Moments of Embarrassment

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  1. I get easily embarrassed, yep. Anyone who's my friend knows this.

    Buuut I'm betting you all get embarrassed too! :bananaman:

    How about sharing some embarrassing moments just for laughs? It doesn't have to be your most embarrassing moment. I know I'm never sharing mine with anyone.

    Here's one from a couple of days ago. I spent half the day walking around, not realizing that my shirt was actually inside out. *facepalm*
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  2. A time in high school, between periods, I was heading to my next class. Of course during this time everyone is trying to get where they need to go. I'm going upstairs when I trip falling flat. Books go everywhere, even my shoes. I remember thinking "Damn." I was helped up by a nice guy so not a total embarrassing moment.
  3. I had one of those at the start of the weekend. Going upstairs with the shopping, took the last couple of stairs a little too fast. We have a fairly sort of narrow stairwell in our apartment block, so when I tripped on the way over the top step not only did I drop all the shopping and batter the heels of my hands silly on the ground, I also faceplanted nose-and-forehead first into the wall. Painful and fairly humiliating.

    Mm, other embarrassing moments...

    This was a while ago admittedly, but I was sitting a mock exam and we were meant to be full-on exam conditions. No noise, no questions, just nose to the paper and write for an hour and a half straight. I, being a very smart Fi, had left my phone on, and had not remembered to put it on silent. My mother had my little sister call me as she was coming to pick me up, thinking I wasn't in classes that afternoon, and my ringtone...

    That. Super duper loud. In the otherwise silent exam hall. I don't think I've ever been so horribly red in my life.

    I also have moments when I lose control of my laughter or whatever and I end up dissolving into a combination sort of asthma attack/gigglefit/occasional snorting fit and that feels so horribly embarrassing, especially when it keeps setting other people off for no reason.
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  4. Mine is a bit TMI....but it is easily the most embarrassing thing I've had to endure, at least on my own part. My kids embarrass me all the time.

    Read at your own risk (open)
    When I had my daughter, I decided to breastfeed her. The nurses explained that my milk wouldn't come right away, and when it did I'd probably be hurting. They weren't even lying about it. It came in with a vengeance, and my aunt, who worked on the Labor and Delivery unit told me to put some warm compresses on my chest to help with the pain and to nurse my daughter frequently. I did, and thought things were fairly straightened out so I didn't have any thoughts about going to Walmart with my husband and daughter. During the trip my daughter got fussy, so I took her out of her carrier and was holding her as we walked through the store. When we got to the cash register, I went to put my daughter back into her carrier so I could help my husband unload the cart. What I didn't realize is while I was holding my daughter I was leaking the entire time, and the entire front of my white shirt was soaked where I was carrying her. I had to hurry up and pick her back up while my husband was laughing hysterically the entire time....

    My middle daughter was famous for embarrassing me. She hated wearing clothes, and as a toddler I would have to dress her in things with lots of zippers and buttons so she wouldn't take her clothes off in public. One day I let my aunt watch her while I went to the doctors, and she changed her into a tee-shirt and a pair of shorts that she could easily pull off. I didn't think much of it because she kept them on, so I decided to go to the grocery store on the way home. I remember I was in the meat section trying to decide what I wanted for dinner when I heard a little old lady next to me telling my daughter she was going to get cold. I turned my head to find her standing in the back part of the cart with all the food in nothing but her pull and her clothes were nowhere in sight. It took me a few minutes to find them, tossed into another open freezer....
  5. I think my mom could relate to this XD
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  6. It's the 'middle child syndrome'. They don't get attention like the youngest, and they're not looked at as responsible as the oldest. With my kids though, my middle daughter spent the first three weeks n NICU without us being able to hold her because she had an IV in her umbilical cord, which is why I think she has quite a few behavior. I couldn't stay at the hospital with her because she wasn't in critical condition, so I was limited to visits when I had someone to keep an eye on my other two kids. She also couldn't wear anything other than a diaper, which is what we always blame for her hatred of all clothing. To this day we still have trouble getting her to stay dressed and she's 11. =/
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  7. One time I meant to say "thank you" to someone and accidentally said "good night". It was 7AM when this happened.

    I walked away and did not make eye contact after that.

    Then there was the time I was walking across campus at about 10PM. A had a friend with me (not a super close friend -- more of a borderline-acquaintance, I suppose) and he was feeling kind of sick, so I had offered to walk him back to his dorm since I was headed to the same place, anyway. Then, as we were walking, I saw something shiny in the grass just to the side of the path. So I started to veer off a bit and move in that direction (while still technically staying on the path), until I got close enough to see that it wasn't anything interesting. Then I looked back at Justin -- the guy I was walking with -- and, he didn't say anything, but he was giving me this weird look like "what the hell are you even doing". And I said "Oh, it's nothing, I just, I... I saw something shiny in the grass." And I faltered in the middle of that sentence because that's when I realized -- that was the most stereotypical ADHD thing I had ever done. The only way it could've been worse is if I saw a squirrel, instead.
  8. I'm clumsy, half blind, and talk loud. If I don't get embarrassed at least once a day, something is wrong.

    Sometimes I like for someone to embarrass me but that's another topic for another day ;)

    I'd I had to recount one evenot though it would be high school. In the cafeteria, we had some of those tables with seats attached to them, and those tables folded in two - meaning the was necessarily more bars in the middle of the table at our feet. I was hanging out with other English school kids (we shared a school with the French) and I flicked a Styrofoam cup, the janitor caught me, and berated me. Whatever fine annoying old dude... so I get up, my clumsy feet trip under the table on the bars, I try to maintain myself by sitting back down... instead I trip again and fall flat on my ass behind my seat. In the process, my knees and feet hit the table with a very loud BANG and the 300 kids start clapping and cheering me....
  9. A few years back before Assassin's Creed: Black Flag came out, I went to preorder the game at EB Games. I went up to the clerk and proclaimed, "I'd like to preorder Black Fag, please.", total slip of the tongue.

    The look he gave me before he burst out laughing is seared into my soul.
  10. Teen Diana had a lot of those moments. >:/

    Like the big red period stain on white shorts day. D:

    The day I passed out in school on the way to the bathroom. t___t

    That time at the grocery store I was getting a giant bag of toilet paper and the bag ripped open and toilet paper rolls went flying everywhere but I was too embarassed to pick them all up and get an unripped bag so I just ran and paid for the few rolls I had in my hand. @______@

    Or when bodysuit shirts were popular and I forgot to button the crotch buttons and the lil strappy dos were hanging for the world to see. T___T
  11. That's mortifying D: My condolences!
  12. So, embarrassing moments are mentioned and immediately my thoughts take me back to school.

    One of the schools I attended was desperately small. Like teeny-tiny small. Everybody knew everybody by name and we had a monthly assembly in the gym. Well during one of these assemblies I won an award of some kind, but wasn't paying attention. So they called my name like five times before I finally was like "Oh! That's me! I should probably head down there." I get up. and make it about halfway down the bleachers (I was all the way at the top) before I trip and tumble the rest of the way down landing on my knees and sliding across the floor to land about a foot in front of the teachers. The entire school saw. I think there were like two people absent that day. I was mortified.
  13. I'm the fucking poster child for embarrassing moments -_-

    When I was about 6 or 7, my mother was outside talking to a good family friend of ours and I ran outside to say hello only to realize that I was in my underwear and nothing else. My mom yelled at me and I scurried inside like a mouse!

    Soiling my pants during my period has happened several times due to my rather heavy flow :(

    I forgot to turn my phone off before class and someone decided to call me. Back then in high school, my default ringtone was Burn by Papa Roach and let's just say I got a lot of weird looks because of it.

    While at GameStop for a job fair, someone accidentally tripped and fell on me, their head landing in my chest. Yes it was a guy XD

    I yelled out "Shake that boney white ass!" while voice chatting with my friends on PSN and my grandma overheard me.
  14. Happened to me too many fucking times!
  15. That moment when a friend passes out "loaded brownies" at a gaming party and everyone but you starts acting retarded for some reason.

    It had a caramel swirl. That was the loaded part! You thought a 350 pound chocolate obsessed foodie is going to put actual POT in brownies?!

    That was embarrassing.
  16. I don't have anything major coming to mind in the moment. I do work a drive thru though and when i get switched from evenings to mornings I'll tell people to have a good night at like 8 in the morning. OR when I get switched to window (inside the store) I'll sometimes tell people to 'pull up to the first window' because I just automatically say it at this point.

    Oh and today I over brewed coffee T_T
  17. Sooo at my third anime convention experience(like 7 years ago) I saw an amazing rendition of Hisagi from Bleach volunteering at a dealer stall. His shirt was open and my young fangirly brain died when he noticed me oggling him. I wanted to compliment him on his nice outfit and well what came out was not so eloquent. What happened instead was "That's pretteh". We blinked at each other awkwardly then he grinned and thanked me. I didn't mean to be creepy or anything, he was just nice on the eyes. TwT

    Two years prior to that my brain 404ed on a Sha Gojyo cosplayer. He had the abs, man! I wanted a picture so bad, but couldn't make anything more than some adolescent squeaking sounds. So no picture. Just my glorified memory.

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  18. The one experience that really stands out to me happened in seventh grade - my teacher was taking attendance and I guess I was waiting for my name to be called so intently that when she called out my name I yelled out "Sarah!" (my name) instead of "here!". At the time I was so mortified.
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  19. Once I blamed Cloudflare for Iwaku deciding not to work and joked about it on the Discord server.

    Crickets could have been heard, but I think even they were embarrassed by my weenie jokes.
  20. I am pretty much a sitcom character - I have a list of embarrassing things I will never live down
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