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Hey all, I'm thinking about doing a modern fantasy involving all kinds of cool things involving an underground vampire cult, modern day paladins, witch hunters and the misunderstood mages which they hunt and pretty much anything else that the RPers can think of in a freeform universe. Just wanting some feedback to see if it would be worthwhile posting up a topic.
I think it sounds pretty cool, I'd join it!
Awesome :) im thinking about doing something up like this in the Jump In board, so there's no messy hoo-haa's with long 4-page sign ups. Nice and easy. Know anyone else who would be interested?
Awesome :) sounds cool. I'll probably do up a little passage-ish type thing and put it up in the JUMP IN board a bit later on.
The thread is up under the title of 'What Lurks under the Sky'. :) have fun!