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  1. Name: Fujibayashi Ren
    Gender: F
    In a Family: Y
    Same-Sex Relationship: Y
    Potential Romantic Rolls:
    • 0 - Friendships Only
    • 1 - Involved/Was Involved with only one person.
    • 1+ - Involved/Was Involved in multiple relationships.
      • Which could mean the character was with several different people.
      • It could also mean that the character is actively 'cheating' at the start of the RP.
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  2. Fujibayashi Ren

    [Core Information Section]

    "Life is always a struggle."

    [Reference: Hibiki - Kantai Collection]

    Character Color Code: #00ddff

    Full Name: Fujibayashi Ren
    Age: 16
    Date of Birth: 31st, August
    Place of Birth: Hakone, Japan
    Sex: F
    Sexuality: Unknown.
    Character Type At Start: Secondary Character


    -> Electronic Gadgets

    Unlike most girls who spend their times in looking good and getting the best cosmetics, Ren is more interested in the latest advancements in electronic gadgets and technological advancements, such as Personal Optical Projectors, Virtual Reality, and the best headphones to play her favorite tunes.

    -> Perseverance

    Thanks to her background, Ren is much more determined than the average highschoolers leading comfortable lives. Instead of shying away from obstacles, Ren will face it head on. She even consoled and encouraged her peers to tackle their problems during her involvements in the Social Morals Club. By some students, Ren was known for her casual, laidback tone during her counseling sessions.

    -> Music

    At first, Ren was not a fan of listening to musics. It changed when Ren reached middle school and her interest on video games become deeper. As a result, her interest on music quickly increased, with most of her playlists coming from video game soundtracks and singles that covers a wide genre, ranging from 1980s to EDMs. Part of her playlists are from anime series too.

    -> Desserts

    Ren may not display much interest on other common stuffs, but her eyes will brighten up whenever someone mentions ice cream or parfait.

    > Extra: She also displays an interest on the otaku culture as well, but not quite into it as she was back in middle school. Also watches movies from time to time.


    -> Giving Up Without A Fight

    For Ren, it is understandable that people runs away from a challenge after they failed it. But for those who say that they will fail overcoming a hardship even though they did not put their hands on it? Nope. Ren will push you to do it at least once. This aspect of Ren's personality has earned her a place in the Social Morals Club, but it also costed her some friends.

    -> Whining

    "Stop whining!" - Harold Scharzenegger.

    -> Sports

    Ren dislikes doing sports, even after she underwent surgery to correct her heart defect during her middle school.

    -> Unable to Change Things for the Better

    Although most of the time Ren accepts the cold harsh reality that she was presented with, there are times where Ren wished she could do more to prevent or fix certain bad events. She even dwells back to the past from time to time, thinking back about the friendships that she has lost and the harsh words that comes out from her mouth back then.


    -> Video Games

    Those who are friends with Ren usually know her secret habit of playing video games. She claimed that it is for the purpose of social interaction, but it was nothing but a front when she played at the arcades for the first time during her final year in elementary school with her friends, and got hooked ever since. Back in the middle school days, Ren was known for her proficiency in fighting games, such as Fighting Streets series and King of Fighting sequels.

    -> Listening to Musics

    Ren does this whenever she uses her desktop computer at her home, either with her quality headphones or speakers.

    -> Making Desserts

    Being a big fan of desserts, Ren decided to learn the art of making ice creams, chocolates and yogurts. She took some of Chiyo's secrets, with or without her permission and creates her own recipes. Ren even took Chiyo's heart with her desserts for a few moments, before both of them argued at each other.

    -> Fixing Electronics and Computers

    A potential geek, Ren has some basic knowledge in electronics and computers, where most of them are learned during her part time in a computer shop. She is able to reformat a computer and recalibrating Personal Optical Projectors, changing the simple settings of the Virtu-Ava systems for free.


    -> Losing Friendships

    Ren fears losing friendships that she worked hard to build within a day or a harsh word from her.

    -> Making Enemies

    Despite her stoic outlook, Ren actually afraid of making enemies during her involvement in the Social Morals Club or not. Her short stature and weak body further amplifies this fear.

    -> Being Forced to Make the Hardest Decision

    Another stuff that Ren is afraid of and prefers to avoid completely. However, it has happened quite frequently in her life, most notably the conflict between Robert and Katsumi.

    -> Heights

    Yup, acrophobia.


    > Strangers <

    "Fujibayashi-san? She looks kind of reserved. But she did smile to me when our eyes locked together. Now you have mentioned it, she's adorable with her smiles on..." - Student A.

    "I heard rumors about her being able to make an ice cream." - Student Z.

    "A quiet girl that choose to observe rather than jumping straight into the actions." - Social Morals Club Member G.

    > Friends <

    "I thought Ren is a quiet, reserved girl. Turns out she isn't! Ren is more than happy to lend her ears for you, as long you don't overdo it with your whining." - Social Morals Club Attendee X.

    "She's a fun person to hang out with. I actually feel relaxed from her carefree, laidback personality. Hisakawa could use more students like her." - Class Event Committee L.

    "Reliable, responsible with a solid principle of her own." - Social Morals Club Committee N.

    > Enemies <

    "Too strict, too geeky, too nerdy." - Student C who sat alongside with Ren during Computer Studies.

    "I already tried my best and that crazy white haired short girl keeps telling me that I didn't put all of my efforts!" - Disgruntled Social Morals Club Attendee M.

    "Why? Why... why?! Why! Why she has to blow my cover?! I thought we're friends! Can't she just close her eyes and forget what I have done?!" - Enraged Ex-Friend K.

    Self Introduction:

    "I heard Yuri started off her intro with her trademark 'Are the Ties Between People Truly Arbitrary?' quote. So I guess I will kick off my intro in the same way, but on layman's terms. Something that everyone can relate themselves easily with.

    Yeah, relationships between are kind of decided in a random manner, or even fated to be. Even if you put a lot of effort into it. No matter how hard I try, how hard I sweeten up my words and persuasions, certain relationships just... can't be repaired. *sighs* All because I have to pick a side. One of the stuffs that I truly hated, and yet, fearful about it. My hands trembled when I thought about it. Still, I'm not going to give up that easily. I believe through dialogue and building a rapport between me and the other, will help me to repair the damages that I have caused, as well the damages he or she has done to me. I'm quite lenient when it comes to apologies. Really. I don't need you to treat me a hearty meal or expensive stuffs. As long you're truly genuine with your feelings, I will always accept them.

    Blah, I think I have gone too far with that relationship thing. Anyway, I'm Chiyo Imada's older sister. Though why we have different surnames, that's something even me I couldn't find out from my single mother, let alone finding out who's my biological father. She's... kind of cold, even to the bubbly Chiyo. Mom kept saying Chiyo is useless, even when she enrolled into middle school. I actually defended her from Mom, and yeah, arguments soon followed. Everything came to a head when Mom decided to send us off to our aunt staying in Onomochi. A somewhat famous author, Chiyo said. Since then, our relationship went downhill. Even my ice cream barely brought her smile back...

    As for myself, it didn't went too well. Since I was a child, I was diagnosed with a case of ventricular septal defect. In other words, my heart has a hole. Mom doesn't have the money to afford the corrective surgery, so it went untreated for a while. Back then, Mom always barred me from running or participating in sports. She didn't told me that I have the disease. Thinking that my mom just being plain mean on me, I secretly participated on sports activities during elementary school, and before I knew it, I ended up in a hospital. Eventually, I underwent an operation to correct my heart defect when I attended middle school, funded by my aunt. After that, I feel like I was cured, although I still need to do follow-up checkups on a monthly basis.

    So yeah. Life is not a smooth sail, nor relationships are simple as selecting the right responses like visual novels. I can understand why Yuri wants normalcy so much, why Shinji want keep himself quiet and reserved. It is scary, facing all those human relationship horrors and life speedbumps. Still, it's a part and parcel of human lives. Our lives...

    Can lives and relationships be equated to a Random Number Generator sequence?

    I guess you can."

    Character Theme:

    -> Intro: Let's Get It On!
    -> Positive Events: Shadows of the Night
    -> Negative Events: All Alone With You | Lonely is the Night
    -> Hilarious Events: I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You

    Character Battle Theme:

    -> Normal VS: Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
    --> vs Katsumi: Esaka?
    --> vs Johann: Arashi no Saxophone 2
    --> vs Hibiki: Needle
    --> vs Morita: Fight with the Wind
    --> vs Chiyo: Back Down

    Character Voice Actor: Suzaki Aya - Voice Clip

    [Virtu-Ava Section]

    [Reference: Gia - Pixiv]

    Ren acquired this set of Virtu-Ava appearance and high-tech weaponry as a courtesy of her involvement in the beta testing of COM-X 2: The Resistance, a turn-based tactical game.


    > LRJK-XXX7 "Heart Pierce"

    An experimental railgun that fires ballistic projectiles that travels at speeds faster than ordinary bullets.

    'Heart Pierce is one of the few experimental, long range Gauss Rifles made by Ganymede-Inazuma Armory (G.I.A) under the funding of the underground COM-X organization with reverse engineered technologies gained from the aliens occupying Earth. The weapon fires its proprietary 2mm rounds from the rare 2mm Electromagnetic Cartridges that travels at a breakneck speed of 5,000 m/s, capable of punching most forms of protection and environmental objects. An advanced variable recoil management system is also built into the rifle, letting even a high school girl handles the weapon with relative ease! '

    Grades Stats:
    40 + 38 = 78 Grade Points

    {td}B (10 pts){/td}
    {td}B- (9 pts){/td}
    {td}World History{/td}
    {td}C (7 pts){/td}
    {td}A+ (14 pts){/td}
    {td}Home Economics{/td}
    {td}B (10 pts){/td}
    {td}Physical Fitness{/td}
    {td}F (1 pts){/td}
    {td}Nature Science{/td}
    {td}D (4 pts){/td}
    {td}Computer Studies{/td}
    {td}A+ (14 pts){/td}
    {td}C- (6 pts){/td}
    {td}D- (3 pts){/td}
    [Battle Actions]

    Offensive Attacks

    [Fire Weapon]
    TYPE: Offensive Ranged

    "Ren holds her breath, steadies her arm, before carefully balances the Heart Pierce and aims into its scope. With the holographic crosshair on her target, Ren pulls the trigger. The highly advanced weapon hums and powers up quickly. Moments later, Ren releases the trigger, and the Heart Pierce lets out a loud boom, firing its ammunition, while causing an enormous recoil. The spent 2mm EC was then ejected from the rifle."

    Ren fires her weapon at her opponent at a range.

    [Inazuma Kick]
    TYPE: Offensive Near

    "Super... Inazuma... KIIIIIICKKKKKKK------!"

    Instead of using her weapon, Ren jumps upward, roaring, before going down with her right leg stretched to the max, aiming at her opponent's face in great velocity.

    Defensive Counters

    [Overwatch Mode]
    TYPE: Defensive Ranged

    "Her opponent launches a ranged projectile attack. Seeing this, Ren enters into a state of time dilation, her reflexes kicked in full force. She then fires a half charged round, destroying the incoming projectile, before firing another half charged round into her opponent."

    Ren attempts to destroy incoming ranged attacks, and fires at her opponent afterwards.

    [Point Blank]
    TYPE: Defensive Near

    "With her opponent in close range, Ren does a quick front kick to her enemy's gut, before firing the Heart Pierce at point black range."

    Ren kicks her opponent away and fires her Gauss Rifle.

    [Relationships Section]

    The World (N/A) / Lukewarm / Acceptance

    "The World... is full of uncertainties. You're happy at one moment, and then suddenly you become sad because one bad thing. The World is governed by Random Generated Numbers? Yup, that's an undeniable fact, unfortunately."

    Katsumi Yukimura (Female) / Negative / Betrayed Friends

    "You both mutually did something really bad to one another in the past. Unlike the other 'broken friends' of this class, this is the one where you both broke your friendship yelling and screaming at one another. Metaphorically if not literally."

    "Good God, Katsumi-chan. I don't know where I should start about her... One of the biggest mess I ever created. I agree that Robert-kun is an absolute prick for kissing a random girl, not to mention he's under the influence of alcohol. I would gladly kick him in the sacks just because of him drinking booze, let alone cheating on you! Still, I believe that he really didn't meant to do that. And then, everything just... folded itself. Katsumi just bailed out on me. *sighs.* I wished I could fix all of this mess. I didn't yell at her though. Well, maybe a bit... *runs hand to her hair.*"

    "Katsumi's demeanor always scared me, being the fact that she's just that ruthless and taller than me. If only I talked to her more during middle school..."

    Nozomi Yuri (Female) / Positive / Friend

    "The simplest form of friend is someone who's more or less a part of your social circle. You met them last year, and you both are at least more comfortable to be around one another than strangers."

    "Yuri? She's the class rep-chan when it comes to the Social Morals Club, as known as my superior, despite that we share the same age. Although she exudes that ojousama and the Perfectness aura, Yuri is actually approachable, despite what the others said about her. Then again, our principles and outlooks on life are nearly the same. But Yuri preferred the governmental route, and me doing it the people's way. She has this weird obsession with the weather, which I have absolutely no idea why, and her persistence on poking my personal stuffs, asking things like 'Hey, why don't you get yourself a boyfriend?'."

    "Eh. Even so, she's a nice friend to have. Her quirkiness alone is nice to see! I'm still waiting on the so-called 'Chuunibyou Mode' to happen. Perhaps I can get myself a nice laugh~"

    Johann Harisson (Male) / Negative / Betrayed Friends

    "You both mutually did something really bad to one another in the past. Unlike the other 'broken friends' of this class, this is the one where you both broke your friendship yelling and screaming at one another. Metaphorically if not literally."

    "Harisson-kun... Well, I have nothing much to say but this:

    Your charms are wasted on me.

    And this:

    You deserved it. All of it, you perverted bastard. I never regretted from slapping his damned bishonen-class face. If I see you flirting other girls behind Chiyo's back again, you will get more than just a slap."

    Kane Leo (Male) / Positive / Friend

    "The simplest form of friend is someone who's more or less a part of your social circle. You met them last year, and you both are at least more comfortable to be around one another than strangers."

    "This guy... Hmmm. He's a wild card, at least to me that's for sure. I'm actually glad that I got to his good side. He's quite friendly, talks a lot. Capable of cracking out good jokes. But when Leo meets his enemies however, things can and will go real messy..."

    "Presumably a living definition of the 'a good friend, but a bad enemy.'"

    Kogishi Hibiki (Female) / Negative / Broken Friend

    "You two abandoned one another once the first year of high school got into full swing. That memory is still painfully fresh."

    "Oh... Kogishi-san. Another messy relationship that I have destroyed once again with my own words... I really regretted for doing that. And now I have to avoid her or I'll get myself thrown into the nearest wall..."

    Kobe Shinji (Male) / Positive / Childhood Friends

    "You two have been friends since before elementary school. You two knew each other, and have lots of endearing stories about one another. You know you can count on one another in anything."

    "Kobe Shinji..."

    "I have been friends with him alongside with Chiyo since kindergarten. Thanks to his heavily reserved personality, me and Chiyo fooled around with him, attempting to remove his solemn face with various surprises and pranks. Eventually we become fast friends, and getting my videogaming hobby from him. Then stuffs took a sharp turn when we entered middle school. I still remember how Chiyo was disappointed in Shinji after knowing the truth about his sexuality. Going on a blind date? Hehe..."

    "As for me, I decided to keep quiet about it, even after I stumbled upon his collections of yaoi materials and otome games in his Personal Optical Projector. Eww, it gave me the goosebumps when I saw them. No offense though Shinji! Even then, I still support on his quest for finding the true shounen ai~"

    West Robert (Male) / Positive / Childhood Friends

    "You two have been friends since before elementary school. You two knew each other, and have lots of endearing stories about one another. You know you can count on one another in anything."

    "To be honest, I don't really expect that I would be friends with Robert this long. It started off with Mom wanting me to improve my writing skills, and she gave me a list of pen pals. Finding the name Robert West an interesting one, I wrote to him. It went quite well, and before we knew it we maintained contact through numerous social medias. And then I heard about his tragedy, before he moved to Japan. He lost most of his cheeriness however since then."

    "He's like having half of Shinji's reserved personality with awkwardness and patience sprinkled on top of him. It's fun teasing him and what not. I wish that he actually makes effort on learning how to convey his emotions. That incident with Katsumi is just... yeah. I'm going to fix that some day. Also, he's on bad terms with Chiyo. Oh well..."

    Morita Nao (Male) / Negative / Arbitrarily Friends

    "You two are only 'friends' more because other people see you as a part of the same social circle than you two actually being friends. In reality, you two find aspects of one another discomforting, but never say it aloud."

    "Morita-kun, another recluse. Jeez, my class has too many reclusive guys. Seeing that I have luck with Robert and Shinji, I tried approaching him with my tried and true methods. Turns out, it didn't went well, with him ignoring me like a brick wall most of the time. Then I did some research about him, and I kicked off a conversation regarding one of his interests. He did respond to me, but it was very brief, before he started throwing me some snide comments."

    "Since then, I can't really get close to him. And there are some other students thought that we're friends because we share some similarities, especially that both of us are huge fans of a well-known anime called Psycho-Detective. I'm impressed that Chiyo becomes one of his best friends."

    Ishida Mizuki (Female) / Positive / Best Friends

    "Much like a childhood friend, but you two became friends sometime in middle school. There was a time when both of you where involved in the same things and liked the same things. Though that may have changed, you two still share a strong bond."

    "Ishida Mizuki, aka Queen. Take Yuri times two plus one Katsumi divided by 2 Hibiki, you will get Mizuki. It's a wonder that I actually got along with a such full blown ojousama, especially during middle school. Maybe because I actually taught her about algebra in middle school. Maybe because that she has endured a lot since when she was small, as she told me about her mentor and so on. She used to ask me about technological stuffs, and even take a shot at playing around with the Virtu-Ava stuffs. In return, I bake her some dark chocolates before I learn the arts of parfait. Then stuffs happened, with Mizuki decided to focus on her fencing and martial arts more. I left the chocolate baking to Chiyo later on when Mizuki said that her chocolate is much more delicious than mine, ehehehe..."

    "She might be a volatile one, but the fact that she actually becomes best friends with Chiyo, shows that she isn't that bad after all. Well, her ojousama aura is kind of overbearing..."

    Imada Chiyo (Female) / Negative / Estranged Siblings

    "You two don't like each other and tend to say it out loud to one another. Everything your sibling does just seems to senseless and infuriating!"

    "Here it is, saving the best for the last! Imada Chiyo, my dear... sister."

    "At first, we are close. I protected her with everything I have. But it went downhill when both of us got sent to our aunt. It started off with minor arguments between us, with me winning at the end, sometimes. Chiyo said that I was too much of a realist. Well, I guess? It's kind of hard to overlook her rather bubbly outlook, especially when I got worked up."

    "Then, middle school arrived. That's when our relationship deteriorated to the point we have right now in Hisakawa. It all started when Chiyo confessed her love to Johann. Seeing that Harisson-kun was such a complete playboy, I was strongly against it. I told her countless times that nothing good will come out mingling around with Johann, let alone starting a relationship with him. When I caught wind that both of them becomes a couple, I confronted Chiyo about it, telling her that she will get herself hurt. But no, Chiyo simply just don't listen to me."

    "Since then, Chiyo just... avoids me whenever she can. Every time I start a conversation with her, it usually ended up with us arguing. In more serious cases, one of us will just storm the nearest exit. Ugh... As much as it turned down into this, I still care for her. I really hope I can fix this someday."

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  3. - M A G I T E C H -

    Within a world that has magic and advanced technology coexist with each other, which will you embrace? Will you shun the so-called cursed conjuration of a fireball in favor of a high-powered laser rifle? Or will you embrace the classic, but limitless potential being as a Magus instead of sacrificing parts of your human body to receive cybernetic augmentations?

    Or... will you embrace both sides and create your own methods of destruction?

    The choice, is yours.

    [Rough Draft]


    Set in a Near Future world named as Fortuna.
    4 large regions, one of them is an archipelago that supports science and technology.
    2 regions that support magic and another 2 supports science.
    Names of the regions. One of them is Aestivalis, the major region which supports the advancement of science.
    3 Skycities were built after the Magi-Tech War using combined applications of magic and science.
    RP is set in 2040, 23 years after the Magi-Tech War.​

    [Brief History]​

    Magic has been discovered since centuries, followed by science.
    Magic and science constantly competed with other especially in terms of advancement.
    Small conflicts were recorded here and there, no wars were occurred.
    During 21st century, conflicting views between magic and technology reached its peak.
    A Grand Magus leader was allegedly assassinated by using conventional ballistic weapons.
    The incident soon triggered the seven year Magi-Tech War, with the Magus leading the first invasion.
    Bloody stalemate war between both sides.
    Valkyrie and Einherjar appeared.
    Destruction of both sides, forcing an uneasy truce which lasted for decades.
    The boundaries between magic and science was blurred in the process, and eventually merged together.
    Shinra Corporation is one of the major fruit of the unification, and largely responsible for Fortuna's development and maintenance.
    Even so, magic and science can still be studied and applied separately.


    Magic and science purists exist as well as hybrids, utilizing both branches of knowledge.
    At the age of 12, one has to choose between magic and science knowledge branch before they are able to continue their secondary education.
    One can also change midway should they realized that they have made the wrong decision. However, it will set them few years back, as they have to relearn the other branch.
    Once they finished their secondary education, one can further their current specialized knowledge, or choose to learn another branch. Those who choose to learn both sides are known as Hybrids.

    [Governmental] (really needs help/fixing)

    After the end of Magi-Tech War, a new unified government that controls the entirety of Fortuna was formed, known as Novus Ordo, meaning new order in Latin. (Placeholder name. Needs help on the naming)
    The Novus Ordo was formed due to the extensive destruction of the leadership hierarchy for Magic and Science caused by the Magi-Tech War.
    Has its own peacekeeping force, military etc.
    Despite being unified under one flag, segregation occurs between the 4 regions. Further worsened as the leadership of the Novus Ordo becomes weaker due to internal strife.

    [The Magi-Tech War] (also needs a lot of help and fixing too)

    Occurred in year 2017.
    Started when Grand Magus [insert some epic last name here], the respected leader of the Magic advancement was killed in a bold attack that consists of a suicide bombing and gunfights to his entourage in [region name]. He was there for a peace summit in attempt to prevent a full blown war between Magic and Science.
    In response to the terrorism acted on the Magic side, Deputy Grand Magus [another epic last name] immediately accused the peace summit organized by the Science was a trap in disguise. The Science leadership quickly denied their accusation, before blaming on a radical group of separatists who planned to jeopardize the summit.

    The remaining leadership remained adamant that the Science has been plotting to eliminate them, and soon launched their first move. The Magic side immediately invaded one of their lands, beginning the Magi-Tech War.
    At first, the Magus has the lead, before the Science developed a method to withstand magical attacks and piece through magical barriers. Alongside with their deployment of shock troopers with advanced equipment, most notably the Power Armor, the Science group turned the war to their favor.
    Faced with dire situations, the Magus eventually turned to more deeper, brutal branches of magic. They resorted to necromancy, dark magic and even sacrificial rituals to summon abominations and monsters to push away their enemies. Their tactics worked, but at a heavy cost of their own kind. Battles eventually reached a bloody stalemate. The Science side even deployed tactical nuclear ordnance to their enemies in order to break through the stalemate.

    It was this moment in the War, a figure, known as the Valkyrie, appeared on the battlefield. She possessed extensive proficiency in magic, comparable to a Grand Magus. Magus who survived the Magi-Tech War equated her as a living Magic Circuit. The Valkyrie was not simply skilled in magic, she also to be proficient in handling technological weapons and equipment. According to the witnesses, the Valkyrie was cladded in a Power Armor, presumably a prototype version. Instead of picking a side in the War, the Valkyrie instead attacked both sides. She was claimed to use both guns and magic, destroying any opposition that she has encountered. There are numerous legends and stories, with one of them stating that the Valkyrie single-handed defeated both Magus and Science in the Battle of [city name]. Another story also described the Valkyrie that instead of killing the soldiers on the battlefield, she merely disarmed and disabled them. Her cause eventually gathered a band of guerrilla fighters, known as the Einhenjar. From there, she intervened almost every battle that the Magus and the Science took part in, forcing both sides to form an uneasy alliance against their new enemy.

    The Magi-Tech war then reached its peak, culminating a summit between Magic and Science main leaders. Seizing this opportunity, the Valkyrie and her own band of fighters assaulted the summit in attempt to end the War once and for all. Little they know, it was an elaborate ambush to lure the Valkyrie and her cohorts. They faced impossible odds as both sides threw their best and numbers to them. In a last stand effort, the Valkyrie and her remaining fighters paved a way to the leaders' shelter. They eventually perished within the attempt, but not before they destroyed the shelter with a tactical nuclear ordnance.

    The destruction of the leaders' shelter crippled both sides, and the War's progress. Without capable leaders to govern both sides, and the catastrophic casualty resulted from the Magi-Tech War, they eventually signed an uneasy truce. Since then, the War officially ends, and the Novus Ordo was born.​

    (P.S: To you lurkers, this is just to offload all of the RP idea in my head because if I don't, it'll be gone for good.)
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  4. Nagisa Tomoyagi

    "Not everything has to be solved with iron fists, y'know?"

    General Information

    Full Name:
    Nagisa Tomoyagi


    Murasaki Clover
    - Stage Name.
    Idol of the Dead - Refer to the Background section.

    Do they like the nickname given to them?:
    "Uhhh, not really..."




    June 18th

    Ethnic background:

    Character Speech Color/Code:

    Physical Appearance


    Hair Color:
    Dark Purple

    Eye Color:
    Dark brown, but light red whenever she uses her color contact lenses.

    167cm (5'5)

    55kg (121 lbs)

    Fashion Style:

    As trendy and cutesy an idol can get. But of course, in Kizugawa Nagisa usually keeps it to low profile and as such she wears loose pants, jackets, hoodies, caps and any other normal clothing that partially obscures her looks.

    Health Condition:

    Good. Nagisa has been eating the right amount of veges and meats while keeping her calorie intakes in check, as well as getting enough exercise.

    Any prominent scars/burns on the character's being?:

    4 stab wounds on her abdomen that nearly claimed her life a year ago.

    Combat Abilities:

    Nagisa has been practicing Pencak Silat when she was just a child from one of those rundown shoplots in Kizugawa. However, she occasionally skipped the classes in favor of focusing on her studies, and eventually quit when she decided to pursue for her idol career in Tokyo. Even so, Nagisa still practices Pencak Silat on her own, as a form of exercise. She never hurt anyone with her knowledge in martial arts, in exception of events that requires her to defend others or herself, such as the stabbing incident.

    After she recuperated from the stabbing incident and returned to Kizugawa, Nagisa once again returned to her mentor and began honing on her proficiency in martial arts. After all, Kizugawa is no longer safe as before she went to Tokyo.

    Despite she has nearly zero experience when it comes to actual fighting, Nagisa probably able to hold herself with a couple of mooks.


    Born in a normal, middle-income Japanese family, Nagisa had a good childhood and upbringing, thanks to her being more academic-proficient compared to her older brother Hirosaki. As such, her parents began to pour more and more attention on her, neglecting Hirosaki in the process. However, she was not oblivious to the issue, and began to get close to Hirosaki despite their straining sibling relationship.

    Even so, it was not enough, and Hirosaki becomes a delinquent. As for Nagisa, she becomes one of the few top scorers in the high school that both of them were enrolled in. In fact, she had a newfound interest on singing and dancing. Nagisa then performed in a couple of her high school's cultural festivals, before getting a news on an idol group seeking for new members online. Encouraged by her family members and friends, Nagisa seized the chance and attended the audition. By the time Hirosaki joined the Strays, the audition was successful, and Nagisa was accepted into the small-time idol group Heartily Clovers.

    In order to pursue her idol career, Nagisa moved to Tokyo with her parents tagging along, as they are distrustful how the idol managers treat them. However, to Nagisa's dismay, Hirosaki did not follow them. She was even more saddened that her parents actually neglected him and simply moved to Tokyo with her, leaving their old house being taken care of by her uncle. The revelation left the aspiring idol shaken for a while before she was drowned with busy schedules and training.

    Since then, both of the siblings rarely contacted each other, as both of them are busy with their own issues. Nagisa's idol career went pretty well and establishing herself in the industry, but things took for a dramatic change later on. During a cheerful idol handshake event in Tokyo last year, a fan in his 20s approached the event and brandished a knife, attempting to attack the 4 member idols. The male fan seemed to be shouting about the idols rejected his gift, and headed straight to the leader of the Heartily Clovers. Nagisa defended her idol leader, before being stabbed four times in the abdomen. Despite her severe injuries, adrenaline took over her body and Nagisa knocked out the crazed fan by giving a knee strike to his face. The bloodsoaked idol was soon went unconscious and was rushed to the nearest hospital.

    The news spread like wildfire, especially on the Internet. Nagisa was in critical condition, as the stab wounds struck a major artery and organs causing severe blood loss. As a result, she was hospitalized for weeks, with her parents taking care of her. Days after regaining her consciousness, numerous nicknames for the dark purple colored idol began to surface, especially the "Idol of the Dead" as a rumor allegedly claimed that Nagisa was dead for 60 seconds before the doctors managed to resuscitate her. The stabbing event was no doubt left a deep mark for the young idol, but it does little to dampen her cheerfulness as a member of the Heartily Clovers.

    Six months after recuperating from her wounds, Nagisa hired a private investigator to run on her assailant's background, who is now currently serving a heavy sentence of 10 years in jail. The private investigator's findings surprised her, citing that the crazed fan was from a gang in Kizugawa Ward, her hometown. He also tipped that her brother Hirosaki has joined into a gang known as the Strays, a fact that Nagisa has long denied and regarded as her brother vying for popularity and attention, or even a bad rumor that his enemies has been spreading for some time.

    After some cold hard facts and analysis, Nagisa has decided to take a so-called long vacation, and return to Kizugawa Ward to find her estranged brother, as well as finding the truth of the attack on the Heartily Clovers...

    Personality/Daily Life


    Nagisa is your average cheerful girl next door, caring for her family members and friends regardless of their current situations. Despite the stabbing incident in Tokyo has left her a traumatic experience, Nagisa's outlook about life remains optimistic. She regards tragic events as whetstones to sharpen her willpower and to live her life to the fullest rather than throwing it away. Nagisa also displays a good amount of determination and patience, as she trained hard to be an idol, however how small her group is. In fights, Nagisa promised to herself that unless under extreme circumstances, she will not bring herself to kill someone.


    Nagisa can be stubborn and oblivious to actual real life facts, as she refused to believe that Hirosaki is in a gang in Kizugawa. As such, she likes to fool around and downplay serious situations except stuffs that is related to her family and friends. However, there are times where Nagisa is willing to wear a mask of deception and utilize her idol charm to manipulate someone and do her bidding. But that just probably applicable to those small time mooks in Kizugawa, heh.




    Face Claim:
    Hagikaze from Kantai Collection

    Character Banner:

    Theme Song:


    - The hand gesture portrayed in the appearance above is actually Nagisa's iconic gesture.
    - Whenever she panics, feeling embarrassed or in fear, Nagisa loses her grammar in her speech.
    - Nagisa will become restless if someone is holding any sort of bladed weapons in front of her.

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  5. It was 7 in the morning in a metropolis. While all walks of life were rushing to their own destination, a particular person, a weakly woman dressed in an office attire was forcing herself to go to work. Such scenes are a normal sight in our daily lives, as people struggled to make ends meet. The office woman coughed profusely under her face mask, while trying not to stumble and fall. However, her body finally reached its limit, and she was soon fainted. A good Samaritan eventually approached the fainted woman, and began checking on her.

    "Are you okay? Hello?" The man in his working suit asked as he tried to woke up the unconscious woman. "I'm going to call the ambulance..."

    Just when he was going to take his smartphone, the previously unconscious woman suddenly sprung to life and leaped at the man with an animal-like roar, pinning him to the ground, as she stared at him with her now-murderous yellow, glowing eyes...


    At the same time, in a major hospital, the medical staffs were moving in and out as quickly as they can. Some of them even wore hazmat suits. Compartments of the hospital were sealed away from public view and only trained personnel were allowed access. Roars and screams can be heard beyond those compartments as the hospital struggled to keep everything in order. The disease was identified as the Green Flu...


    Widespread chaos swept throughout a city as its inhabitants tried to escape from them, rampant looting as well as major social destabilization. Those with firearms quickly exerted their influence over those who does not own one, and some even abused their own powers. Some other survivors who were unable to escape the city were able to create Safehouses, under the guidelines of CEDA (Civil Emergency and Defense Agency), providing a reliable protection and a source of supplies while waiting for potential rescues and evacuation. However, the Survivors also learned another unfortunate fact that will jeopardize their survival...


    3 weeks alter the initial outbreak, the country has declared state of emergency. The military began their efforts to control the outbreak occurring at the east side of their country. Rumors of Carriers, survivors that were infected by the Green Flu but apparently asymptomatic started to surface, causing even more dissension among the remaining survivors as they are capable of spreading the disease unwillingly, turning the non-immune survivors into those mindless beings. The method of transmission for the Green Flu remains sketchy, especially for the survivors who had limited access to news and medias.

    While the military started their scorched earth policies by destroying known major airports, bridges and even freeways to slow the Infected's advance, they also provided areas of evacuation...
  6. [Core Information Section]
    (INFO: This is the basics of your character as a... character. Be sure to think hard about the kind of person they are!)

    [Insert your character's favorite quote here]

    [Real (anime) appearance of your character here, try downsizing really large pictures!]

    Character Color Code:
    (INFO: A unique color number associated with your character. This is primarily so your character's dialogue can be highlighted with this color in posts. You can look up a color number in the rich text editor by opening the drop-down menu of 'text color' by 'font size,' and then pressing the word 'Custom...'. Please ensure the color will not make your text unreadable for at least the default black background. This will be readily be made available in the cast list section for players to quickly look up. Note that if a character is listed as 'inactive/dropped' you are allowed to take that character's color for your new character.)

    Full Name: (Last Name, First Name Format)
    Age: (Students - 15 to 18, students will be second years by default)
    Date of Birth: (Day, Month)
    Sex: (Physical, biological gender)

    Most Relevent Sin: (Your character's most relevant fault. This helps GM's figure out how to make conflicts for you.)
    Most Relevant Virtue: (Your character's most relevant virtue. This helps GM's figure out how not to completely screw you over)
    Most Relevant Ideology: (Anarchy, Order, Control - The choice made here decides Which GM character may potentially have a history with you, and ultimately, the one you might have to someday save.)

    Likes: (Things that your character find themselves gravitating towards when it they see or hear of it)
    Dislikes: (Things your character find apprehensive when it comes up.)
    Hobbies: (Things Your Character Does in their Spare Time. Things that you can expect them to want to talk about if the topic is brought up.)
    Fears: (Nothing is still not a valid fear.)

    (INFO: Your Character's Reputation is a description of how an average student would see your character as. Do consider trying to cover how they act around friends, enemies, and strangers for your own reference and for the reference of other participants. Peculiar things that people see this character do, or things they usually carry around can be mentioned here.)

    Self Introduction:
    (INFO: A self introduction in the character's words where they recall what they feel is the most important event to ever happen in their life. Something that defined who they are. Have fun with this, because it is from this 'monologue' that the baseline of who your character is as a person is drawn from. It is also an important thing for other players to gauge how they could act around you in general, especially people who are supposed be close to your character.)

    Character Theme: (INFO: What is playing in the background when you're character is introducing themselves/When the scene is focused on them? This will be linked in the cast list.)

    Character Battle Theme: (!Optional) (INFO: What is playing when you're writing your post, attacking or responding to an attack from this character? This will be linked in the cast list.)

    Character Voice Actor: (!Optional) (INFO: Have a voice actor that is exactly what you want everyone to think your character sounds like? List them here! If you can find a video of that voice on youtube or something, EVEN BETTER!)
  7. Character Sheet

    [Core Information Section]

    "Stop being an idiot!"


    Character Color Code:

    Full Name: Nishimura, Iori
    Nickname: Ionia
    Age: 16
    Date of Birth: 31st January
    Sex: F

    Most Relevant Sin: Envy
    Most Relevant Virtue:
    Most Relevant Ideology: Anarchy

    • Ramen
      For some, it is just a common food. For Iori, it is her all time favourite when she has to answer the almighty "What should I eat today" question. She commonly visits the ramen shop that is close to Hisakawa, and the school cafeteria's basic beef ramen is enough to satisfy her needs. As long it is not instant ramen, expect Iori to chug it down like a hungry wolf. It is not like she hates instant ramen, but she basically eats that whenever her bank account gets into a pinch. She can also can cook ramen as well.

    • Inspiring People
      Iori has a penchant of approaching those who are having their bad day and encourage them to keep on fighting, although she does get shunned by a few. She even did that through singing, most prominently during school events where she picks the most explosive songs ever in her arsenal.

    • Noogies and Slaps
      Iori's ultimate answer to those who made a prank on her: the Super Sneaking Noogie! Whenever she feels mischievous or angry, Iori carefully sneaks behind her target with the help of the VR system. When the time is right, she breaks out from sneak mode and quickly wrap her right arm around the unfortunate victim, before grinding his or her head with her knuckles as hard as she could. Iori also tends to slap a person's face or head whenever someone embarrass her, only to apologize saying that it was "reflex".

    • Wealth
      "MO' MOOOOOONEYYYYY! So that I can get away from that maid-servant thing and pay my goddamn family debts and stop eating instant ramens!!!" - Ionia.

    • Excessive Pessimism
      Iori is not too keen on those who basically thinks every occasion will have the worst case scenario ever. She would try to advise or calm them down if that happens.

    • Weak Minded
      Iori hates people that cannot make their own decisions and instead following the crowd, even though that particular decision is wrong.

    • Cleanliness and Hygiene Issues
      "No matter how busy a person can be, he or she should be mindful of his or her own hygiene and keep your rooms and tables tidy! If not those nasty ants will start invading you!" - Ionia.
    • Overly Sweet Things
      Contrary to most girls out there, Iori likes dark chocolate and prefers to have less or no sugar in her beverages and desserts. She still likes ice cream and parfait though!

    • Singing
      Ever since she was a child, Iori has a knack on singing. Whenever Iori walks in the school hallways or going to Hisakawa, she will at least hum or whistle some random songs that was unfortunately stuck in her head. Iori also takes singing as a form of stress reliever, as she usually drowns her sorrows at the local karaoke boxes, the music club room or even at her own house, blasting music and singing as loud as she can. There are even rumors that she actually cried halfway through her songs. Iori has wide music choices, ranging from sad ballads down to hot blooded tracks that are commonly featured in mecha animes.

    • Guitar
      Like all vocalists and potential musicians, Iori decided to pick up the guitar as well the whole music theory courses just for the heck of it since she thought that playing an instrument and singing would look absolutely cool and inspiring. She enjoyed it at the end and the guitar becomes one of her main tools to cheer up the students of Hisakawa.

    • Virtu-Ava Fighting
      Due to her personality somewhat being hot-blooded and in need of fast money, Iori joined the underground Virtu-Ava fighting competitions. Most of the time she comes back extremely exhausted, and ini certain occasions, injured. Only a handful of her close friends know about this and they are concerned of her safety.

    • Chores
      As she hates dirtiness and being untidy, Iori spends her time cleaning and keeping her small house in order as well as preventing bugs and pests nesting there.
    • Ants
      One of the main reasons why she placed such a high priority on cleanliness. Whenever Iori sees a group of ants swarming bits of food on the ground, she instantly gets goosebumps and screams, before running to her parents in fear and asked them to clean the mess. She fears other bugs and pests too, but not as much as the ants themselves.

    • No Money
      Iori cannot bear the sight of her purse being empty, nor the thought of unable to pay for her own food. She also fears that she has to sleep on the streets should her parents unable to pay the rent. So yes, she fears poverty.

    • Bodies of Water
      Whether be the sea, a river or Hisakawa's swimming pool, Iori would find herself moving away from it. This is because she was nearly drowned from an unfortunate boating incident in the past.

    • Raffles
      Ever since she was forcibly turned into a grand prize by the infamous Servants-For-Free raffle that was won by Chiyo, Iori instinctively distanced herself from any known lotteries or raffles despite her apparent needs for money.


    In term of close friends, they would see Iori as a reliable friend that stands out for them regardless of situation, unless they did the bad thing in the first place. She is also not hesitant to use the Virtu-Ava system to chase away potential bullies or any other physical methods to protect her friends. As for the average students, they knew Iori through her stage performances in Hisakawa and her utaite channel, thinking that she is some hot-blooded girl trying be the next generation of Fire Bomber's vocalist. Her enemies on the other hand, thinks that Iori is a loud and annoying person who likes to criticize other people's actions without considering on their thoughts. They also consider her kindness and compassion is just a facade hiding the fact that she just want to be famous and loved upon, as well as her ugly side of constant Virtu-Ava fighting.

    Self Introduction:


    "Depending on who you are, you are mostly likely to take it for granted. Well, I was one of them too, until Dad's lucrative VR chipping business went south, causing him to file a bankruptcy and me being forcibly placed in the grand prize of the Servant-For-Free raffle just to pay those multi-million dollar debts. Fortunately the winner is my classmate, Imada Chiyo. If not, I..."

    "Well, I could always punch my way out, Virtu-Ava or not. So yes, that event was my turning point. From a bratty, spoiled princess in middle school to a straightened, responsible girl in high school..."

    "Although now I'm living in a cramped wooden house with little money to spare, I'm quite feeling content. Rather than using my singing and dancing skills just to boost my reputation in Hisakawa, I actually used my skills to cheer them on with their life. Keep on encouraging them. I know I'm not the best, but that doesn't I should stop and fold my arms."

    "Some may snort and snicker at me for this statement, but I believe relationship and friendship is the key in our lives. Humans are not meant to live alone. They need someone to encourage them and move on."

    "But yeah, I remember how I drive away that delinquent who was harassing Sagawa. That's why I like Virtu-Ava battles! I actually felt like one of those hot-blooded mecha pilots in those SRW games!"

    Character Theme: Yutaka no Yume

    Character Battle Theme: Dark Knight

    Character Voice Actor: Ayane Sakura

    [Virtu-Ava Section]

    [Reference: Reika Nikaidoh from Akatsuki no Goei]

    Iori's Virtu-Ava appearance is based on her middle school uniform and looks. The time when she was a rich girl and loads of wardrobe choices. There are times Iori decided to disable this appearance and instead using her current disheveled look.


    > Soul Spirit

    "I'll show you the true power of the Soul Spirit!"

    A Psy-Engine in a form of steel gauntlets from the novel FeaRed. It allows its owner to be proficient in close range fights and grants the ability to use magical-based attacks.

    [Battle Actions]

    Skill 1:
    > Seiryurin

    TYPE: Fast


    "Take this, Seiryurin!"

    A Fast Ranged attack. Iori's hands surge with reddish energy, which then she focuses and fires it to her opponent as a thunderous beam.

    Skill 2:
    > Byakko Kou

    TYPE: Heavy


    "Byakko Kou! Deeeriyaa!"

    A Heavy Charge move. The start up is just like Seiryurin but slower. This time Iori teleports to her opponent's position, delivering a rapid flurry of punches. She ends the move by sticking a large energy ball to her opponent's body which will explode moments later.

    Skill 3:
    > Raijinken

    TYPE: Guard


    "I got you now! Raaaaaiiiiijinken!"

    A defensive Guard move where Iori will deploy a clone of herself. Should the opponent got distracted or attacks the clone, Iori will teleport behind her opponent and delivers a thunderous straight jab.

    [Relationships Section]

    Sagawa Mizunohara / Positive / Unwavering Bonds (Trope)
    "Few new friendships hit it off as well as the one you two struck this year. It's almost as if it was fated..."

    Kira Oshiro / Negative / Bad Occurence
    "You two had one of 'those moments' that have been a wedge in you two getting along."

    Lisa Yamagawa / Negative / Bad Occurence
    "You two had one of 'those moments' that have been a wedge in you two getting along."

    Yura Yukitani / Negative / Irrelevant Friendship
    "At one point in time, you two were friends. But as time went on, you two seem to be drifting apart."

    Yuuki Iwasawa / Negative / Irrelevant Friendship
    "At one point in time, you two were friends. But as time went on, you two seem to be drifting apart."

    Misheru Tachibana / Positive / New Friends
    "You two started getting along really well this year. You've hung out at least a few times already."

    Yuuki Kimura / Positive / Amiable Classmates
    "You're classmates who know each other's names. That's a start!"

    Sein Ravel / Negative / Irrelevant Friendship
    "At one point in time, you two were friends. But as time went on, you two seem to be drifting apart."

    Abe Kuroya / Positive / Fake Romance (Trope)
    "You two are dating. But in reality, you two have absoluteley no interest in each other beyond being friends. However, for whatever reason, pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend ended up being mututally beneficial."

    Noxi Keoni / Positive / New Friends
    "You two started getting along really well this year. You've hung out at least a few times already."

    Michio Kamijou / Negative / Broken Friends
    "You two, for whatever reason, had to both talk and say to each other: "We can't be friends anymore."'

    Chiyo Imada / Positive / Maid and Servant (Trope)
    "Due to a random prize raffle, Nishimura became Chiyo Imada's Personal Maid, much to the chargin of many people. While not what Nishimura was expecting when she got hired, she gets paid well for a student."

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  8. fsci.png

    Name: Freya Schreiber
    Age: 23
    Gender: F


    Born in the revered Earth, Freya is a distinguished Mobile Suit pilot in the Earth military. After enrolling into the Earth military school at a young age of 16, Freya began displaying an affinity to piloting, especially mobile suits and armors. As such, she was transferred into the Frontier program and received further specialized training. With her effort and the help of her family, she managed to achieve more than her similarly background peers. Freya was recently promoted to lieutenant, as she managed to survive several artefact raiding operations conducted on the Middle Rim and the borders of the Outer Rim.

    Despite being as a pure Earthling, Freya and her family was not spared by the constant propaganda that misleads people of Earth about the actual truths that are happening throughout the Rims, although to a lesser extent. As such, she has the conception that anyone that is beyond the Inner Sphere of the Earth is considered impure, especially those who has committed drastic enhancements to their own bodies, such as cybernetic and genetic enhancements. Even then, Freya did not fully believe every single word that the Propaganda has spread throughout the Inner Sphere as she and her family has some information access to the outside world.

    Like any other aspiring young generations of serving for Earth, Freya also believed in the ideals of the Earth Princess, despite the recent events that has transpired...
  9. pararesized.png
    "Think again."
    Name: Cera S. Regnier
    Race: Mixed Breed - Half Infernal
    Birthplace: Venesia, Nusantara Archipelago.


    A wandering sellsword who happened to stumble upon Lughanta Company's recruitment poster. Seeing that she could board an airship with the Nightingale's name on it, Cera knows that this could be her ticket to early retirement.

    Despite that she wanted to find out happened to her missing parents.


    > Element Proficiency: Fire
    > Weapon Proficiency: Swords
    > Unarmed Combat Proficiency
    > Enhanced Strength


    > Social Engineering
    > Intimidation

    Magitek Items:

    > Scarlet Princess

    A replica of her Infernal father's Magitek weapon, Red Queen. The two-handed Magitek sword has a built-in motorized system that sprays Erchius across the blade and the opponent, creating a fiery blow when the weapon hits. The system, known as Exceed, is powered with a vial of Erchius hidden within the sword's hilt. With Cera's element proficiency, she can do ranged attacks as well.
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  10. Miyuki Ishihara
    [Reference: Chihaya Kisaragi from Idolm@ster]

    Norn Database
    Affiliation: Mist Special Forces - Former Cradle Unit

    Occupation: God Eater

    God Arc Type: 4th Generation New-Type

    Equipment: Charge Spear/Long Sword - Shield - Blast Gun

    • Name: Miyuki Ishihara

      Codename: Hecate

      Joined Fenrir: 2083

      Gender: F

      Age: 17

      Origin/Nationality: Far East

      Eye Color: Amber

      Hair Color: Dark Blue

      Birthday: February 25th, 2068

      Blood Power: N/A (Unknown)

      Height: 162cm (5'3.8")

      Weight: 55kg (121.3 lbs)

      Physical Characteristics:

      Miyuki has a disheveled, waist length dark blue hair and a pair of weary amber eyes, most likely caused by long hours of standing guard as a Cradle unit. Her figure is mostly insignificant, though those who are interested with petite frames may find her attractive. Miyuki commonly wears dark colored outfits, especially dark blue or black to match her hair. She also commonly wears her white Cradle jacket on top of her existing outfit, even though she was transferred to the Mist Special Forces. Unlike other trendier God Eaters, she prefers simple clothing with a preference on schoolgirl outfits.

      VA: Asami Imai

    • Personality:

      Miyuki is mostly a stoic, composed person. She prefers establishing order above everything else, especially during a mission as she experienced higher success rates and survivability. She also tends to analyze a situation before tackling it. Unless it involve human lives, Miyuki would not risk herself for something as abstract as glory, for example. After all, she is fighting what it could be a lifelong battle. Outside of missions, she prefers to keep to herself and did little to socialization aside from knowing her teammates' names and their abilities. Miyuki does not shun away those who approached her for a small talk, however.


      > Stoic
      > Composed
      > Reticent
      > Introverted
      > Orderly
      > Textbook


      > Singing
      > Finding out weapon combinations
      > Planning for the next mission
      > Tea
      > Cookies
      > Bugarally
      > Hope


      > Disorder
      > Despair
      > Death
      > Unnecessary Heroism
      > Arrogance
      > Flaunt

    • Physical Strengths:

      > Burst Damage
      > Agile
      > Aerial Raves

      Physical Weaknesses:

      > Stamina
      > Sustained Damage

      Blade Ability:

      With the Charge Spear, Miyuki has to look for an Aragami's weak point. Once she has discovered the Aragami's weak spot, she has to charge her spear for a Charge Hit, and propel herself into the weak point for a large amount of burst damage. Should she miss however, Miyuki will do no damage and even end up receiving a counterattack. Compared to other safer, conventional weapons such as Long Sword, the Charge Spear is a high risk, high reward weapon. Even so, the Charge Spear can be used as a normal weapon, although the damage output will be lower compared to well timed Charge Hits on weak points. Miyuki also tends to jump and do aerial combos as well, as she has the ability to do double jumps.

      Due to the Charge Spear's high risk, high reward weapon, there are times where Miyuki might bring a Long Sword instead, should she is assigned to deal with unknown, high profile threats. She also suffers from a low stamina pool.

      Gun Ability:

      Miyuki's gun skills are mostly serviceable, as Blast Gun does not require pinpoint accuracy. The Blast Gun has the ability to store Oracle Points as well, allowing her to use high powered bullets that consume large amounts of OP with high explosive damages, or allow her to provide continuous sustained fire from her gun. However, there are some friendly fires with her own crafted bullet recipes, namely those that caused large explosions on impact. Whenever Miyuki attempts to fire one of those explosive bullets, she would yell in advance, hoping that her teammates will move away in time.

    • History/Backstory:

      "I have nothing to say here." (WIP)

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  11. It was a cold Christmas, especially for the ones who survived the Saionji's Hot Springs incident. A lone pink haired girl clad in full winter clothing was standing at the side of the road, her eyes looking at the half-fenced Hisakawa Academy, now seemingly guarded by the local law enforcement. Her heart sank as her fractured memories related to the academy resurfaced. She touched the back of her neck, now covered with her black turtleneck sweater and a white fleece jacket. The solemn girl remembered how her father managed to find her months ago.

    Although she managed to regain her memories related to her childhood and some from the middle school, she still needed help for the parts related to Hisakawa Academy. Seeing that the academy is closing down and the remaining students were transferred to other schools, it certainly felt like there was no reason to relive the memories. However, she has been meeting a particular black haired girl, who claimed that she used to annoy her frequently in Hisakawa. The mysterious girl with glasses told her something about promises, and an 'operation' that the pink amnesiac girl chose to underwent before they parted ways for months.

    Regardless of what that black haired girl said, it certainly feels like everything was resolved, and Iori has no intention of pursuing it. She was disheartened when Chiyo and her relatives were no longer in Hisakawa, and Ren's fate remained unknown. One thing for sure however, the Mikado still has full reign on the town, and that is not going to change in the immediate future. Despite rumors about Kokoro became the next successor as a Mikado leader, Iori knows that it would not change anything in Hisakawa.

    It is common for one to lose sight what you are supposed to fight for in the first place.

    The hero who managed to defeat the big bad villain...

    ...becomes the next villain.

    And the vicious cycle continues.

    The pink haired girl also heard about the rumors of herself as one of the perpetrators of the Saionji Hot Springs incident. She has no whatsoever recollection of herself being there when the authorities approached her, and her father immediately became her alibi. Even so, she felt uneasy. Perhaps she did ended up being there as a goon, perhaps due to one of her so-called 'big plan' that the girl named Sagawa flaunted at her. Or someone impersonated as her using Virtu-Ava.

    She sighed, as she attempted to stop her train of thoughts before her migraine returns. As she began to walk away from Hisakawa Academy, her eyes met with a familiar person in front of her.

    Sagawa Mizunohara.
  12. Character Sheet
    Basic Information

    [Reference: Youmu Konpaku from Touhou]

    Character Name: Tsubaki Hanejima
    Character Color: Light Green
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Race: Sapien (Hanejima Noble)
    Background: Wealthy


    > Rain
    Ever since she and her family arrived at the Fujian Plains, Tsubaki enjoyed the temperate climate, especially rain. It provided a good atmosphere for her to train her swordsmanship, and her Akumagraphy, or just plain letting her mind loose.

    > Mochi
    A traditional delicacy of the Tousawa Migrants. Its elastic rice cake texture and sweet red bean paste made it an instant favorite of commoners. Tsubaki would get it more than 3 pieces, spending most of her pocket money and gobble all of them like a glutton.

    > Reading
    Aside from practicing her fighting abilities, Tsubaki also spends some time in reading, especially laughing to 50 Jokes of the Shang People or ravishing to the Grand Tales of Anzai Ikkikari.


    > Bitter gourd
    Tsubaki has no issues with vegetables in general, even mushrooms. When it comes to bitter gourd however, she would draw her sword to those who wants to force the bitter vegetable upon her. The noble remain unconvinced that it has medicinal properties when consumed frequently.

    > Imperfection
    Tsubaki is a perfectionist, possibly due to her noble upbringing as the Hanejima family wishes nothing but success, strength and triumph. The level of perfectionist was reduced over time however as she traveled with the Dancer.


    > Fidgeting
    Tsubaki would look at her nails, curl her silver hair, switching poses while standing every 5 minutes or other sets of fidgeting behaviors. She would do it whenever she waits for someone, listening to a briefing, rant, or being alone before her mind wanders off. The noble got herself a tool in effort to cure this ignoble behavior.

    > Pacifist
    Ever since that tragic sparring incident with her childhood friend, Tsubaki is unwilling to maim or kill her opponent. The quirk has caused numerous incidents that can be resolved if the noble was stoic enough to deal with the deadly criminals, who she inadvertently released or handed over to the police.

    Due to this Quirk, all of her Mystic Techs and some Arkane Techs will be locked unless someone who is close to her is mortally threatened, or an event or a tragedy that drives her into a state of cold-hearted berserk. Applicable once the relevant Techs are unlocked.


    > Paranormal Activities
    Tsubaki is not afraid of the dark. As for ghostly stuff, not quite so. She will run away from anyone who decides to tell her a tale of ghosts and phantoms, or avoid any areas that has reports of supernatural activities. She becomes superstitious as a result, praying as much as she could not to get haunted by those beings. Tsubaki commonly carries those ghost-wards and talismans, but their effectiveness were doubtful at best.

    > Committing Manslaughter
    Whenever she kills someone due to self-defense, Tsubaki would break down, usually accompanied with repeated mutterings of apology and denial to the victim(s) in front of her.

    Wish: At a glance, Tsubaki has no wishes as she helps Runara to achieve her objective. Deep inside the noble however, she has a secret, but a forbidden wish: revive her late-childhood friend from death.

    Most Embarrassing Moment: Tsubaki has a huge crush on a male Ikkikari descendant, who looked similar as the famed Anzai Ikkikari. On a fine day, the noble slipped thanks to a banana peel, and fell on the young, dashing guy. Hilarity and widespread misunderstanding ensues.

    Skill Details

    Weapon: Ohka [lit. Cherry Blossom]

    A single edged sword forged in the Tousawa Valley, before the eruption of the Demon Crown Mountain. Pink sakura petals can be seen engraved on the blade's sheath. It was made exclusively for Tsubaki. She received it from her family when she reached adolescence, and trained with it ever since. Its sheath was made of high quality steel, similar to the ones used to forge its blade. Tsubaki highly regards it as a her life companion in her travels, and will safeguard it as much as she can.

    Whenever Tsubaki performs normal attacks or non-element based Techs, Ohka will glow in pink and produces a pinkish tracing effect.

    Elemental Affinity: Water

    Elemental Force Rank: C Rank - (Average)
    Physical Rank: B Rank - (Strong)
    Charisma Rank: A Rank - (Silver Tongued)


    Style: Hanejima Iaijutsu

    A variant of the Iaijutsu Style practiced by a coalition of nobles and soldiers, before the eruption of the Demon Crown Mountain. The fighting style fell out of favor in the Tousawa Migrants as the Ikkikari Swordsmanship proved to be more effective. The Iaijutsu style focuses on delivering single, decisive strikes to disarm or debilitate opponents. As a result, it is less aggressive than the Ikkikari Swordsmanship. The Hanejima variant modified it to utilize Force Manipulation as a part of their skills and adopting a more defensive stance.

    Due to Tsubaki's affinity on raw strength, she was trained in the arts of normal Iaijutsu more than the Force Manipulation branch.

    "If thou wishes death, have it at thee."

    Tech Tree 1 - Zantetsuken [lit. Iron-Cutting Sword]
    Base - Slash

    (Base Tech - Near)
    Slash (Lv 1 - Force)
    Perform a quick, focused slash to the opponent.
    Arkane - Pierce [Locked]

    (Arkane Tech - Near)
    Pierce (Locked - Force)
    Perform a focused piercing attack to the opponent in effort to break through their armor.
    Mythic - Chimera Strike [Locked]

    (Mythic Tech - Near)
    Chimera Strike (Locked - Force)
    Perform a swift triple attack on the opponent's arms and the chest.

    Tech Tree 2 - Akumagraphy
    Base - Water Blast

    (Base Tech - Far)
    Water Blast (Lv 1 - Water)
    Create or hurl a blob of water to strike at the enemy.
    Arkane - Torrent [Locked]

    (Arkane Tech - Far)
    Torrent (Locked - Water)
    Create a sudden stream of water beneath the opponent's ground, sending them to the air.
    Mythic - Icicle Blast [Locked]

    (Mythic Tech - Far)
    Icicle Blast (Locked - Water)
    Create a large ice projectile that explodes upon impact.

    Tech Tree 3 - Hitokiri [lit. Assassin]
    Base - Step Slash

    (Base Tech - Near)
    Step Slash (Lv 1 - Force)
    Perform a quick, blurring dash towards the opponent followed by a slashing attack.
    Arkane - Overhead Slash [Locked]

    (Arkane Tech - Near)
    Overhead Slash (Locked - Force)
    Perform a feint dash where the user actually jumps upward, and perform an overhead strike towards the opponent.
    Mythic - Critical Strike [Locked]

    (Mythic Tech - Near)
    Critical Strike (Mythic - Force)
    Similar to Step Strike, but with a quick, staggering slash that hits the opponent's torso. As soon as the user fully sheath the blade, another powerful slash occurs to the opponent.

    Tech Tree 4 - Elemental Blades
    Base - Water Slash

    (Base Tech - Near)
    Water Slash (Lv 1 - Water)
    Perform a single, wide elemental slash imbued with water.
    Arkane - Circular Slash [Locked]

    (Arkane Tech - Near)
    Circular Slash (Locked - Water)
    Perform a quick circular 360 slash imbued with water element.
    Mythic - Frozen Serpent [Locked]

    (Mythic Tech - Near)
    Frozen Serpent (Locked - Water)
    The highest tier of Force Manipulation that Tsubaki ever achieved. Conjure a frozen serpent-like dragon to consume the opponent, using Ohka as a medium.


    > Tsubaha Mori
    "A loud, boisterous person. At least her intention is pure, I guess."

    > Rumiko Mitsurugi
    "Ah, the famed Kousen Priestess. She may look scary, but she is a good person at heart. I managed to exchange some words with her and gave some donations."

    > Runara Blazeheart
    "My harmless employer, whom is also a traveling dancer. If it wasn't for her help, I wouldn't be here today. But why she has to join Kenno Matsuri?!?!? Now we're definitely going to die!"

    > Saburo Shanzhai
    "He seems nice. But every nice word comes with an ulterior motive. At least what I feel from him."

    > Kei Daidouji
    "Uhhh... No. Just no! He looks like he wants me for dinner!"

    > Black Nightingale
    "He looks like your average guy that wants to prove his worth, I guess. His sleeping quirk on the other hand..."

    > Yu Ri
    "I... don't think I have anything to say about her."

    > Rizen
    "Ahhh... The only boy and person that I can trust with. If only the world has more people like him..."

    > Yi Ban Twins
    "They seemed okay but why are they here anyway? Oh well, same scenario like I do, I guess."

    > Yuan Liwei
    "Kleptomaniac Shang guy. Sums it all up basically."

    > Utashou Hokoa
    "A fellow Tousawa Migrant, no doubt. A kind one at that. I think I might met her somewhere before..."

    > Noriko Amagawa
    "Waiting for his stuff to be finished. He looks quite gung-ho though." (WIP 4th Wall)

    > Haruki Rinko
    "He looks quite effeminate. Then again the finished product would prove me otherwise." (WIP 4th Wall)

    Bonus Section (Optional)

    Character Voice: Kana Hanazawa
    Character Theme:
    Show Spoiler

    Character Battle Theme:
    Normal Mode (open)

    Desperation Mode (open)

    Battle Quote Collection - Normal Mode (open)

    Entering an Easy Battle Line: "Shoo! Go away!"
    Entering a Normal Battle Line: "I don't want to hurt you!"
    Entering a Hard Battle Line: "Uh oh, what do we got ourselves into?!"
    Entering a Boss Battle Line: "... Looks like we can't escape from this..."

    Defeated an Enemy Line: "I'm sorry!"
    Defeated by an Enemy Line: "So, this is it...!"
    Resurrected from KO Line: "I was brought back... only to suffer again..."
    Using an Item Line: "Here we go!"

    Retreat From Battle Quote: "There's no point in fighting a losing battle!"

    Normal Victory Quote: "I'm sorry that it has to end like this..."
    Tough Victory Quote: "Once again, I live to see another day..."
    Flawless Victory Quote: "That... was surprisingly easy. W-wait, I don't mean to bully you!"
    'Mythic Tech' Victory Quote: "If death is what you seek, I shall grant it to you."

    Our Weapons Are...! Gag Victory Quote: "No. It's a weapon of mass destruction."
    Did you see me...?! Gag Victory Quote: "Yes. You were awesome in killing people..."

    Battle Quote Collection - Desperation Mode (open)

    Entering an Easy Battle Line: "Do you have a death wish?"
    Entering a Normal Battle Line: "So be it."
    Entering a Hard Battle Line: "Well, well. A challenge."
    Entering a Boss Battle Line: "Time to die in a glorious fashion, ever."

    Defeated an Enemy Line: "Dead."
    Defeated by an Enemy Line: "It's about time..."
    Resurrected from KO Line: "Wow, you guys want some more?"
    Using an Item Line: "Special delivery!"

    Retreat From Battle Quote: "Pfft, until we meet again!"

    Normal Victory Quote: "You should have known better."
    Tough Victory Quote: "That was a nice workout!"
    Flawless Victory Quote: "Huh? What did you say?"
    'Mythic Tech' Victory Quote: "How does it feel...?"

    Our Weapons Are...! Gag Victory Quote: "Food? Heh."
    Did you see me...?! Gag Victory Quote: "I guess."

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