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  1. So, I'm looking for a new 1x1. I'm under a considerable amount of pressure with school, so I'll only be able to post at most once a day, and my posts will vary in length depending on how tired I am and such. I generally work with forums, but am open to PMs or email.

    I'm not going to be picky about post length, obviously as my own will vary a lot, but I expect decent grammar and spelling.

    Romance is the main theme I'm going for. Smut might be a possibility, but obviously only within Iwaku rules.

    Got all of that? Cool! Let's get to the fun part.

    Right now, I'd really prefer to play a female, but will be open to play other genders. I generally prefer straight relationships.

    These can have supernatural/superhuman/etc., elements, so feel free to suggest it!

    I'm open to any plot suggestions, so if you have your own idea, feel free to message me!

    #1- Two people with destructive secrets meet. As their relationship develops, their secrets threaten to destroy them and their relationship.

    #2- Two people, both trying to escape their past, meet in a small town. Their past threatens to consume them, and they have to decide what to do and whether to do it alone.

    #3- A couple that have been dating for years break up after they started to argue practically all the time. However, they're still attracted to each other, and find themselves missing the relationship.

    #4- A couple decide to steal money from a gang after running away from home. As they run, their past starts to catch up with them and they start to question each other and their love.

    #5- A rockstar comes back to her hometown in search of inspiration. She meets her childhood sweetheart- but can he keep up with her rock and roll lifestyle?

    #6- Two people meet at a masquerade ball, both there for their own reasons. The mystery of their first meeting calls to both of them, and gives a strange form of chemistry.

    Feel free to post here or message me!
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  2. Updated to include a few more plots and clarified a few things!
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