Modern Day Magic and Teen Angst go Hand in Hand

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  1. Heya, some nerd checking in to run an idea past you.

    I've been itching for some good ol' TEENAGE ANGST, and I've also been itching for MAGIC STUFF, so I said "hey let's combine the two and make the most freaking trite thing ever".

    But yeah, moral of the story is I wanna do an RP about teenagers in high school in a modern setting where magic is very much real. A little slice-of-life, a little angst, a little monster fighting, a little romance, a little self discovery. That sound like something that people here would be interested in?

    I'd probably run it in a group, and it'd be very player driven without much in the way of an overarching plot. Of course, that leads to problems with how long it might last, but hey! Might as well try.
  2. i'd be for this, man. count me as interested.
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  3. I'm very interested in this as well!
  4. Cool, cool.

    I was thinking that it's a vaugely fantasy-esque modern world, no secret magic stuff. Magic's probably part of daily life in one way or another. Familiars might be as common as smartphones.

    I was gonna go for the kinda "punk" feel with characters (well mine at least), though I guess we could discuss it more once I have an actual OOC up. There'd probably be a little dabbling in the darker magics, definitely interaction with other characters (gang of teen wizards definitely sounds like it could be a thing), probably some kinda urban legend stuff (monsters in the sewers, aaanuuu!).

    Dunno, kinda rambling now. A few more players would be cool, but I can probably get up a thread of some sort tomorrow or the next day.
  5. I'm super into this idea.
  6. I'm interested
  7. Me as well!
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