Modern day, and/or fantasy

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  1. Exactly what the title says, I'm looking for someone who will roleplay something modern day and/or fantasy. I've had a horrid time finding a good partner because pretty much all of my characters are animals-not anthros but a magical fox or a normal cat, or things like that. I have a few human characters, and if I need to I can adapt an animal into a human but I really prefer playing as an animal, so please keep that in mind. I tend to describe my character's appearance in detail on the first post, and then let you figure out his/her personality as the plot goes on, but if you want a full character sheet I can absolutely give you that. My posts tend to be at least 500 words, and I would like that back but quality over quantity, yes? Please check out my Roleplayer's Resume for more info, and I can do either forum-based or email-based roleplays, please contact me if you're interested (:
  2. I'm interested in an rp~
    My posts are usually 300-500 words and I have been told my quality is at the very least decent. I do prefer character sheets, but that is mostly because I love to write up character histories and use those to shape the characters personality... Also makes a good reference if I forget some facet of my character XD
  3. I'm interested Email would be best