Modern/Fantasy/Sci Fi Crack rp idea here!

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  1. So lately I've been toying around with these ideas in my head but it's a really crack idea. The gist of it is:

    Boy/Girl has sucky life and wants some adventure right? [That's like...the basis for EVERY adventure story! -pwn't-] XD
    So they either:

    -Get transported to a Feudal world/Alien planet/Wacky carnival realm/video game-like realm [monster rancher anybody? O_o XD]


    A harem of cute guys/wacky girls crash into their house claiming that they're there to be their servant and to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make their life better....or worse. Crack, hilarious-ness and bounty hunters ensues! =D

    Basically it's a one on one, but it can actually turn into a small group rp if that'll make this crack idea turn out better. The genre would be...erm.....Fanta-Fi/Romance/Comedy, it's possible to do fantasy sci-fi without magic. [nods] <3


    We could do something cracked out like Kodocha. I loved that show. >_>

    Basically I'm open to anything. XD
  2. Hey! You sound like you have a lot of really cool ideas! Care to plot together?
  3. Well I'm not one for "One On One" Role Plays I think a combination of the first two would be halariously crazy. Maybe a group of girls and guys that like someone else in the group (cue love triangles and intrigue!) are transplanted to another world? Like maybe one brings a mysterious game for them all to play or an ancient book of unkown origin they found in the character's attic.

    Never saw Kodocha so I can't comment on that one, but I do like the concept of the alternate transported to another world. But then again, I don't do one on ones.
  4. I agree with Slyen. Getting a few people together to have some crazy adventure with some romance sprinkled in would definitely be fun. Especially if maybe some of the people don't like each other. It gives a good dynamic.

    Im not even supposed to be online right now, ROTFL. the whole, "Group of knuckleheads getting transported to alternate universe/video-game world/carnival realm planet and love triangle ZOMG" seems to be pretty popular. Mmkay let's get the show on the road!

    Few things:
    1.) How many people are we going to have?? O_o XD Not to big or else it'd get chaotic.
    2.) Combo of the first two ideas right? Harem Romance Comedy + Fant-Fi Universe Adventure? Omg somebody should get kidnapped. XDDD
    Frog.) Shall we brainstorm some more first before we jump right into it?
    7,100BxChocolateMushroom.) I can't post anymore tonight, but I will definitely be able to ply later tomorrow so じゃ!まったね!! See you later! ^_^
  6. Hmmmm ok.

    1) I'd say no less than 3 but no more that 6. I think either 4 or 5 would be perfect.
    2) And yesss. OMG that sounds fun.... :D
    Frog) How about we recruit, brainstorm with the members and then GOOOOOOOO!
  7. I pretty much agree with CallmeKatyy...

    4-5 people is a good number.
    Harem/Romantic Comedy in a Fantasy Universe would be interesting and you would probably get more hits. People tend to like fantasy most around here it seems.

    Brainstorming can be done in the OOC as long as you come up with something and stick with it. A large number of Roleplays die during devlopment because of how long they take to get started.
  8. Agreed. You only have to do enough brainstorming to get the Roleplay up and running. All other ideas and such can be worked out during the posting time.
  9. I only suggested that because I tend to get excited and then go all over the place sometimes. XD I think it's my ADD, rotfl.
    Wait am I posting first?
  10. If you want to! You're the starter of this idea. It's only right that you should start!