Monster/Human [m/m or f/f]

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  1. What I'm searching for is pretty specific, lately I've been really interested in a shape-shifting character or monster character (used in the terms of humanoid monster creature, specifics can be left to the person who decides to take that role) in a relationship with a regular human. I was thinking the character who's human would either win the trust of the other, or have she or he confide in them what they really are and take responsibility for keeping their behavior in check.

    Violence and romance are expected, I'm asking for a partner who is comfortable playing a male/male or female/female relationship. Everything else is up to you!
    Please post or message me if interested.
  2. intrested
  3. Awesome, Which character/pair would you be interested in playing?
  4. malexmale
  5. Sounds fine, would you mind me playing the monster character?
  6. can i be a shapeshifter?
  7. Or you can be him, haha. Sure! Be whatever you like.
  8. awesome Ill be the shapshifter taking the form of a human :) and can you put up the thread please
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.