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  1. Something strange is happening in Arkham, Massachusetts - because of course it is. Of all the places in New England for something strange to happen, Arkham is probably the most popular. BBut no less - the people of Essex County are beginning to notice some strange things. First: a deathly moaning emanating from the old site of Arkham Asylum. Second: a strange, fishy smell coming from the town of Innsmouth.

    But perhaps most concerningly, things are changing, physically. They look, for all the world, rather like the general aesthetic of the early 20th century, and anybody asked would call it worrying. Well, apart from the nice people at the old masonic lodge in Innsmouth, which has since been revived after nearly a century of disuse. But they don't really seem to be bothered by much. (Speaking of which, does anybody here some odd chanting coming from the lodge? It's probably nothing.)