Mistborn anyone?

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    I want to try a roleplay based on the Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson! Is anyone with me?

    + Original Characters only.
    + Don't have to be canon at all. It could be set in a modern world or something else, I'm mostly just interested in the powers they have.
    + I don't have a plot in mind, since I prefer coming up with something together, or just make things up as we go. Don't really want a rp where romance is the main plot. Some romance is fine, but there have to be other things happening too.


    - I'm able to reply several times a day, and I write 2-3 paragraphs - unless there is a dialog or a lot of action. English isn't my first language, but I like to think my writing is ok?

    - If you for some reason can't reply in your usual tempo, please lett me know so I don't think you just disappeared or forgot or something. And if you lose interest, just tell me, so we can either try to fix it or quit.

    - Prefer to rp with adults, but if you're writing is good, I don't really mind.
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  2. Anyone? :(((
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