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  1. So, I have been running this thing called D.A.P.P.E.R Sadly, i lost two player to the site downtime, and now lost another. So I would love new players
    is allready up. But, let me have my writing do my speaking for me.​


    GM's Foreword;
    This will be a rp based in the late 1960's, and based around organization fighting and dealing with everything from the Fae to faustian devils and japanese ghosts. There will be charachter deaths, secret rolls will take place and bad choices will have consequences. So, please enjoy the decent chunk of information I am about to throw at you.

    Welcome to D.A.P.P.E.R
    (The Department for Apprehension and Protection against the Paranormal, Extra dimensional and Reanimated.)

    Under the command of the Allied West, this international organization works under no one government. Tasked with the secret surveillance and maintenance of our worlds magical undercurrents, it is one of several occult specialist organizations. Waging its own cold war on the Soviet "Red Star" brigades and keeping cults from going into critical mass and dooming us all, they have their work cut out. D.A.P.P.E.R was founded one day in Berlin, after the end of the Second World war. A coilition between the western experts of the occult and weird created a by USA, Britain and several others, funded organization to help clean up the mess left by the Thule Society.

    The Nazi organization, in their constant search for a promised land and power, had not only managed to summon all manners of nasty beings into pacts, but also at the end of the war, created a necroforge. A tool for harnessing pure necrotic energy and create their own, enslaved spectral beings. Luckily, the forge was destroyed as was all of Thules biggest weapons. That is not to say all practitioners and their equipment was found or disposed off. That is Why D.A.P.P.E.R, along with the Soviet Counter part, exist. The world has changed forever, two entire cities were eradicated, the scream of energy and ruthless entropy. There is no longer a normal to return to. The world is spiraling into the unknown and all DAPPER can do is to adapt.

    Dapper Operatives always work in teams, with expertice and specialization playing a huge role in the structure and internal mission infrastructure. With many, many entities who range from hostile to benovolent, from rotting corpse to a cultist worshipped demi-god you can never be to certein with what it is you ar dealing with or what comes next. You as players will take part as one of these teams, as you chase clues trough missions that span from Cuba to Japan. Where your actions will determine what happens next on a global scale. Of course, to do this, you have to be prepared. For that reasons, I'll leave you with a small manual;

    This is above is the OOC opening text sans it's Prologue. .is a cloak and dagger kind of "Humanity vs the Unknown" scenario. DAPPER has to deal with rival organisation the same way CIA dealt with the threat of KGB agents. The Red Star is the russian equivalent to DAPPER. But aside from humans agents, they also have deal with Demons, Fairies, slumbering giants, ghosts, vampires and other nasties.
  2. I'm interested, but only on the condition that we get a "the story so far" synopsis and a list of currently active players with links to their CS's.

    I hate to be a bugger, but I just slogged through the entire backstory of Ilium (took me like 4 days) to prepare a character and I just don't have the desire to do another slog.
  3. Oh. That can be easily done. It haven't moved t far.

    TL.DR version; A three team operation is underway former prussia. A old collector of religius and arcane artifacts have been found dead. His collection is massive, so D.A.P.P.E.R means to retrieve it before the Russians. Especially a very specific French sword, the sword of Roland the Paladin. The team has so far encountered a bunch of reanimated (undead) creatures and traps that imply someone else made it to the Mansion before the team. Oh, and the fact that the entire mansion lobby was decorated and built with bones.
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  4. Maybe it´s because Constantine, but I am interested in this. I have just a pair of questions.
    1. What is the posting expectation?
    2. Would you mind Czechoslovakian emigrant and ex-RAF pilot?
  5. :D

    1; I push the story forward whenever everyone has posted, but I'll likely put it on Weekly regardless becouse flaky players have delayed me before. As for 'level', Intermediete to Advanced. I wan't clear effort shown in post and CS. I want well thought out and coherent posts.
  6. And the second question?
  7. A-ok with me
  8. I was interested when I first saw this RP a while ago, but I did not have enough time. Mind if I sign up?
  9. Not at all. I only do judgement based on CS and ingame writing. everyone gets their fair shake :D.
  10. I know I am getting annoying, but last question occured to me. What kind of guy is needed to the team?
  11. Well. Both Experts/Specialists are about to die horribly due to no more players for them. So we'll need atleast one noncombat, non liason.
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