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  1. This is an rp idea that I'd like to give a second try. :) So I have already made an IC thread for this from before.

    My bad summary is below, as well as more information ^^:


    What starts out as an innocent school trip turns into a death trap for two of the students. The male student was just trying to help the young woman by being her partner on the roller-coaster despite that he isn't fond of rides to begin with, when the peculiarities began. The good thing about it is that one of them is a top agent trained for said strange phenomenas. The bad: the other student is not an agent. Therefore, he isn't trained to deal with such situations. To his dismay, he's been accidentally mixed up into all of this while enemies were targeting the actual agent--the female student...or were they? Perhaps the enemies knew that the young man would become an agent all along? Maybe this wasn't an accident after all... Turns out it isn't when the agent tells him that her agency had been interested in him for awhile now. The enemies must know of this as well. Will the two students make it out of the 'amusement park of horrors' alive, and with their sanity?

    That's the basic idea of it. As for a little background information for the agency... The agents are selected based on the amount of life energy they possess. When a human is born with more than average amount of life energy, supernatural abililities tend to come with it. Sometimes the various agents pop up with 1 or 2 unique abilities, but most of the time they just posses enhanced agility, strength, endurance, and they can control their life energy to create energy blasts to use in combat and whatnot. The agency had recently become interested in the male student because of his vast amount of energy. They could already tell that his physical traits would become more advanced soon enough. They have a way of pinpointing potential agents using an energy-tracking device that I haven't quite worked out yet. ^^; Anywho, I usually play males but I would like to play the female agent in this one. = ] I would like someone to play the male student that gets mixed up into the situation with her and doesn't yet realize that he has a lot of life energy just as she does. If you want, you can also give him another power to go along with his advanced physical attributes when he gets them. Just no flying, teleporting, phasing, or anything else that'll make traveling out of the amusement park's traps too easy. XD I know this explanation was probably a little confusing so please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. ^^
  2. I would like to give it a try ^^ it sounds like an interesting plot :) I don't mind playing the guy :9
  3. Awesome! And thank you. :) I will get a thread up for this right away and will post the link for it here. ^^
  4. YAY :3 I'll be waiting impatiently x3
  5. Hope you like my first post ^^
  6. Loved it. :) Working on a reply now. ^^ Oh, do you also have a picture for your character or were you planning to describe how he looked throughout the rp? Just wondering, as I like either pictures or descriptions so it doesn't matter to me. :)
  7. When I'm doing one x one I usually describe them during the first post, but I completely forgot about it this time xD So yeah, normal description but I don't mind pictures :9
  8. Lol I see. And cool, I'm fine with either descriptions or pictures. I finished my reply too. ^^