Modern Adventurers?

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  1. It just dawned on me, pest control are modern adventurers.

    They start off like all tales do, killing Rats.
    And then they gain loot by via the stuff the rat hid in it's nest.

    Any other examples of modern adventurers people can think of?
  2. pretty sure pest control workers don't get to keep whatever they find :P


    and everyone at NASA. Space is the final frontier.
  3. Shh! Details! :P
  4. Me. I'm riddled with sidequests.
  5. Junkyard scavengers. Duh.
  6. Josh Gates. He's a modern Indiana Jones, traveling the world in search of monsters and lost treasures and getting waist-deep in human remains.

    But, you know, without finding anything and no Nazis.
  7. Law enforcement.

    you get better armor, but have to get closer to the perp depending on the path you took.
    (Riot troops: Heavily armored, and carry Beating sticks and Riot shields)
    Compared to detectives which are lightly armored and carry pistols.
  8. And still on the law enforcement subject: items in Evidence get sold during Police Auctions, and sometimes it is cool stuff.
    (Once saw a cop with a corvette he got from one.)
  9. Doctors: We're like White Mages or Clerics. The hospital is our temple.

    Me: As a doctor, martial artist, and Parkour traceur, but evidently a terrible class build optimizer, I have essentially multiclassed as a LG male human monk/fighter (for the early two-level feat dips)/cleric (favored class)/rogue (for the extra Balance, Jump, and Tumble skill ranks). Lord knows why I bothered with monk levels. Monks suck and now I have MAD like you wouldn't believe. However, high Str, Dex, and Con scores mean I can at least still perform adequately in combat, even if none of my abilities synergize well.

    Parkour traceurs: We're like rogues! We like to do it in the air!
  10. Mercenaries pretty much are the definition of adventurer. Travel the world and get paid to fight in all sorts of conflicts, sometimes with zero government oversight.
  11. That's really more a heroic than an adventurous career. Not to belittle your job. As I said, it's heroic and wonderful. Adventurers often endanger themselves and others to the point of idiocy, and last I checked, doctors are very careful with the people in their care.
  12. Dammit foiled again
    What about parkour? That's dangerous!
  13. Don't people parkour where they live? Like their home town? It's more like a sport than an adventure.

    Of course, I'm really not one to talk. I don't do much of anything at all. I wish I could have adventures!
  14. Police aint adventurers. They are pesky city guards who took bullets to their knees. Or you know, took bullets to their local minority population.

    Real adventurers? There are plenty of them, the people who catagorize and explore new species in the jungle come to mind.
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  15. We go on 3 or 4 weekend training trips into the woods. Like old school martial arts masters or Rangers or some shit.

    And we're in parties. 4 to 6 in each.

    We're in parties traveling in the woods.

    Are We Adventurers? ?????
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  16. Travel is adventure. So...I guess.
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  17. War journalists. They go through some crazy shit, dude.
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  18. they are why you dont mess with bards
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  19. That's the best qualification yet in my mind. :P
    All you need to be getting paid to fight something and you're set.

    Yes that's what mercs do, which were already stated. But in my mind the party adventuring part is even more vital.

    They must make good use of their Diplomacy skill.

  20. Mercs yes

    Adventurers don't need to be paid

    We get income by killing and looting

    Being paid is technically optional but usually done as a matter of course
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