Modern Day Elopation

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  1. Thunder rumbled the windowpanes of the apartment, stirring Charlie awake. He roused slowly, greeted to grayish, muted sunlight and a faceful of soft, black hair. Drowsily, he inhaled the sweet scent of his lover's hair, of her skin pressed warmly to his as they laid beneath the lilac sheets. The world beyond was blurred, hazy with drowsy distance that drew itself closer and closer in as he became more and more awake. The first patters of raindrops were assaulting the glass now, thick plops with an uneven, staccato beat that would grow more and more intense in a matter of minutes. It was good to be inside, he decided.

    Closing his eyes once more, Charlie touched a gentle peck to his beloved Bel's brow. Her skin was soft and smooth beneath his lips, and before he knew it, he was pressing light touches across her face. Reining himself in, he settled for soft strokes along her hair. He watched her sleep silently, listening to both the rain and the soft inhale-exhale of her snoozing. What time was it, he pondered inwardly, unable to shift and see the clock that was mounted on the wall behind him.
  2. Surprisingly, it hadn't been the oncoming thunder warning the Earth of its arrival that had awoken Isabella. It had been the feeling of feather-like lips brushing against her dozing countenance. Had she not been so wrapped up in her sleep, she would have smiled, ultimately revealing that she'd been awake the entire time. Instead, she allowed the soft pressure of her lover's hand stroking her hair and the raging droplets racing to touch the ground first bring her to her senses. "Mm, who told you you could stop?" She asked when he'd stop kissing her face, mumbling her words as a hint of a smile etched upon her lips.

    A little chilly, she scooted closer to him, as if that were possible, and slid one of her legs over his, tucking her feet in. With a little effort, she opened her eyes, looking up at him with tired, cerulean eyes. This weather gave her an excuse to remain closer to her beloved. This day was definitely meant for the both of them, what with their jobs sometimes getting in the way of spending time with one another, at least today they were promised at least a few hours. "Good morning, handsome," She murmured lovingly, a small, tired grin now on her face as she place a small kiss on his jaw.
  3. His voice hummed in a low, teasing pause, as if he were thoughtfully considering her question. "Well, you were too beautiful while you were asleep, I didn't wanna disturb." As she pushed closer, his arm curled a little tighter around her, half an instinctive hug, half a protective embrace to keep her tucked to his chest. Indeed, their quiet moments were few and far between. A sizable chunk of their time spent was either here snoozing in bed, or one coming while the other was going. Such was the life they lived, when she worked mostly during the day and he worked mostly during the night. He'd managed to cajole one of his co-workers into taking his shift tonight in exchange for working one of theirs next weekend. Outside, the wind howled and the rain began to assault the glass a bit more insistently.

    Her lips on his jaw made him smile wider, and he shifted a little to press a gentle kiss to her lips. He lingered in the kiss, the feel of her soft lips against his own equally invigorating and intoxicating. When he finally did withdraw, he touched his brow to hers. Coffee colored eyes met cerulean ones, and his smile matched her own in adoration. "Hello, beautiful. Did you sleep well?"
  4. Thinking back to a few years ago, the idea of running away from the place they once had both called home seemed like an impossible idea. Neither of them had been old enough to live on their own, never mind even seen a city. So when her seventeenth birthday had turned up and the proposition had been made, Bel could recall having been hesitant. However, she hadn't needed much convincing. A simple reminder of their love and she was working two jobs and taking care of the neighbors' children, raising as much money as she could. And now, seeing just how far they'd come and how far they had left to go, she came to the realization that this had been the best decision they'd ever made.

    When their lips met, she smiled slightly, raising her hand to rest on his cheek gently. When he pulled away, she sighed softly and smiled at his words. "I sure did," She murmured softly, smoothing her thumb gently over the bone of his cheek. "What about you?" She listened to the rain become angrier, more persistent, and it only brought a bigger smile to her face because it only meant one thing for sure. "Seems like you're stuck with me today." She smiled, closing the distance between them once more for a few, brief, moments, enjoying the feel of his lips against hers. Now there was something she would never grow tired of.
  5. He returned each gentle kiss she proffered. Drawing her closer, he shifted onto his back until she settled on his chest. He beamed up at her. "Yeah, I slept well." As the rain persisted in intensity, he nodded agreement at her words. "Seems like it," He teased, arms slipping around her lithe waist. Her familiar weight and warmth atop him, the sound of her voice in his ears like sunshine after the torrent (outside). He settled a hand beneath her sleep shirt, palm flat on her back.

    "When was even the last time we had the same day off?" As they spoke, his fingertips tuned along her back, gently walking the small ridges of her spine and massaging the muscles just below the surface of the skin. His eyes peered up at her sleepily, shifting only to the glass when bassy, booming thunder rumbled it back and forth a little in its frame.
  6. "Hm, I can't remember," She replied honestly to his question, one of her hands still stroking the bone of his cheek with the brim of her thumb while she rested her other forearm on his chest, using it to keep her head propped. "Which means it's been too long." Naturally, she reciprocated his wide smile, loving the feel of his warm hand against her bare skin. Simple because she could, Bel captured his lips with her own once more. A few precious moments later, she pulled away, dipped her head down to the crook of his neck and rested her head there.

    Far used to waking up early, there was already something on Isabel's mind, or rather, something on her stomach. "Do you remember if we still have eggs in the fridge?" She questioned tiredly, resting her eyes in the meantime. Waiting for his answer, she let the storm's anger soothe her; nothing like a rainy morning to start a day off with a loved one. This was going to be a beautiful day even if they did absolutely nothing.
  7. Charlie returned her kiss softly, adoringly, before resting his head back on the pillow. "Agreed, my love. But yes, we still have eggs." His fingertips smoothed her hair gently. He leaned up to kiss her brow before sitting up slowly. An arm wrapped around her shoulders, keeping her against his chest as rose up so that she wasn't pushed out of his lap. He kissed her temple once, then twice before gently sitting her aside and rising from the bed. He stretched himself high, arms overhead before turning to face Bel.

    "What would you like to eat?"
  8. Unable to help her smile as he kissed her temple, Isabelle slid over to the opposite side of the bed as he stood up. She turned her eyes to look at his back as he stretched, a warm emotion filling her eyes as he turned around to look at her. She'd never grow tired of waking up like this, with no one other than Charlie. "Hm, I don't know," She told him honestly, slowly rising on her two feet. She made her way to the closet and opened the door, leaning her weight on her hip as she stared into it mindlessly. "I was thinking maybe we could make omelettes or something?" She threw a glance over her shoulder before reaching in and picking out one of two pairs of sweats she owned, her underwear not going to keep her legs warm for long. Quickly, she slipped them on and turned around back to face her lover.

    "What do you think?" She closed the closet door and padded quietly over to the door of their bedroom. "We could always make some french toast." On her way, she used her thumb and forefinger to pinch an elastic off of one of the nightstands, pushing it over her wrist. So long as there was something with eggs included, Bel would eat anything.
  9. Charlie rubbed at his chin thoughtfully. French toast did sound nice, and with the rain pounding outside, it wasn't like he could go foraging for anything else. Abandoning the small burrs of stubble along his cheeks and jawline, he headed to the door. "Tell you what, love. Why don't you go on and get washed up. I'll get started on breakfast." He smiled over his shoulder, and then padded out barefoot to the kitchen. He'd shower after her, he decided, and then they could figure out something to do today.

    The floor was cool underfoot, and Charlie stepped over an wayward pair of boots as he moved to the kitchen. He set himself to fetching the pans he'd need to cook along with the ingredients: eggs and milk and cheese for the omlettes, bread and cinnamon for the french toast, along with bacon. He paused only in his preparation to fetch his cell phone and connect it to one of the small speakers kept in the kitchen, tuning the music to some classic Blues.

    His father had always cooked that way, to music like this. Though he did not regret coming here with his lover at all, there was no denying the sweet feeling of nostalgia that washed over him in times like this.
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