Missing Moon - Elorwin and EmmaLee Rose

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The Kingdom of Aranthia is such a large and vast country it has since its founding been divided into separate fiefdoms each ruled over by a lord. It is within the fiefdom of lord De’Vance that we start. The lands of De'vance are one of the smallest regions within the kingdom however due to rich mining caverns within its borders it is one of the richest. Due to its proximity to the neighbouring country of Soli De’Vance has to be cautious as bandit attacks are a frequent but relatively minor problem.

Elorwin CS:

Name: Luna Oralia Cadenza De’Vance

Age: 24

Hair: Platinum blonde, waist length lose curls.

Eyes: Violet

Misc: Although the daughter of the baron she is often referred to as "Princess". Since her mother’s untimely death a few years ago Luna has been lady of the household and responsible for overseeing the smooth running of it. She is considered the jewel of the region and at court she is flattered and adored by all, much to her delight.


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