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I'm looking for someone who is interested in playing a female monster breeder or monster girl.

The story can work in a couple ways:

First Story
Your character has been left a ranch by your deceased parents and now you must pay off a massive amount of debt or you will be imprisoned. You must do your best to run a successful business, breeding monsters and 'harvest their goods' and make enough money to pay off a portion of your debt each month.

Second Story
My character is starting a new monster breeding ranch. Your character is his first purchase. My character uses yours as the medium for breeding and harvesting from many different types of monsters. Its hard work for your character since she is constantly being used for breeding and extraction purposes.

In either case, at your request, the RP can involve things like transformations and corruptions based on monsters involved.


Name: (Obvious)
Age: (Iwaku Rules)
Picture: (Preferably something anime based, much like the game.)
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