Mission: Elimination

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  1. (Modern fantasy)
    ((If you don't like this one, just tell me and I can change it :) ))

    Annabell sighed as the rain continued to pour. Clothed in nothing but a sweatshirt and jeans, she really did not want to be here; out in the open during a thunderstorm. However, she had her mission, and she was going to finish it. There had been reports of a demon around these parts, and it was her task to find it and get rid of it. It wasn't like she had a problem with demons or anything, most demons were fairly nice; she was teammates with quite a few of them, actually. Sometimes though, one of them would get too hungry, and start over hunting. They were called rogues. If you could catch them early enough, there was usually a chance to calm them down. Then, they could be taken back to hell for judgment and punishment (usually a couple thousand years of community service). But by the sound of the reports, this one wasn't going to be so easy. Annabell touched the wireless earpiece that connected her to her partner. "Hows it on your end? Any sign of the thing?"
  2. "Nothing yet." Kasey responded, before going back to searching for the target, and Annabell. But having gotten slightly lost while being a bit too cautious on the way here. After a bit of walking she said to Annabell over the radio with a slight unenthusiastic tone "So...... how strong is our target Anna?"
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  3. "Well," the blond sighed, "No one's actually engaged the thing in battle. From the reports, its a larger low-level; shouldn't be too hard." Demons were classified into low and high levels. Low levels were always animal shaped, and usually didn't have human forms or speech capabilities. They were classified based on size, and they were also more likely to go rogue. High level demons were classified based on power type and then ability level. High level demons almost always had a human form and could usually speak multiple languages. A large crash from the old building next to her alerted Annabell to the presence of something else. "The old school building. I'm pretty sure I just heard it in there." she whispered quietly into the mic. "Be on your guard."
  4. "I...i will meet you there" Kasey timidly said walking towards the school wondering where Anna was and if she was okay. This was her first time with only one other person in her group, but she knew she had to be somewhat brave. After arriving at the school she slowly opened the door and proceeded watching every possible opening trying to get through the school and meed with Anna at the front doors. "I wonder what this one looks like" Kasey whispered as she reached a large set of double doors and gently pushed it open a faint human like shape in the back of the large room. "A...Anna that you?" it echoed quietly through the room but after quickly closing her eyes and looking again the figure was gone. Kasey than rubbed her eyes thinking her fear was getting the best of her before continuing into the room not having realized the building was interfering with her radio.
  5. "Shoot" Annabell, who had made her way inside, cursed under her breath as she realized that there was interference. I have to find Kasey quickly. She thought. She had been on missions like this before, and was aware that some demons could mess with the radio waves. She'll probably assume its the building. Still mumbling, she lifted the sweatshirt over her head revealing a ice blue, long-sleeved shirt. Discarding the soaking sweatshirt on the floor, she shook her sleeves so that two chrome wristwatches were visible. With a flick of her fingers, the watches unfolded around her hands until all that was left was a thin piece of metal, secure around her wrist. attached to the metal bands were thin iron rods which in turn connected to the handles of what appeared to be handguns. Annabell smirked not only was she an ice mage, she was also a master technician and programmer, and these guns were of her own design. They had one other mode, but she wouldn't use that unless she absolutely needed too. Fully armed and alert, she made her way down the hall toward the back doors.
  6. After a bit of searching Kasey reached a locker room, she saw a nice bench and sat down looking around before pulling out a wrapped cloth a snack inside it. Her lunch was soon disturbed as one of the locker came crashing down next to her. Causing her let out a sudden cry as her snack was crushed. She looked around quickly to check if anything was around her before taking out her reinforced baton ready to crush whatever is in the room with her, if anything was.
  7. In the gym, Annabell growled as she heard a loud crash and a scream from one of the locker rooms. That was Kasey! She ran to the locker room doors and started to push. "Locked..." she noted breathlessly. This was bad. This was really bad. "Kasey! can you hear me in there? Listen to me. Remember your training. Stay calm. I don't want to scare you, but its definitely in there. I want you to stay alert, and back away from the doors. I'm going to see if I can blast them open, but the guns will take a while to charge for a blast that big. Just hold out till then." Annabell desperately hoped Kasey could hear her through the thick metal doors of the locker, but she didn't have time to worry. Numbers and code flashed in front of her eyes as she initiated a charged blast that would knock the doors down. One minute, thirty seconds. That was all it took for the guns to charge. Annabell also knew that a demon could down a person in less than five seconds. Thinking of ways to help, Annabell let her energy loose. She exhaled, her breath forming fog. If she could lower the temperature enough, she might be able to help Kasey out through her ice magic.
  8. Still alert Kasey backed up against a wall swinging her baton every which way fearing the demon. The only words heard from the other side were that the creature was definitely in the room with her. Her eyes scanned the room left, right, up, down, but nothing however there were a few places something big could hide but she dare not check recklessly, the shower area, the storage room at the far end the door battered down, or on the other side of a large panel of lockers. As she scanned, the room she slowly started to move closer to the shower area her baton shaking a bit as she held it ready to hit the demon if it jumped at her. She got up against the wall and looked around making sure nothing was behind her before entering the showers. It was dark and she was scared, more than she wanted to admit, but she pressed on peering into the separated showers before getting to one that was closed. This one seemed different it seemed scary for some reason and it sent shivers through her body, there she stopped almost frozen breaking out in a cold sweat.
  9. 1 minute, 10 seconds remaining Annabell could practically feel Kasey's panic from here. She keeps going like this and the demon is gonna target her for real. Annabell's only solace was that Kasey was in the showers at this point. If the demon decided to attack her there, there would be a good chance that there would be enough water to create a solid ice barrier. Just then, she heard a shriek and a crash. There was also something else. A growling high-pitched roar. There you are. Annabell acted as quickly as she could from her position, erecting a thin wall of ice between her partner and where she assumed the creature was. It wouldn't hold long, but it would give Kasey enough time to slip into another part of the room. It also might deter the demon from attacking her again. 49 seconds remaining
  10. The ice having saved Kasey from the creatures attack, it escaping past her as she fell to the ground. She ran quickly after it the creature having failed to ambush her raised her confidence and followed it back into locker area. However after hearing another rustling sound alongside the first she quickly went towards the door hiding in the corner next to it so nothing could sneak up on her. "Anna Ho...how long? I....I think there is more than one demon here......" ~Kasey's tone was somewhat shaking as she spoke her eyes remaining on where the creature/s could be hiding.
  11. 3...2....1! Just as the second demon rushed at Kasey from the front, the doors were blasted off their hinges, slamming into the demon and effectively swatting it off it's course. It slammed into a row of lockers, leaving a dent. There was a burnt hole through it's center, and dark blood was dripping onto the floor below it. Annabell ran into the room, guns still out, and quickly located Kasey. "Hey, are you alright? We have got to find that other one before it gets the both of us."
  12. As Kasey spots Anna she heads towards her and hugs her a bit nervous after that surprise. "Ye.....Yea we need to find it Anna, let...lets hurry" After speaking this she took a few deep breaths and got ready to find it with Anna.
  13. "Right. Keep it together, Kasey," she nodded towards the other girl. "Remember, they can smell fear."
  14. She takes a deep breath before going behind Anna ready to follow where she goes as i continue to take heavy deep breaths to calm myself "Anna sorry, but I'm scared"
  15. Annabell turned to her, a frown prominent on her face. "Listen to me. Breathe. You need to breathe." She held the other girl's shoulders and tool long, slow breaths until she felt the other girl becoming calmer. "Its going to be ok. You just have to stay calm." Damn it, I could really use some of the other guys right now. she thought darkly.
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