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  1. The Guidance of the Care Center

    Scarecrow -Surgical Doctor -played by Tv-ghost-

    *Controls Medic seeker unit
    *Does major surgeries
    *Can be found mostly anywhere in the hospital.

    Mimi and Shishi -Head Nurse -played by Demonesqu-

    *Controls Nurse unit & helps medic seekers
    *Manages medicine
    *By surgical doc's side most of the time
    *Can be found in office or checking up on patents

    These are characters that most will seek knowledge from
    or to get help from.

    There are NPC characters that are minor can be made up as we go along.
    If I see a character that was suppose to be only mentioned once get brought up 20 times or so
    I might take the action to make a character sheet of that character and add it to the above list.

  2. Setting

    The Hospital is approximately 10 miles north from the city Vendallas in the harsh marsh of woods and Swamp.

    temperature is mild most days around the area. Right now it is raining season and the swamp over flows at this time, causing displeasing smell and bugs in the heat. No one lives in the woods, considering the road has been closed off for the past 50 years due to the broken bridge and a newly built main-road on the other side of town.

    Vendallas (open)
    Outskirt buildings. This is where only old buildings and homes reside, not very many live in these parts considering it is mostly the old that live here.


    This city is smaller than most, but big in its culture. Old towers and old important buildings stand proudly with the new sky scrapers.

    Swamp (open)


    You will have to either go through the marshes or around them on the abandoned roads to get to the Hospital.
    These areas have been untouched nor are they ever planned to be touched by the people of Vendallas, they feel unable to build or expand their city here. This is also rumored to be the most common place to dump murdered bodies.

    Hospital/Care center (open)


    The outside of the Care Center


    First thing you see going through the doors.




    There is 2 mostly used floors of the building that is discovered. Other parts are either locked solid or
    the third flight of stairs is too damaged to go through. Poltergeists and spirits seem to have more of a free time exploring areas
    the solid creatures are unable to.

  3. ((alright, let's get things started! i apologize if my posts seem a little unprofessional, i'm pretty new to this.))

    Heavy rain cascaded onto the hospital's roof. Blinking sleepily, Scarecrow gazed at the clock in the operating room - 1:36 AM.
    He should have gone to bed hours ago, but the mass amount of patients they'd had that day had coated his tools in a thick coat of blood. Just looking at his scalpel made him nervous - thousands of germs festering on the blade, just waiting for an unsuspecting surgeon to carelessly slice his finger open...

    Scarecrow sighed, submerged his knife under the faucet, and vigorously scrubbed the grime away. As soon as he was sure - completely sure - that his equipment was spotless, he shut off the lights and staggered into the hallway. In his exhaustion, he stumbled over leftover planks of wood and an iron pipe before noticing the steady tap of footsteps following his own.

    Scarecrow froze and nervously peeked over his shoulder to meet his companion. Clearing his throat, he managed to ask, "Can you?"
  4. Footfall after muddy footfall the poltergeist medicine seeker known as 'Hans' to other monsters who inhabited the hospital, made his way through the darkness. After his death, although he hardly remembers any other specific frame of time prior, he spent the afterlife tormenting the living in various locations across the world. Until one day he was fortunate enough to discover the portal that linked worlds and universes beyond anything the mortals who inhabited earth could ever imagine.

    s rain fell over Vendallas, Hans continued to sludge through the mud as if it didn't bother him in the least. It had been a good night and his pack with bulging with medicine. He had gotten separated from the other seekers, as he often did, taking a bypass through a public records office. Hans knew that unlike many of the other monsters he had once come from this world, and in it, were the answers to his past.

    As he arrived at the hospital, crossing the threshold to the only place he truly felt safe, a strange feeling came over him. it wasn't at all strange for the poltergeist to get overwhelming feelings of nostalgia. He, much like this old hospital, was a relic of the past, a world forgotten by time.

    Hans crept through, past the many doors that lined the hallway of the hospital. Old stretchers, brown with decaying blood, littered the outer halls. He took hardly any notice as he stopped short as a door opened and Scarecrow, the hospitals lead doctor, exited. Hans became silent as he watched the doctor leave the office, then followed.

    "Can you?"

    Hans flinched at the Scarecrows voice.

    "It's me. I know I'm late, but here's some medicine." He paused, staring off as he often did, discontent riddled his face. "Did the other seekers make it back?"
  5. "It's me. I know I'm late, but here's some medicine." He paused, staring off as he often did, discontent riddled his face. "Did the other seekers make it back?"

    "They did." Scarecrow inspected the poltergeist with curiosity - the other seekers had returned to the hospital several hours ago, carrying leather pouches full of syringes and rolls of gauze, but yet again Hans was separate from the others. The surgeon had often wondered about his behavior, but refrained from asking. He wasn't the type of guy to pry in the affairs of his co-workers, nor was he hypocritical enough to call someone out on their isolation.

    "Ah...thank you." Carefully, Scarecrow took the bag from Hans and rifled through it, counting the vials of pills and jars of ointment he had brought back. The doctor nodded in approval.

    A moment of silence followed - the only sound in the building was the rain against the window, accompanied by an occasional gust of wind. Scarecrow decided that now was an appropriate time to ask, now that his nurses had abandoned their positions and there was no one around to hear him. "Um...there wasn't any trouble today, was there? With the humans, I mean..."
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  6. Jhonan slumped awkwardly in his small room- well, it might as well have been an elevator car. It was, infact. Jhonan was offered a room many times, but he liked the small comfort of the broken cart over the cold, stuffy room. They were probably riddled with dust, and the thing about dust is that it could easily cause a handful of respiratory problems. Asthma, Bronchitis, Silicosis, and Pneumonia where only a few. Well, thats what his books have been telling him.

    Jhonan pulled the thin blanket over his large frame, and sighed. He went out gathering with the others, and he was the first to come back. He had done well, and he knew it to be true. He known he had done well because Scarecrow had told him- but it just felt like he could go and collect some more. Maybe he might, but not now... Wait, scratch that! Now would be great! There would be little to no humans out and about, and that meant little to no change of his identity being discovered!

    Jhonan, feeling a little more than devious at the moment, tried to create a plan inside his mind. He would leave as soon as he felt that it was appropriate. If it was appropriate, that is. He would take his bag, and a few books along. Just incase he needed a little help from them. Like he ever did, he nearly memorized all of the dog-eared, worn and torn books already. He needed some more. Jhonan made himself a mental reminder to collect some more books if he happened to stumble upon any- preferably some with long paragraphs and small pictures. Much like Alice in Wonderland.

    Now, time for an excuse. He left the fridge running? No, that was completely idiotic! Jhonan sighed, and pulled the blanket off of himself. He took a stand in the small shaft, and slowly looked around his surroundings. Maybe he could think of one in the place of a riddle? Maybe not, he knew quite a handful of beings who were superb at riddles. As Jhonan thought, he pulled a large hoodie over his slender-framed body. Anything to hide those bulging horns of his. He was sure to pull the hood well over his head, and it stuck up awkwardly in a few select places- just at the top, and to the side. He sighed, and pulled it back down again. He missed his home, with fitting clothes and good books to read.

    Well, he might as well get used to this life, because it was apparent that it wasn't going to be leaving him anytime soon. With that, Jhonan sauntered quietly out of the cart, and took a few strides out and into the hall. His 'room' was placed out on the third floor, and not a lot used it. This was the easiest part, the hardest part was going down the stairs and through the second and first floor. If Jhonan managed to get through all of those obstacles, then he would be homeward bound- well, metaphorically.

    The Oni-Demon sighed, and slinked quietly down the hall, and tried his best to make it down the stairs without a single sound. That was hard, with all of the creaking floor-boards, that seemed to threaten to breakaway any moment.
  7. The halls smelt of musky rain and distant mold through ripped and clogged walls. The partly swept floors and slightly dusted windows of the old hospital once seen better days in past decades. echos of beings rustiling or speaking in busy hallways and dorms echoed to the domed roofs and poorly insulated rooms. Limp and sick bodies of creatures laid about outside of dorms or outside of waiting rooms. The hospital has been over flowing with new patients from the other realm, their home realm. Most of them damaged in some way from the chaos of their homage.

    The clicking of heels pounds the broken linoleum, sounds getting louder and louder to a front desk attended by a pale, scaly women with curled back hair and a poorly put together uniform. The hall in front of the desk was crowded with creatures, until the sound of a powerful strut appeared. People parted like a sea, clearing a path. They knew that sound, permanent in their minds; it was something that upheld to the owner of it. A body with fine curves and a powerful strut, 5 inch heels of stainless leather and a bust that bounced perk-ly on a broad chest. Two heads perch upon this vessel of a Venus -figure. The room felt of tension with every sound of their steps. Voices were silent, even breaths were kept steady. But eyes were scrambling and inspecting this particular female. Shishi and Mimi; one blue and the other red. They were viewing a black board, flipped papers dangle. Mimi, the red and scornful view on her face, detested something with what she was ever looking at. Shishi, blue and looking much more happier than her other half. Smile small, but still had surprised brows.

    The stepping came to a stop. The women looks slowly to the much taller woman; standing at 6'5" with heels. The pale woman looked almost like she was about to sweat. She focused on the red demon's face and how much more un-pleased the other was with the papers before her. That could mean anything for the black haired demon. The blue gazes at the pale and scared secretary. Creatures behind them still sit in silence but now whisper among each other, as if relieved their attention wasn't on them.

    "You have made an error on... not only two patents files, but three..." a subtle tone of disapproval and stern is spoken from Mimi strong Russian accent. Clutching the board tighter in her left hand she glares down at the small girl before her. Shishi only raises a brow and mocks a slight giggle. Shishi found humor in the girl's fear and sign of regretting a mistake she possibly has no clue she made. "Do you not know how we run as a center...? Do you?" Mimi's clutching became more tensed and the sound of a slight crack in the board she holds is heard. The woman only nods but trembles. "The numbers on these diagnostics on them are incorrect by one point. One point that could of caused greater mistakes." Mimi's voice beamed without even raising it. She drops the board on the desk and slams to the woman's keyboards. Mimi and Shishi now turn away from the desk. Leaving the woman in astonish, mumbles of 'how did I get this wrong?' whine from the girl.

    "Fix it."
    a Russian subtle hiss escapes Mimi, a giggling snort after a moment of silence is followed up by Shishi. The clicking of rhythmic heels is heard once again as they now strut away from the scene of a panicking sea-woman and crumpled papers over her desk.

    "Pathetic... what does everyone think we're running here? A goddamn animal show?" Mimi's fierceness is apparent in her scornful statement. Heard from everyone behind her as everyone is still in place, whispering even quieter, hoping to not face such a wrath.
  8. In her office, Helen slumped into her chair, glad to finally be able to rest. While she never had to deal with the more serious issues, as they were relegated to Scarecrow, there were still quite a bit of people who needed to be patched up. Nothing hectic or intensive, but still tiring in the short run.

    She turned her attention to the book on her desk, retrieved by one of the medicine seekers from a previous trip. Part of the pages had been soaked when it was found, but the hard cover had kept it from being ruined completely. Having let it dry for a few days, she could see pictures of what looked like people fighting against each other, accompanying text that was slightly blurred - from sleepiness or how wet it was, she couldn't tell. She figured bringing it to Jhonan would be a good idea, considering he always gobbled up whatever books were found. He may have already been sleeping, but it never hurt to check.

    As Helen arrived at the staircase leading to the third floor, one of her heads still inspecting the book, she raised an eyebrow at the sight of Jhonan sneaking down the stairs. She reached over with three of her arms, attempting to pick him up so he could get down safely.

    "Careful there. Hmm, shouldn't you be asleep?"
  9. Before Hans had a chance to answer Scarecrow's inquiry, there came the sound of shuffling from a nearby stairway. Instantly on high alert, Scarecrow fell silent and crept toward the stairwell, his breath caught in his throat.

    He knew it was probably a restless patient who had decided to explore, but he couldn't get the possibility of humans infiltrating their sanctuary out of his head. True, it had only happened once - when Scarecrow was much younger and much less experienced - but it went so disastrously that he had feared another emergency ever since.

    "Um, pardon me, but occupants are forbidden to..." As he peeked around the corner, he found himself face-to-face with Helen, his fellow doctor, and Jhohan, both of whom had supposedly gone to bed already.

    Scarecrow looked between the two of them and sighed. "Rough night?" he asked wearily.

  10. Another noticeable ripple of discomfort flashed across Hans' face.

    He let the 's' hang in the air, then trail away like the smoke left across the sky from jet planes. Hans' despised and envied humans at the same time, flawlessly. He hated their existence, but reveled in the beauty of life. At one point he would torment them, follow them, haunt them. But now he watched from afar, like a child transfixed with fascination.

    "Humans did not see me, but there is something." He caught Scarecrow's eye with his. "I have begun to have spells of some sort. I get fleeting feelings of remorse and….chills. It happens whenever I go into town." Hans wasn't accustom to sharing his feelings, but Scarecrow was a doctor, perhaps one of the best at the hospital.

    "I'm sorry to bother you, maybe I should just rest…"
    The very edges of his mouth curled into a smiled, revealing blue fissures in the corners of his dead skin "I supposed I should be thankful I am not one of them?" He jerked his head to the sound of patients down stairs, where Shishi and Mimi were no doubt handling the sick and dying with a professional touch.

    Hans' stood for a moment, his gaze now focused on the dark outside a nearby window. He was easily distracted.
  11. Jhonan mentally cursed himself out. He let himself get caught not by one, but by two! He looked around frantically for something to use as an excuse. " Oh, no, not at all, sir. In fact, dear sweet Helen here was just... Returning a book! " He swiftly took the book from her hand, and gave her a look that probably stated ' please play along, and I'll bring you back something pretty. '

    Jhonan continued once more. This time, with just a phoney chuckle and a simple shake of his finger. " Oh ho ho, Helen, I was just about to get you and get this book! This book about... " he paused awkwardly, and gulped. " The... Grapes of Wrath? Oh- Oh yes! Oh, one of my very favorites. Very favorites, indeed!" He paused once more, and tried to think of something else to say.

    " Oh, thank you Helen for the great book! I'll be sure to return it to the last person I borrowed it from! That person who is..... Who-who's name has slipped my mind! Oh, I am very grateful, and there is no wrong doing here, Mr. Crow, sir. " He skedaddled past them both and raced down the stairs faster than you can say ANTI­DIS­ESTABLISH­MENT­ARIAN­ISM. And with that, he creeped and snuck past Shishi and Mimi, and the rest of the patients, and various other workers. He was homefree!
  12. Helen stood still for a few moments, taking some time to process the Jhonan's frantic movements. She tried to stop him once she realised he was running away, but he was already out of sight by the time she took a few steps. She decided not to follow him, trusting him to keep himself hidden, but was able to cry out a "Be careful!" before he disappeared completely.

    Sighing, she turned her attention towards Scarecrow. "... Yes," she replied. "I honestly do not understand how we have been able to treat everyone up until this point. I am not underestimating your abilities, and the nurses are of great help, but if either of us were to collapse..."

    Her other head heard Mimi's yelling and shouted back, but only loudly enough to be heard, "Mimi! What happened? And where is Shishi?"
  13. "Uh..." Scarecrow watched as Jhohan half-tumbled down the stairs and into the lobby. The surgeon scratched his head and bit his lip, wondering what he should do in this kind of situation. Not to mention there was still the matter of what Hans had said, about the feelings he got when going into was too much for the half-sleeping doctor to worry about this early in the morning. He turned his attention to Helen.

    "... Yes," she replied. "I honestly do not understand how we have been able to treat everyone up until this point. I am not underestimating your abilities, and the nurses are of great help, but if either of us were to collapse..."

    "You're right. Eventually, the lot of us won't be enough to take care of all of these patients, but for now...we should focus on the few staff we have on hand." He gestured towards the hallway where Jhohan had disappeared.

    "...Helen. I can assume that testimony Jhohan just gave us was a bit...fabricated," Scarecrow said with a nervous smile. "In this kind of weather, he'll end up being our next patient. Perhaps we should consider interfering?"

    With that, he began to carefully descend the stairs.
  14. Jhonan was sure to sneak past the head-nurses and who he guessed was the secretary. He made double sure to leave without a single trace of where he was about to go. As soon as he made sure of all of that, he was completely free.

    Jhonan mentally patted himself on the back for thinking of a diversion that quickly. He reminded himself of a character- a hero in a book. That thought alone made him smile. With a swift hand and a lightfoot, he quickened his pace in the dead of night. He was sure to stuff the book away in the bag he would use, and headed for the town. It was going to be a long night.
  15. Helen turned both of her heads around, unsure as to what to do. On the one hand, she wasn't as concerned about Jhonan, considering humans were rarely around the area, especially at that time of night. On the other hand, the Unseen coud appear at any time of the day and it was odd for Jhonan to be going out so suddenly. If he managed to reach the city, there wasn't much she could do, but at least he would be safe from the Unseen then.

    As she followed Scarecrow, she gave an acknowledging nod to Hans and shouted at Mimi, "I and Scarecrow are going out; we will be back shortly!" With that, she also ran downstairs.
  16. Scarecrow was greeted by a wall of noise the second he entered the lobby. The sight of the mass waves of people streaming in and out the front door put the surgeon on edge - shrinking back against the wall, he watched as Shishi and Mimi handled the injured creatures with expertise. It was impossible to find anyone else in the crowd, Jhohan included, but there was no doubt in Scarecrow's mind that the oni boy had run back out into town. That sort of behavior didn't seem out of his league.

    Scarecrow took a dimly lit lantern, which was hung next to the front door, in his hand. Helen followed behind him as he strolled out into the swamp, a humid breeze rustling the air. Cold rain splashed onto Scarecrow's shoulders, and he shivered in spite of himself.

    "Say," the tired doctor began, "Jhohan didn't happen to say where he was going, did he?"
  17. (Agh sorry I didn't post or anything until now! OTL I'mgonnasuckatthiswon'tIsob)
    Shihon stretched, grinning widely. He often wouldn't return to the hospital for a day or two while out hunting supplies. He knew it was worrisome for the center, especially in times when they needed them the most. Yet, he couldn't help but run about in the town, besides, he tended to gather plenty more items as he did so. No matter how much he was scolded, the joy of running about for so long always tempted him to do this.

    The place he stayed at during the nighttime was somewhere in the town's less inhabited areas. When he did stay out, he rested near a part tree containing bees.. People dared not go near the bees, they were of his kind. By his kind, I mean the species that attacks in deadly swarms, and were extremely aggressive. (Africanized Honey Bees, or, as they are nicknamed, Killer Bees, if you are curious.) "What a wonderful life," he murmured to himself. He had purpose, helping others, while also being able to have the fun he didn't in his world. Killing two birds with one stone.

    After a few minutes of just hiding among the branches, with bees buzzing around, Shihon let out a groan before jumping down. How boring, to just sit around. It was pretty much fact that he had to keep moving. The sweet stuff he fed upon was sometimes too much, and he became very energetic. After stretching again, he shook himself out. "Be good, my little friends." After walking a safe distance from the hive, he spread his giant wings, and with a few flaps and a jump, flew out into the night. If one looked close enough, in the dark they could see a very faint yellow blur.

    "Now, where were those syringes..."
  18. ((Sorry for the long wait and the short post! School's finally over, though now it's exam time, so I'll be studying for a good chunk of it.))

    Helen quickly weaved through the mass of people in the lobby. Making sure Scarecrow was always in her line of sight, she reached the entrance before scanning the darkness outside. She sighed as she realized that he had gone too far for the both of them to find quickly, so she turned to Scarecrow, replying, "No, sadly enough. However, if it's the city, then we have to find him as quickly as possible. Most humans are sleeping by now, but we should be cautious."
  19. ((no problem! best of luck with your studies!))

    Scarecrow put his hand on his chin, as if lost in thought. He knew Helen was right; there was no way a bookworm such as Jhohan would want to skulk around in the swamp, especially on a night like this. Still, it'd been so long since he'd last been in town he couldn't help but feel nerves creep into his gut. No matter how many of the humans were sleeping, there was still the off-chance someone would see him.

    "You're right," he told his fellow doctor with a raspy chuckle. Stepping through the automatic door, he immediately felt the humid air and the wet scent of a coming storm wash over him. Now, which way was Vendallas again...?