infecting creature that got you.

    Sign 3. EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR. These monsters are faster stronger and fiercer than normal so be very careful if you see ANY infected monsters. Infected monsters may seem fine for most of a fight then suddenly frenzy when hurt enough. They also tend to pounce more so try not to get caught.

    And remember if the monster jumps on you. Return the favor with your soon to be legendary skills.


    Remember my name is Acerbus and I'll be helping you guys out while you help me build a guild hall in these new lands.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.