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EDIT: I've updated/tweaked some info so it'll hopefully be an easier read.

Hello! I'm looking for someone to rp Monster High with me I'v been having a huge craving for it lately, I've watched all the webisodes, and am almost finished with the movies I have not read the books though. I don't usually go through rules right off the bat cause I like to reach mutual rules with people I rp with though there is a few things I want to put out there. I'm not okay with eye gore so please none of that, I like discussing ideas and plots with my partners, and just want to put it out because I've seen some people that aren't okay with it I'm okay with s/s couples in the rps. I'm going to put my character information down here as well to help give ya'll a better idea if you want to rp with me or not, also if you don't want to rp and just have something you'd like to say about my character please go ahead I just ask that you be respectful about it is all. Okay I can't wait to hear from you all :)

DOUBLE EDIT: Been recommended Ever After High and am up to the third chapter. I am willing to give this a shot as well either via cross over or having my MH character finding her way int EAH by mistake (maybe finding the portal Cupid used or something like that?) Maybe I'll make an EAH character later not sure.
I have two possible looks for her if EAH is done instead depends if I keep her as a dragon girl or make her human
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

Basic Information
Name: Peridot Drake
Fandom: Monster High
Egg Age: 18
Hatching Age: 15
Monster Parent: Wyvern (Father) European Dragon (Mother)
Hair: Black, long with slight curls, usually adorn in jewels and gem stones, typically sapphires
Eyes: Golden with slit pupils
Species: Half European Dragon and half Wyvern.
Looks: Very tall (stands a head or two higher than Clawd), green (shade similar to the stone she's named after) scaly skin, large wings, long thick tail, thicker build as well.
Picture: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet (Its not exact but it's in the right ball park)
Freaky Flaw(s): Has a strong compulsion to hoard treasure, mostly gem stones. Also her activeness shifts depending on the temperature, if it gets to cold she can fall asleep and heat makes her more active.
Pet: None and has no interest on getting one either

Favorite and Least Favorites. And Hobbies
Favorite class: History
Least Favorite class: Any Math class
Favorite food: Anything spicy, the more spice the better.
Least Favorite food: Green peppers, pudding/jello and custard
Favorite Color: Blue
Hobbies: Gliding/flying, RPGs both video games and table tops.

Biology information
Peridot is half Wyvern and half European Dragon making her rather tall compared to her mother's half of the family. Due to a reason they have yet been able to figure out but guess it has something to do with her being of mixed blood she is very sensitive to temperature, heat makes her more active and cold makes her less so. Being egg born she has two birthdays and two ages one for her egg which marks the day she was laid and the other for the day she actually hatched, she was in her egg for three years before hatching causing her egg age to be older than her hatching age. Hoarding treasure is a natural compulsion in her mother's side of the family but one that older dragons eventually get better at, since Peridot is still young she is still very clingy about her treasure and does not like the idea of spending it or having anyone even remotely near her pile. Due to the competitive nature of her Flight (family in other words) she's more aggressive when they are around even more so when they have annual get together to decide who will be the new alpha though due to her young age she's only been in one of those so far. To her the Flight is different than the family though the family does not become the Flight until all of them gather together.

Background and Family Information
When Peridot was still in her egg her Egg father, Fangord Drake, disappeared it was unclear if he left, vanished or was killed, she knows only a little about him through information given by her mother but she never asked much about him when she was younger and when she was older her mother had remarried a human by the name David Keyes and was content with her new father and her new brother. Her mother, Emerald Drake, now Emerald Keyes, remarried when Peridot was 7 hatched years. As a result Peridot spent a lot of time with humans and even attended a few human schools that her new older brother, Ryan Keyes, attended as well. At these schools Peridot made a few very close friends that she had to leave behind when her brother went off for college and her parents moved her to a school with monsters to try and help her be around other monsters. The Flight did not approve much of Emerald marrying a normie, mainly Emeralds sisters, and are very much in older ways believing normies are best to either serve or fear their kind, as a result Emerald keeps her family away from them as much as possible and sends her husband and step son away when the Flight comes over to decide a new alpha. David works in microbiology and is away from home quite a bit spending most nights at work, he is very devoted to Emerald and met her while she was on a treasure hunt with Peridot and he was on vacation with Ryan, though he is away from home a lot he dose try to be there for his children and make their lives as comfortable as he can even going so far as to have a section of the house built to accompany Emerald's and Peridot's monster nature and Peridot's odd temperature sensitivity, along with collecting books on monster history for his son whenever he is out on business trips since Ryan has a fascination of monster studies, mainly biology and lore. Peridot is very close to her step brother and always tried to stick around him whenever possible, they have a relationship that involves a lot of teasing of one another but its how they show they care, Ryan has always had a fascination with monsters since his father married Emerald to the point of Peridot thinking he has monster envy, him and her do share a common interest on history though and will often bond over the books they have read. Ryan is very protective of his little sister, often to the point of embarrassment, being at college now he can't spend a lot of time with his family but does try to get there for important events or if they do need them.
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