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  1. So i have been thinking for some time now a RP base out of oh-so-easy Monster Hunter,love the game and there was a pass grupe but died so i will be using Materials from the Grupe and my own to make a RP out of it.

    I have some things pland out like there is gona be Item managment in the RP,Crafting,MAYBE dice if combat but still planing on this,Oh and One more thing,You dont have to know about MH to join as i have The RP lore Friendly so just think of you being a Hunter that Hunts Giant Monsters.

    So the Basic plot is our Fellow Hunters Go on a Trip to the Other side of the world to meet some New Exotic Monsters and even More dangers!,I have made my own Icons for the new Monsters like this one (For those who know guess who it is XD)
    A Very mad Monster
    But this was done in a rush so sorry if its Not Transparent but You get the idea
    there is gona be a Monster cyclopedia,Item Listing and Description,Locations,Land marks and so on

    But i was wondering if anybody was Interested and Willing to help me out make this RP Grupe
    Oh and one more thing,i have been Planing on leting SOME be monsters...but that is just a idea

    So anybody Interested and willing to help?
    (Keep in minde im not perfect at English....sorry for some Bad gramma /-\)
  2. Do we need to know Monster Hunter?
  3. Like i said up ya dont,and if you dont know...I bet would be more interesting.
  4. Ok, sorry, didn't see that. Sounds cool, I'm interested.
  5. Glad you are Keaton
    you have any questions?
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Not open for further replies.