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  1. Welcome!

    Sorry for the mess, I am still trying to get this thing in order! Please do read (or skim through, I don't mind!) it if you have the time, maybe you'll find something you like! If you DO find something that interests you, then please do message me over the PM system! You know you want to, so lets just not deny it! Now, onto the specifics.​

    Information and Rules

    • Where? I primarily prefer to roleplay through private messages, because it helps everything stay organised and protects me from my terrible stage fright. I can be convinced to roleplay over e-mails, however, but I would appreciate it if there was a real reason for that.
    • When? Although I am studying full-time for my exams, they end in a few weeks (about three), and I will have a lot of free time in my hands. I have a few wonderful partners both here and on other forums, but I believe that I can fit in one or two more after the exams are over! The only thing I ask for is patience, because on some days I may be too drained to chase after the elusive creature that is my muse.
    • With Whom? One thing I would like to make clear: I don't care if you are a man, woman, an intelligent dog that somehow found its way to a keyboard or an alien creature hijacking the Earth's communications network. I would like the same in return. Roleplay to me is the collaborative creation of a story, and last I checked, authors weren't limited to a specific gender, race or sexual preference.
    • What? I am interested in original settings and fandoms alike, but they all have one thing in common: they contain no magic. Magic and fantasy settings mess with my suspense of disbelief, and I end up finding everything silly. My order of preference starts from hard science fiction (Star Wars doesn't classify, it's closer to Space Fantasy), post-apocalyptic settings and maybe some real world scenarios. I must, however, stress that none of my roleplays are smut-filled one shots. There may be sex early on, or later in the storyline, but that will depend entirely on the character interactions and whether it would be appropriate for the story itself. I appreciate the story, the drama, the tension, the mystery and the action. I want to wonder what the characters will do and think next, not what position they will have sex in. That also comes with a bit of an aversion to most things 'kinky'; lets just say my characters won't be getting tied to a bed and peed on any time soon.
    • Who? Even though I do not care about the real life gender of the person behind the keyboard, I could say I am picky with the characters, down to their sexual preferences. I find it incredibly hard to roleplay homosexual relationships (no offense guys and gals, I love you all!), and like all of my characters (and partners' characters) to be grounded in reality. That means characters that act, feel and think like regular human (or alien?) beings with their flaws and qualities. As a pet peeve, I dislike Dominant/Submissive dynamics; no, my character won't be your slave. Sorry! On the topic of gender, I am fine with having a male or female main character opposite of a female or male main character, regardless of the writers' gender. Oh, and lots of side characters! A world is only as empty as you make it!
    • How? Because of my firm belief that roleplay is a collaborative tale, all writing should occur in the third person past tense. I am not interacting with you, my character is interacting with your character, and first/second person writing makes everything feel less like a story and more like a cybersex encounter. I consider myself very fluent in English (certified! I promise!), even though I may make the occasional blunder as a result of either fast writing or being too caught up in the writing to notice a mistake, so I would appreciate it if my partner has a good grasp of the English language. You can expect from two or three to infinity large paragraphs depending on the scene and my mood, and I expect the same in return. Detailed writing is a must: what else are we there for than to build a detailed story?

    This may seem silly, but I would also appreciate a partner who I can do more than write a story with: I want a friend, someone who I can talk to beyond the scope of our collaborative writing. I know all of this may seem like asking for too much, but... Friendliness is guaranteed!

    Settings and Plots

    Right now, due to my limited time and some recently acquired original setting stories, I would like to indulge in a particular story: Terminator. Specifically the 2008-2009 television show. Due to funding the show ended on a very rough manner, and it could have been much, much better than it ended up. I already have one of those set up with an amazing partner (<3), and I was thinking of taking another direction! The pairing involved would be John Connor and Cameron (preferably with myself writing Cameron's point of view), and would include many of the show's characters! Please do contact me if interested!
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  2. Minor changes. Still looking.
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