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  1. A group of people were on a trip to the Bahamas when the airplane they were on had a malfunction. Suddenly, the small plane's wing caught on fire and the plane went down.
    Luckily the airplane crushed into an island and most of the people in it survive except for a few of the passengers. It is the goal of the survivors to find a way out of the island or to find any kind of help. No one knows were they are at, it is up to them to survive the dangers that await them in this foreign land...
  2. Amber laid motionless on the hard ground. Her head hurt, her body hurt...she just hurt. She slowly opened her eyes, allowing the bright sunlight to invade her eyes. She groaned as she sat up, rubbing her temple as she did. A sharp pain jolted from her side, gasping she looked to it, seeing the side of her stomache gashed. A moment of pure panic arose inside her, until reality set in once again. She was stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere.

    Her blue eyes faded slightly, looking at the dense forest that surrounded her. She sighed, 'Might as well get back to the beach...' she thought as got up. She brushed her long auburn hair out of her face, making her way to the sandy shores of the island they were on. She walked slowly, not really wanting to go back to the beach, but everyone else was there.
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    Alen opened her eyes to find her self staring at tree and at the sun that managed to get through them. "Where am I?" she asked herself as she took a pick around. Last thing she remember was the plane going down and...she did not know how she survived but she made it. It seemed like she was in good shape but her head was starting to throb."Ow" she whined as she touched it feeling a small bump. Carefully she started to get up and heard footsteps "Hello anybody there?" she said loudly for any one to hear.
  4. When Alen shouted, there was a groan in reply. "Not so loud..." The voice came from inside the plane where one of the passengers was still belted in. The young man could not have been more than nineteen and he had dark black hair that seemed to conflict with his faintly Germanic looks. He opened his eyes... And saw one of the other passenger's head on his lap, without the rest of its body. "Good God!" He started to freak out a bit as he threw the head away. "What is going on?!"
  5. Sasha came to slowly, head spinning. She gradually got the use of her limbs, brows furrowing as she tried to gather her wits about her. What the hell happened? She shifted to move and ended up in a fit of coughing. She felt sand beneath her arms as she moved to catch her breath. Opening her eyes finally, she realized that she was on a beach.

    The hell?

    Her legs were unsteady as she balanced on them. Her knees were scraped and the sand had gotten into the cuts, making them sting something terrible. The brown skinned girl straightened and looked around. She remembered being on a plane coming back home to The Bahamas but...

    A terrified shout caught her attention. Someone was here! Maybe they could help her out. Turning around she saw something that made her weak.

    The plane...it was a wreck! Her mother had been against her travelling on a small craft from the start, but she went anyway, ignoring her mother's Final Destination vibe. She was positive nothing was going to happen. How wrong she had been. But at least the plane didn't explode. She still had all of her limbs intact so she couldn't exactly complain. Shaking her head of errant thoughts, she went toward the plane, knees still stinging. Maybe someone else was alive and in once piece.


    Once near the smoking corpse of the aircraft, she peered inside.

    "Hello? Anybody there?" She was careful to keep her native accent as downplayed as possible. She wasn't sure if everyone [or that one person for that matter] was familiar with the Bahamian dialect. She was positive that they weren't but that wasn't the point. She just hoped someone could tell her what was up.
  6. Amber's ears picked up the faint cries of help and stopped walking. She face the direction and listened once again. She could now hear the loud humming of the dying engine of the plane. She took a breath, her wound causing a bit of pain, but she couldn't think of herself just yet, there were others who needed her help. Picking up her shaky legs she began walking towards the sounds of the other people. Her feet tramped through the humid jungle in search of someone. Her blue eyes caught sight of another woman.

    "Are you alright?" she asked, looking at the damage the plane crash might have caused her. She didn't seem too bad, a few scrapes and bruises, but she could see a small bump starting to form on her forehead. She took a few steps towards her and made a gesture that asked if she could see her wound. "Can I see it?" she asked as she looked at the young woman.

    As soon as this woman would either let her see the wound or not, Amber was going to go and find the others, seeing as she wasn't all that hurt. There could be someone in the remains that might need serious attention.
  7. It took a while for Anya to wake up but after a while she did, the headache tortured her but not as much as the pain in her arm would do later, at the moment she barely felt how much her body hurt, it was first when she moved that she noticed. She tried to stand up but felt the pain go threw her whole body, such an unpleasant feeling made Anya let an unwilling scream of pain escape her lips. The most of her body were bruised but it wasn't anything serious, it was only her left arm that hurt so much so she barely could use it.

    Anya forced herself up even though she were in pain and walked out of the ruins of the plane she had been laying under, she had probably been lucky the way she landed, it was almost as she would get crushed by the plane but another part of the plane had come in the way for that part so those two had held up each other. Anya didn't remember much from the crash but she knew that it had happened because of what she saw around her.

    She heard someone that asked if anyone were there, it sounded like it came from the other side of the crashed airplane. She wasn't alone. She started to walk towards the voice, even though her legs hurt and screamed to her to stop she still ran towards the voice. As she came closer to where the voice had came from she noticed a brown skinned girl.

    "Hey, are there any more survivors?" She asked while running the last steps towards the girl.
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    Alen looked at the first person she have seen after the crashed and made a prayer in her head. 'Thank you Lord'. She nodded at the girl sightly but that was a bad idea, horrible pain shoot through her head and she bit her lips hard trying not to cry out. Slowly, Alen turn her head for the girl to see and whispered"It does not look so bad, we have to find the other survivors." She did not care one bit about herself she just wanted to find the other people and see if they needed help. Before the girl have come to her, she heard a cry and was walking towards it when the girl found it."Look, can we just see who it is that is trying to call for help?" she asked her head a bit dizzy.
  9. Kevin opened his eyes. It took him a moment to process what was going on around him. Somehow he was surrounded by plants and trees, and when he tried to stand up, a brilliant jolt of pain shot up his back. Where was he? "Ok, let's start from the beginning." He said aloud to himself. "I woke up in my apartment. I went to see Miguel. I was supposed to carry over 40kg of what was probably the finest heroine I'd ever seen to the Bahamas. Did I ever get on the plane? I took a little in the bathroom before hand. I'm pretty sure I made it on the plane. Then we took off and..." Suddenly, distantly, he remembered terrible rocking, and then the plane began heading toward the ground. He managed to sit up and look around. Trees, plants.........they must have crashed on an island. "Great, maybe I'll make friends with soccer ball soon like the guy in that movie." As he began to try and get up, something occurred to him. Is bags The merchandise. He had to find that plane. He was sure help would come soon, but the last thing he wanted to deal with stuck on some island where withdraws. He wasn't that bad off, but they could still be very nasty. He had to find those bags. As he began to get up, he suddenly heard an explosion thunder from a little distance away. "THE PLANE!". Despite the pain in his back, he got up and started running as fast as he could in the direction of the blast.

    ((If drug addiction isn't a theme some people are comfortable with, I'll be happy to withdraw this character))
  10. Professor Leroy Nelson Weatherby was man well accustomed to catastrophe, being well advanced enough in his years to have experienced many of the myriad of horrors life thrusts onto its' tormented subjects. Bred by Eton and tutored by Oxford and accustomed to many of the remotest areas of the world, Weatherby must admit that this youthful frame took to the cause of adventure with rigorous enthusiasm. However, nothing in his vast and diverse experience quite prepared him for this.

    Weatherby rested his head against the smooth black soil and felt was struck by an unbelievably eerie sensation. A cold, smooth material slowly and steadily slipped across Weatherby's face, in a manner the old professor had to admit was rather pleasant. He opened his eyes. A watercolour of brilliant greens, reds, yellows and oranges blurred into his vision. Weatherby's dry throat yelped in horror. He had misplaced his glasses! A most unforgivable catastrophe! He rose with all the effort he mustered, but then there was a flash of marshy green. A shivering pain burned itself into his arm, cold stinging fangs sinking into his wrinkled hand. It was over in an instant, and the professor glanced to the side as the culprit slivered away into the bushes. Quickly, and with a speed inconsistent with his age, he fumbled in his pockets for his extra pair of spectacles. "Forewarned is forearmed" was the professor's maxim, and he always had an extra of everything just in case, as was typical of his nervous and paranoid nature. In moments they were found, and with a cry of joy he put them on. He looked through them, and saw riveting cracks saw through his vision. A massive grey mass loomed toward him.

    "Blast!" the professor exclaimed, throwing the offending spectacles onto the ground. He ground his heel into the forest floor and was almost on the brink of despair. That is, until he heard the faint sound of voices at a distance beyond.

    Hope regained, the professor ambled cautiously toward the sound of the voices, being well aware of his apparent handicap, and let out a cry:

    "I say! Is anyone else alive out there?"
  11. Sasha whipped her head around to see another young woman. She seemed a little beat up and was favoring her arm.

    "Not that I know of," Sasha answered, relieve to see another living creature there besides her. Sasha's brows furrowed. "You're badly injured."

    She took the other woman by the right arm and slung it around her neck. "Come on, let's get you to the beach so I can look at it properly." Sasha wasn't a nurse by a long-shot. Not even one in training, but she wasn't about to be helpless in the face of adversity.
  12. Felix slowly opens his eyes but the pain from is head was crushing his skull to the point where he felt as if a giant rock was sitting on top of it.He then Puts his hand on his head to feel a little blood."What the hell happened" he tries to get up, but the pain slowed him down but once he got to his knees.Then after he realized that he was on some kind forest.He says to himself "How did i get where"?. he starts to realizes that he can't remember anything besides his name but how he got here or before him waking up is a blare.
  13. Arianna blinked open her eyes and heard faint cries of help, but she wasn't fully awake yet. Everything was a blur, and she could feel a sharp pain in her left leg. Fluttering her eyelids she managed to force them open, and a blinding light crashed through them. With a groan of ditest she suddenly felt the pain in her left leg grow. Looking down she found the source of her pain...her leg was stuck beneath a large branch. The white hot pain suddenly hit her and she let out a wail.

    "Somebody please help me!" She screamed while trying to move the log. It was no use she was too weak.
  14. ( Bailey the character is good, I do not mind drugs and such )


    Alen could not wait any longer there and had to leave the girl right were she was at . At least she is fine and can follow if she wants she thought. She jogged gently along the forest to where the voice was last heard. "Oh my..." she said and stopped as she look at the crashed plane in terror. It seemed like someone was the moving around and she rushed to it, to find a dark hair boy. "Hey, are you alright?" she asked softly not wanting to scare him. He looked terrified enough already and she felt bad for him. Seeing him as he was still belted she helped him out and unstrapped him. "Careful..."
  15. Felix after a few seconds of collecting whats going on.He heard a cry of pain. He looked all around as if the voices came from everywhere. Till he heard a clear cry for help behind him. Felix then got to his feet yelling back at the voices "Where are you"? Till he followed it to a girl trapped under a branch."oh my god .......Are you ok". He knew the answer to that but he didn't know what else to say. "Ok lets get this branch off who". He grabbed the branch and mounted his feet ready to left the branch."Now listen on the count of 3 i'll left the branch and you curl out ok...ready.....1......2...................3". He then with all his force lifted the heavy branch of the girls leg, waiting for her to move.
  16. Arianna rolled out from the branch, but it wasnt painless. That sure showed, because she could feel the hot tears flow over her face.

    "Thank you so much!" She cried out to her savior.

    Her leg was in great pain, and her head hurt like crazy. She knew that she would have to move from here though, but she would need help.

    "Could you help me find shelter? Im not sure if I can walk myself."
  17. Felix looked around for any type of sign of living anything. He then saw smoke a little distance away."let's go lady get on my back" He leans over in front of the lady he just saved.Once he had her on his back, He put his hands on her legs to bring her up higher to be easier to carry. As they walk to the smoke he saw over the trees." whats your name and whats going on"?
  18. "Im Arianna, and im not sure where we are but we were in a plane crash. Arent I heavy?" She asked.

    Now, she wasn't fat, but she knew she could stand to lose some weight.
  19. It wasn't the answer Anya had hoped for, but at least there were one living soul around. It would have been much worse if she had been all alone in that horrible place, who knew what kind of dangerous animals that were out there. She wouldn't want to meet them all alone.

    "It's not that bad" Anya said as the girl told her that she were badly injured. She couldn't use her left arm but except that her other body parts were almost fine. The woman took her right arm and threw it over her shoulder to help her to the beach. Anya wanted to tell her that she could make it herself but she noticed immediately that it went much faster when she helped her walk than when she walked alone.

    "Thanks" She said a bit embarrassed, she wasn't used to accept help from people. "I'm Anya" She continued, a bit irritated to not know the womans name yet.