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Welcome to the Military's Official Facility For the Supernaturally-Gifted, or as we like to call it:
I'm a First Sergeant, and the man in charge around here. You'll hear me over the loudspeaker often.
We are based in a space station, right around Mars. We are a government run program that handles the appearance of supernatural beings and disconnects them from the people of earth.
Children between ages three to twelve are kept in one section of the facility, S1. This section focuses on educating and nurturing the children until they are prepared.
Teenagers between ages thirteen and seventeen are kept in another section, S2. This section focuses on discovering and handling your powers. In other words, you will learn how not to cause mass destruction, and even hone your skills to be used for good.
Once you turn eighteen, legally we should not be able to keep you here against your will. But laws were bent, considering we are not on planet earth. So, adults eighteen and up are kept in a third and final section, S3.
And hey, we're in space. No way you can get home if you check yourself out, adults.

We realize this is probably the least favorable outcome for all of you, and you are all wondering what you are doing here. Well, let me start off by saying that there is no alternative.
After horrible events proceeded our lack of control over the Supernaturally Gifted, we were responsible as the government to make a change. No one remembers the mass damage caused by the supers, because memories were wiped of them ever existing. And that goes for you, as well.

You are now SG units. You are nonexistent on planet earth, and if you were to somehow ever go back, you would no longer be a part of everyday life. Your families have no recollection of your existence. No one does.
But please, try and make yourself as at home as you can. Life at MOFFS-G is comfortable, entertaining, and most importantly, moral.

Your days start off when we wake you up.
The first thing you do is have breakfast. Your diet would be similar to what you would have had at home.
Afterwards, everyone goes to their designated section for recreational time. This consists of games, activities, and 'down time.'
Then, teenagers and adults head to the training room. This is where you will work with your powers. If you are new, you start off with some staff members who test your abilities. Afterwards, you are sent to the main room to work with your abilities. It is up to you what you do, but if you threaten the safety of staff or SGs, your privileges are revoked.
After, is lunch. Like breakfast, there is no diet change.
The afternoon holds more recreation, before dinner.
After dinner, you will be sent back to your designated rooms. I recommend getting shut eye as soon as possible, because you don't know how long we have you sleep for.

The rules are as follows:
Do not threaten the safety of staff or other SGs.
You have no family names, middle names, or last names. Your first name is accompanied with a six-digit number.
Attempts to escape are not taken lightly. Besides, no way to run away when we're in space.
Within the teenage section, we forbid sexual interactions.
In the adult section, we just hope you are appropriate with how you handle yourselves.
Finally, be mature about your powers. You're bound to have some trouble, but never purposely use your powers for anything criminal. In fact, we're supposed to be turning you lot into heroes. When needed, some adults will be sent to earth for a short time, and escorted back up as soon as the threat is diffused.

If you have any questions, staff would be glad to answer.
Your day starts now, with recreation time.

Power: (keep it reasonable, folks)​

Current SUs:
Marco 174-262, 17, male
Rachel 615-874, 17, female
Jax 573-918, 14, male

Miles 762-214, 16, male

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