Modern Love

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  1. Looking for a partner to do a onexone following the relationship of a young man and young girl growing up in modern day America, but in entirely different states. We follow how modern technology allows their relationship to grow, even though they have never met in person. The game would start with them meeting in a chat room, and from there who knows!?

    You play the girl, but I want you to develop the character yourself, and I will develop a character after to compliment yours, and we will see what happens with the story!
  2. I'm interested in your idea. So you mean that I make my character first and then you do yours so that... could you explain what you mean by "to compliment yours"? Are we developing our characters before we start the rp or are we developing them as we rp?

    I hope this doesn't sound too confusing. :3
  3. A bit of both! I just didn't want both characters having the exact same "base" if you will. For instance I wouldn't want them both to have the exact same life going on at home if that makes sense? But just a vague overview so that we have something to blossom out of as we go.
  4. Was wondering if you would do a different role play with me?
    Same basics, but they meet in a chatroom and start to email back and forth, and they dont realize they are in the samel school?
    that kind of thing?
    Or anything else?
  5. I like this. Interested!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. That sounds great! I'll write a brief character sheet (name, age, appearance) and some background with her current situation, in a PM to you. That sounds good?
  7. SOUND LIKE FUN!!!!!!!!