Modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Anyone?

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  1. So this would be based off the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (and one vampire lady) I would like to follow the number of people (so 5-7), though characters don't have to be necessarily from stories like they were in the movie. This would be taking place in modern day and if enough peeps show interest then we'll discuss plot n stuffs
  2. Only if I can play as the sarcastic Southern marksman of the team.
  3. Don't worry, you can xD
  4. Then count me in.
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  5. How does a headless horseman sound? In which case I wouldn't mind playing such an ancient character.
  6. Sure if you want to :3
  7. You have caught my interest.

    Now excuse me as I stew in my own thoughts for a character to use.
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  8. Just one or a couple more people and we're golden, also as for the actual roleplay, I wanted to start sometime next week or the week after, I'm literally in the middle of a cross country move from Washington DC to Fresno, CA.
  9. Small world, I lived in Selma, CA for a few years. Like an hour drive from Fresno. Fucking hated every single day of it. So glad to be back in Georgia.
  10. My boyfriend lives in GA lol

  11. @Akira

    Well, I sincerely hope you have a better experience living in Cali than I did. If not move to GA!
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  12. On a side note, I saw Tom Cruise the other day driving through town in a green Lamborghini. Apparently he is filming for a movie about 5 miles from my house.
  13. Eh, he makes good movies but i honestly am not particularly excited about his existence xD
  14. That film is a guilty pleasure of mine. I'd be up for this.
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