Modern Day Skyrim Type Thing

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  1. Okay, so it doesn't have to Elder Scrolls related, but the main idea is your typical fantasy raceses in a modern setting. Balancing tradition with the modern age, Magic co-existing with technology, that sort of thing.

    So, anyone interested? I'm open to suggestions.
  2. I'm highly interested in being someone who runs a magic shop.
    A real magic-shop, not a shop for Wiccans, Vouduns, etcetera, although if they know real magic they can come and get it.

    I sell manuscripts, books, massive spell tomes, little magical charms, wands, and yes, spell reagents.
    Even run a small little school inside the magic-shop, and the building is large enough I even live, eat and sleep there.
  3. Ah, gosh, sorry I've taken so long to reply to this.

    Your character actually works very well for the character I had in mind. He's the spoiled son of a dark elf and a wood elf. He wanted to become a lawyer like his dad, but his mom convinced him to study more "traditional" arts. He was originally going to be the apprentice of an apothecary, but studying magic is better.

    I'd like for this to be a group RP, but I'll settle for a one on one.
  4. Ya i'm interested.
  5. So basically, the concept of Shadowrun dialed back from the futuristic setting. I could get interested in this.
  6. Okay, it seems we've got ourselves a bit of a group. If you're still interested then reply to this and I'll start up a convo with everyone to start planning. We need some plot ideas so don't be afraid to speak up if you think of something!
  7. YEs, I will do this. :D
  8. Still interested.
  9. Sorry guys, I'm out. I'm running something complex right now.
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