Mistaken Attraction (I really need to stop doing these)

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  1. Hello all you lovely ladies and gents! I’m Tinder: the night owl, soon-to-be college graduate who should probably be doing her homework, but has found yet another story idea to roleplay instead. I've been at this for about ten years now, so I've been around the block a few times. I'm back with a new plot to find a home for. Before we get to that though, some details to take care of.

    Friendly Guidelines:
    • Length - As a rule, I prefer content be placed in order of importance over length, however it is difficult for me to stay invested in a story when the replies are too short. Because of this, I'd like to ask that my partner be able to post at least two decent paragraphs at minimum. I post anywhere from two paragraphs to a small book depending on the point in the roleplay. I like detail in posts, whether the characters are standing around chatting or exploring a never before seen ruin. The more included, the merrier I will be. :)
    • Grammar - I would like you to have a good understanding of grammar. Mistakes will happen, I fully understand that. I’m not looking for perfection, just some honest effort. Please be able to write in the third person as well and stay in the correct tense.
    • Activity – I’m a slow writer, I admit it. College and work also get in the way of roleplaying. My personal speed is a post a week or every other week depending (maybe a few a week if it’s a special occasion). I can work with all kinds of posting speeds, but just know going in I'll need to take my time.
    • Planing Style - I'm looking for someone who will take an active role in creating the plot of the story with me. Plotting is easily one of my favorite parts of roleplaying, almost as much as the actual roleplay. Having an interactive partner during this process makes it more fun and productive. ^^
    With that out of the way, here's a few little facts about myself. Just to let you know what you're in for.

    • Chatting – I love to chat with my partners whether we’re talking about the plot, video games, TV shows, or books. Getting to know each other can make the writing process even more fun.
    • Characters - I can play both genders, though I have a bad habit of creating female leads (I swear I don't do this on purpose). I can play either gender though and I enjoy doing so. I can also bring in side characters of all genders, races, and ages.
    • Romance – I only do MxF relationships. No offense meant, it’s just what I’m most comfortable with. I also prefer not to have sexual content in my roleplays. Kissing and actions with clothing still on is fine, I may even be talked into fade-to-black if one of the plots really calls for it (if you’re over 18), but nothing explicit.
    • Violence - I'm not bothered by violence or gore, so bring on the bloody stumps and what not if that comes up. If you've got any issues with it, please let me know.
    • Language - I can handle language, but try not to make it every other word out of your character’s mouth. Give the cursing a reason to be there.
    • Settings - My bread and butter is high/medieval fantasy. I've also toyed around with scifi and modern fantasy, and I'm always willing to try out something new. Straight modern settings, however, tend to bore me so I would prefer not to do those. Sorry, but if there's no fantastical beasts or weird clothing, I can't get comfortable. xD
    Okay, if you're still here then you are a brave soul. Here is your reward!

    Mistaken Attraction

    Setting: Medieval Fantasy to High Fantasy. Takes place in the fictional country of Meji, a country on the edge of their continent located by an impassible desert and the ancient land of Aslal to the north. They are currently ruled by an military oligarchy. Magic is optional, but would exist in a more subdued form. Think less elemental mage, and more fortune tellers and prophecies. Maybe minor healing and telekinetic abilities.

    Plot: Meji, a land once ruled by a proud dynasty of monarchs, was turned inside out nearly twenty years ago when the military leaders in their government lead a coup against the beloved royal family. In a single night, the entire royal family was murdered in their beds and their loyalist supports imprisoned. The leaders claimed they had acted with the country's best interest in mind, saying the monarch had planed to sell his people into slavery to cover the country's growing debt. However, no evidence was found to prove their story, resulting in a bitter backlash from the people. Civil war broke out as the new regime was forced to combat the old loyalists. The land was launched into years of bloody war with entire areas being wiped off the map in the chaos. Peace was hard-won, but came eventually as the generals settled country and began establish their new government.

    During an early raid, a young woman lost everything when she was forced to flee from a loyalist village under attack. She wandered the countryside for the remainder of the war, surviving off the little she could scavenge from the forest and deserted towns. With no where to go and a newfound hatred for the government, she pledged herself to the remaining rebels in order to take revenge for the death of her family. They sent her into one of the households of the generals, tasked to find a way into the inner circle of the general's son to act as a spy and kill him when the opportunity arose. In order to do so, she disguised herself as a boy and began working to gain the notice of the young man.

    Her hard work paid off when she was given the position of the young man’s valet (personal servant). In the years that followed, she used her position to gain information for the rebels while winning the trust of her charge and his family, believing that she might be able to eliminate the entire household. Yet just as her revenge seemed within her grasp, disaster struck. The friendship she thought a farce was genuine, and what was worse, it was not entirely platonic. Now trapped between a love she can never have and revenge at the cost of a friend, awkward and painful moments are sure to abound.

    Meanwhile the young man is learning to take his place in the new regime. His teachings peel back the layers of corruption found in the previous government and hint at those forming in the new. As if that weren't enough, his love life has been going poorly as the woman of his dreams refuses to even acknowledge her presence. As the future draws near, new threats emerge from the shadows from both the rebels and the supposedly dead royal line. If they don't kill him first, then his broken heart surely will.

    I based this off Shakespeare’s The Twelfth Night so a bit of humor would be appreciated with this one. The plot will be a mixture of relationship mishaps, political drama, and some good old fashioned mistaken identity. Romance as well, because it's not a Shakespeare comedy unless the story ends in marriage ;). (Not that it actually has to end in marriage, that's just a joke for the Shakespeare nerds out there.)

    Characters: I have the female character for this plot planned out already, so I'm looking for someone to play the general's son. You're free to do most anything you'd like with the character, even change his story line around if you'd like. I just typed up a basic idea of his situation. We can discuss their current relationship in more depth later. If you're interested in doubling, I can make that work with this plot with just a few minor changes.

    PM me if you're interested. I would love to see where this plot will go. ^^
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  2. Updated with a new plot and back on the prowl. :3
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