Miru has admitted that he's a girl.

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  1. mirugirl.gif

    I'm sorry, [MENTION=903]Pirate Queen Renee'[/MENTION].
  2. Miru has titties....photos now i want to see. and feel but i will settle for seeing them....
  3. Actually....it just means Miru has tits, miru can still have a peener
  4. D: Come on now, he could be a hermaphrodite!
  5. please tell me this is true ^_^
  6. Is what I said. though he'd be the most moe hermaphrodite ever.
  7. wait moe from the simpsons...he isnt even a human he is a yeti XD maybe miru will be a yeti
  8. not that moe, you are clearly not a creature of the internet
  9. Hermaphrodite with much more estrogen than testosterone. :D
  10. Staci, they're trying to solicit nudes of Miru. D:
    I think you're swell no matter the genitalia, Mikun!
    And now, we must knit him a beautiful dress, Elyd.
  11. hey i want nudes of everyone not just miru
  12. Can do.
  13. ._.
    I leave and this happens?
    -clings to Miru and pets.-
  14. -Pokerface- :|
  15. stacisaur dont cling to miru sHE will suck out your titties while you cling and make them Hiser own
  16. -Maintain....pokerface....- :|
  17. ._.
    Donchu be talkin' bout mah man like dat, mmmmmmmmmmhmmmmm. -snaps. clings.-
  18. [video=youtube_share;-y8ViGvCrL8]http://youtu.be/-y8ViGvCrL8[/video]
    oh gurl no you didnt im about to get all up in yo face XD