Mobile Fighter G Gundam: the 14th Fight

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  1. Just as the title says, using GURPS as a system framework.
    It won't be immediate, as I must gather all the information necessary to build suits and pilots, as well as hammer out a narrative.
    Anyone interested is welcome to help, brainstorm ideas or just say how freaking-sweet this could be.​
  2. No takers?
    Well...I guess I'll just go back to my corner then.​
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  3. *pats on head* I'm sorry. I've been thinking of voicing my interest, but I'm afraid the only Gundum series I've seen is Mobile Suit 00. If my lack of Gundam knowledge won't cause frustrations in the rp, then I might give it a shot!
  4. G Gundam doesn't really require any overarching knowledge beyond that of mobile suits themselves and perhaps the undefined history of war that pervades the entire Gundam meta-series as a whole.
    Basically: mobile suits are pretty rad, we use them to fight wars but instead of whole armies each country has a single mobile suit and they all fight in a tournament to see who is best.
    Glad to see you've an interest in this little side-project.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.