Modern Fantasy 'Police' RP (group rp)

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  1. I know, I know. We live in an age where most of the paranormal beings are well adjusted -or as well adjusted as they can, still being hated by some- and work 9 to 5 jobs just like any other humanoid. We don't live in the dark ages where we have to hunt witches, throw garlic at vampires or keep silver bullets next to our bed. But the fact remains, if a Paranormal decides to act out, be it out of spite or despiration, humans can't do anything against them.

    And this is where we come in. The regular police, and even the FBI can't do anything about then. So we, a group of human/paranormal hybrids step in to take care of the paranormals, rehabilitate them, offer a hand to help them out of their current situation. And sometimes, in the most hopeless situations, where the Paranormal have lost their humanity or refuses to stop hurting humans or weaker Paranormals, we have to put a definite end to them. And yes, some people find this inhumane. Others actually think we're idiots for trying. And yeah, the work is dangerous, the pay is low and the government won't fund us, so we do have some issues going on. But we want to offer help to those who need it. And we can't help those who refuse us.

    So... Now that you know all this, are you still interested in joining?


    So basically, this is a sort of paranormal 'police' rp. Think Men in Black crossed with Supernatural/Buffy. Maybe a little bit of Ghostbusters trown in. It'd be cool if this could be in a small group (between 4 - 6 people), but if only one person wants to do this, I guess a 1 on 1 could work too?

    Problem with group is that I've never done that before, so that should be interesting.
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  2. Could my character be a robot? If not then I'll still be joining.
  3. I'll allow cyborg, but they have to be part supernatural though, like part werewolf or part vampire.
  4. Alright.
  5. thank you for showing interest by the way! :D
  6. Seems interesting enough as a concept, depending on what sort of other background material you put up and what kind of characters you would allow in such a roleplay.

    Specific questions, like what exactly can be counted as a supernatural? Ghosts, zombies and your general hokey horrors of the night sort of stuff, or stuff in a more mythical tone such as ogres, goblins, dragons and so fourth.
  7. Both! Basically, as long as there's a wikipedia page for it, I'll allow it. It could even be super obscure creatures. I don't allow half human, half animals though (unless it's an animal "demon" like a werewolf or a kitsune)
  8. I'm interested!
  9. I'm totally up for such an rp! Count me in~
  10. Awesome! :D So many people interested, I'll make sure to create a topic soon!
  11. I'd be interested too! This sounds awesome.
  12. I am interested. I get to play my own little version of Helsing! Yay!
  13. Interested as well
  14. Seems like a fascinating concept, count me in.
  15. I'm down for this!
  16. I will do this if I can be the cast of Bad Boys 2.

    Just kidding, I don't need to be.
    Unless you want me to...
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