Miru's Challenge! For Every Song, a Story!

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Okay, let's try this.
Now, I didn't put this in Board Games, because I honestly think of this as more of a writing challenge.

It's simple in the goal, but it may be a bit of a *challenge* (Repetitive much? ^^:)
I will post a song, and I want you all to write a story based on the song. Base it on the mood of the music, the vocals, the ups and downs. Like you would match music to a scene in an RP. Except this time, you're matching an RP scene to a song. I'll post one song ever few days. ^^ Now, I expect actual little stories. =P
But don't strain yourself and right some gargantuan novel. XD (Unless you want to. ._.')

The first song....

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As the prospect on yet another devastating storm loomed on the horizon, Captain John Vorkemper looked to his crew. They were tired, thirsty, demoralized…and who could blame them. They had been at sea for 3 weeks, the endless mountains of salt water hadn't given way to land in over 3 days, but despite their situation, they looked to John with respect and courage in their eyes. There was fight still left in their hearts, that much was obvious. John only hopped they could hold on for a few more days….at least.

Captain John wished he had better news for them, but as it was they would need to dock soon, or face starvation or worse dehydration. The fearless captain had checked the map, twice and then again, but it was hopeless…no matter how many times he checked they were still days out, and with the supplies dwindling, that may mean death for some of the crew.

He had a mental debate with himself. He would never let his crew starve, even if that meant slitting his own throat so another could live! They were his brothers, and he theirs. It was the duty of the Captain to go down with the Ship, but did that also mean that he must sacrifice his crew for the guarantee of a return voyage? Did that mean that he must tell some of his crew that there was no water? No! John would never do it, and with salt in his eyes and faith in his heart he looked to his men, aye, he thought, I would gladly die for any one of them.
Shadowed figures dance a circle and around. Tattered clothing sweep a cobweb covered floor as they glide gracefully around the dance floor. Women wore tight corsets and showed more skin that what most would dare, black veils covering their black and white faces. The men in black velvet, white loves and slicked black hair, faces as heavy with makeup as the women. Expressionless dolls stared out with glass eyes as the living danced and the dead gazed from the black cloudless night.

Their friend was dead, a loved one buried deep inside the dark, dank, cold, and lonely earth, waiting to be reunited with the ones they left behind. Some plotted and schemed, others grieved and cried. Friends set against each other for the riches of the deceased and soon the party was stained with red.
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