Misty Mountains [1x1 w/ Comeneth]

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  1. DRAGON ROLPLAY - 1x1 w/ Comeneth - Character Templates - Roleplay

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    Name: Niva

    Flame Color: Blue

    Physical Description: Niva is a rather small Ice dragon. Her scales sleek and a porcelain white. Some call her the Ivory dragon, though the blues she has in her color palette are what gives her the snowy appearance of her breed. She lives in the higher parts of the mountains, hidden in the snow peaks. Her claws are razor sharp, allowing her to grab onto thick ice though her feet are flat and can pack into snow easily. She is well adapted for the extreme conditions to stay hidden and yet be very effective in her movements and skills.

    Personality: Niva can be rather quiet, a solitary dragon due to her small size. She reside sin ice caverns where she sings, her melodic voice echoing off the ice in the most curiously pleasurable ways. Her wings are thin which makes it difficult to fly in stormy weather but can be rather graceful in the sky when the weather allows her. She is friendly but shy all in all.

    Abilities: Her fire is blue but being an ice dragon she has the miraculous 'Cold Fire' ability. Simply put, her fire freezes instead of burns.
  3. Name: Kaidur

    Flame Color: Deep green.

    Physical Description: Kaidur is covered is jagged obsidian colored scales. The underbelly however is layered with large, rounded, cream colored scales. A pair of ivory horns protudes from the crown of Kaidur's head, not unlike the horns of a springbok. Six large spikes are at the end of Kaidur's tail. The color of Kaidur's fire is the same color as their eyes. Kaidur's bat-like wings are twice as large as its body.

    Personality: Kaidur is a reclusive individual, who spends most of their time amassing knowledge. Kaidur often doesn't bother remembering things they deem trivial, such as their own gender. Kaidur can be reckless in its quest to gain knowledge and is short sighted to any consequences drastic actions may cause.

    Abilities: Kaidur has an understanding of most magic, even if it only involves theory rather than application. But Kaidur is a master of transmutation: the art of changing an object into something else. This is especially useful to Kaidur during its travels, when it transforms itself into a less threatening form.
  4. The crunch of snow was muffled by the fresh dusting that had just been laid about the rocks. The plush surface making only a whisper as the ivory dragon walked about the looming rocks, her wings outstretch to aid in her balance along with the long length of her tail as it swayed back and forth in a feline manner. Her curious blue eyes roamed the landscape with a playful glint in their depths. Weather was nice today and her porcelain scales bathed in the warmth the sun graced them with. Sunrise had just arrived and she had gotten an early start to her day.
  5. Kaidur snorted at the frozen mountain loving above them. Hailing from a place with warmer weather, attempting to fly to the peaks through the cold, thin air in their current state would be suicide. Fortunately, Kaidur came prepared, temperature be damned. Kaidur began chanting, their shape shrinking and jagged black scales receeding as white feathers took their place. They would learn the secrets of this frozen land.
  6. Her sleek body snaked across the rough landscape easily, quite adept to this climate and terrain. She knew the most beautiful place to be when the sun rises and when it sets... The Ice caverns. Niva was making her way to the mouth of a cave, light mysteriously shimmering within it's depths as it reflected off her blue hues. Her long tail whipped with excitement, her wings folding smoothing into her body as she quickly walked into the entrance.

    Her eyes were soon dazzled with the beautiful light display before her. Ice tunnels with colorful light refracted and dancing within. This was the best way to start her mornings in her own opinion. It also was the best place to wake her voice up. "Mirror.... Tell me something...." She started to sing, her melodic voice echoing through the cavern as she stared into her own eyes that reflected into the ice in a twisted image. "Tell me who's the loneliest of all..."
  7. Kaidur ruffled their new feathers as they settled into the form of a white owl. After preforming a preliminary check to make sure the transformation went smoothly, Kaidur spread their wings and took to the air. It was always a little disconcerting to fly in a different form. But a little uneasiness was nothing compared to the alternative of freezeing in the frigid air and plumetting back down to the ground below. Scaling the mountain was no problem with this form. Kaidur would have to remember it for any future polar expeditions.

    Reaching the top of the mountain, Kaidur landed in a cave, seemingly made of ice. For the moment, they stayed in the form of the owl. No point in changing forms only to change again. That was when a sound echoing throughout the caves reached their ears.

    "Curious..." Kaidur muttered as they headed further into the caves to locate the source of the sound.
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