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  1. Hello! I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in a modern fantasy themed roleplay. The setting would either be:-
    1) otherworld (the human stumbled upon a portal/was abducted)
    2)highschool (some kind like twilight thingy but, not specifically vampires/werewolves. Overrated anyway)
    3)Human world & otherworld. (the renewal of contract between the humans and other being)

    It does not have to specifically be those. If you have another in mind, I'd love to hear it.

    If any of you is interested in this, do pm me or post here.

    My rules:-

    I prefer the rp to be:-
    1) Heterosexual (in other words, fxm)
    2) me as the female.
    3) para rp.
    4)no one liners. (5 lines minimum)
    5) grammatically correct. Once in a while mistake is forgiven. But, it has to mostly be free of grammatical errors.
    6) free of the shyness bullcrap.

    The kind of rper I am:-
    1) I am dedicated to the rp. If I have a block or anything, I'll inform you.
    2) I'm mostly always on.
    3) I am a T-1E rper but it ranges, depending on my partner.
    4) I am derpy, even when rping.

    What I expect:-
    Dedication. If you can't do it, then do inform me. I won't be mad. Do not disappear on me.

    That is all. If you have any questions, or are interested, do reply or pm me ^.^

    Oh. And, it may more may not turn mature. Depends on le partner.
  2. Hello! I'm interested in the first idea. (:
  3. Ooo. Pm me ^.^ we will talk then
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.