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  1. It had been a pretty long, exhausting day as far as Katherina was concerned.

    Not only had she had to spend a day at college, and cope with a test she hadn't really prepared for -but it wasn't that hard given how she was a natural at textiles and making a skirt had been the only challenge set for her-, but she had to move all her things from her parents' home to this; a new one she had bought using her money from her little diner job, and funds from her parents, ones in which she promised to pay them back for.

    But it was a new start for the aspiring model, the chance to get settled in a house in which she could live and start a life in with any possible partner she may have. She wanted children and a pet, the whole family setting - but she also wanted to become a model, and seeing as all she received was rejections, she was beginning to see that life wasn't all that easy, and any hope of a family one day did seem hard to accept when nothing seemed to go her way. She had had the opportunity to be a mother already, but she had been too young - but not a day went past where she didn't think about the potential child she may have had.

    Although, one thing that had worked out was securing this house. It was old, but homely, and as she quietly tugged in the last of the boxes -the larger things like the fridge, the couches and wardrobe among others- had been moved in the previous day, so all she had to do was get her things set in and decorate, but she was looking forward to the project. Carting a box of old photographs up into the attic, the pretty girl wiped a bead of sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand as she adjusted her outfit, currently consisting of dungarees and a cute t-shirt underneath, hair in a neat bun. Tiredly eyeing the bare attic, she took care with her steps as she set the box in the corner, until the glint of a mirror nearby caught her eye. Everything in the house from the previous owner ha been moved out, yet a hand held mirror remained-- in her mind, it was pretty, so she may as well keep it. Holding it up to examine it, she thought nothing of it in reality -it was just a mirror, right?- and moved on the way back down from the attic with the idea of just making herself some lunch.​
  2. It had been 15 years since Estoria was founded by someone and actually had a friend. It had even been many more years since she got stuck in a mirror. She can see anything that the mirror is reflecting and right now, that's not much of anything but darkness. Being in an attic, that's all she saw.

    A man had found her 15 years ago and he had ended up being her friend. They would try to think of many ways to free her out the mirror. Breaking the mirror was a no go. Estoria had thought that once shattering the mirror that she would be trapped in the darkness forever. The man had tried everything that he thought that would work to get her out as well. The last time the man had left her up in the attic, just in case the house was robbed, he was going to go get one more thing that he thought that would work. But once the man had left her and never returned and Estoria had simply thought that the man didn't ever want to be bothered with her anymore. The man had just died unexpectedly in a car wreck and could never return to the woman in the mirror.

    Estoria sighed as she paced around inside the darkness of the mirror and had sat down on nothingness. She heard a noise. Maybe the man was back?! She looked around through the opening of what the mirror sees and tried to see who was making the noise. Seeing a girl, she gasped because it was unexpected to see another female. Should she speak to her? No. Not yet. Estoria figured that she would just observe her surroundings instead.​
  3. "It's a nice mirror, at least," the girl murmured absently as she peered in it again, still confused as to why it hadn't been spotted until now. She had viewed the house before buying, and failed to see it-- though at least it was found now because it was always handy to have a mirror, especially for someone like Kat who often wore eyeliner and lipstick.

    Setting it down on her side cabinet in her new master bedroom, Kat quietly sat on her double bed with a forlorn peer around. She was used to living with her parents, in a house full of laughter, but now, in her home, it was deathly quiet and it was something she had to get used to. And talking to herself was just a way of breaking the silence if anything. "Maybe I'll buy a dog... or something..."​
  4. Estoria looked at the girl and grinned. She thought the other female was lovely. From what she could see from what the mirror could reflect, the house looked different from the last time she saw it also. Being set down in the female's room and saw the bed, only made her want to be in one and be comfortable. Hearing the girl speak had gave her soft chills as she had never heard another voice in so long and nothing as sweet either.

    "What kind of dog?" Estoria just suddenly asked and thought maybe that'll be a good thing to ask, perfect thing to start off a conversation actually. "But then again, I don't know much about dogs." She made herself appear in the mirror where the other female may see her.
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  5. Freezing, it was only natural for her to turn around, expecting to see a figure stood behind her - the last thing she was going to do was look in the mirror and expect to see someone, of course. Now slightly panicked, given she was sure she had locked the doors behind her, she held the mirror in form of a weapon as she took tentative steps towards the door, peering out of her bedroom.

    And she saw nothing; nobody.

    Wearily frowning, now more fearful than ever, she moved to sit on her bed - perhaps she had simply heard voices? It was possible she was going mad. Sighing heavily, she dropped the mirror onto the bed beside her with a small smile, figuring she had just mad all that up-- until spotting Estoria finally. And like any normal person, she let out a fearful shriek and kicked the mirror away from her-- thankfully it hadn't fallen and broken, but came to a stop at the edge of the bed. "W-What the hell?!"​
  6. Estoria was wondering why hadn't the woman said anything back. She simply waited there for her to make a move. Her eyebrow arches seeing that she put the mirror in front of her like a woman. What was this girl doing and how could a mirror be a weapon nowadays? This was weird for her.

    She let out an inaudible gasp at how the girl threw the mirror thought that it was going to break. But simply sighed as it didn't even crack. "Hm.." She spoke softly then noticed when the female scream. "Now she notices!" Estoria shouted out but scream herself seeing the mirror spin and she thought it was going to hit the floor. "Please don't let it break! I rather be stuck in the attic in darkness than just be stuck in this thing without ever seeing anyone ever again! Please put me somewhere safe!" She spoke out in a shaky voice. She decided to close her eyes just in case the mirror would fall.​
  7. "Who-- No, w-what are you? How is this possible? I'm going nuts, aren't I?" She whispered to herself, hands visibly shaking as she reached nervously for the mirror, staring in at Estoria with widened eyes. She was sure that she was going a little crazy - a figure in the mirror wasn't something normal people saw, and she did somewhat believe that this was all a result of the stress of moving into the home, trying to revise for her exams and applying for jobs as a model.

    "...I don't... understand..." She stammered nervously, biting hard on her bottom lip to contain herself. "...What... happens if I break the mirror?"​
  8. Estoria gave a small laugh at the girl's nervousness? More like her being afraid. "I'm a who, you had it right the first time. I'm Estoria. I would extend my hand out to you but right now that's not possible." She informed the woman that she could no longer see.

    Once Katherina picked up the mirror, she spoke once again. "Ah! There you are." She gave a small smile but then a worried look at the girl. "If you break it then I'll be forever stuck in this mirror with no hope at all of escaping it. It's already horrible enough that I'm in here... already stuck but not forever. It's not really complicated, it's just the wording that's not making sense."​
  9. "What, d-do you expect me to believe this crap? I'm going insane, even trying to talk with you-- with me. You're just a figment of my imagination. I'm stressed, that's all," she babbled to herself, continuously in an effort to convince herself, despite it not entirely working when her blinks and rubbing her eyes ceased to cause the girl -the rather beautiful woman- to disappear from the confines of the mirror.

    Setting the thing down at the side, perched upright so she could still see the girl, she sat back down on her bed, now pale and shaky. "...Wh... What's your name?"​
  10. Estoria's eyes widen at the girl not believing her. How could she not? She's in her face. Her brown eyes stayed on the other woman with an arch of her eyebrow as Katherina rubbed and blinked so many times. Estoria was pretty convinced that there was something in her eye.

    Once being moved and sat upright to see the other female, she smiled once she stopped doing all that rubbing to her eyes. Her eyes might just be sore later. "I'm Estoria.. and you arrree?" She gestured a bit at herself then to the other girl. ​
  11. "Katherina-- K-Kat, for short," she stammered, her eyes never leaving the pretty women in the mirror. She was still sure this was all in her head, ad that engaging with 'it' would just cause her to fall deeper into whatever craziness was going on, but she couldn't just ignore this, could she? "...Estoria... this is so nuts, you know that?"​
  12. "Kat.. " She repeated the name then smiled. "Alright. I like it. Like the animal." Her eyes studied over the other girl and wondered what she was thinking. Better yet, how she was taking this? "Nuts?" She asked curiously. "Pea...nuts?" Estoria spoke slowly, unsure if that's what Kat meant.
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  13. "How long have you been stuck in the mirror?" She asked quietly, mostly because the other's confusion would illustrate the fact she may not be used to modern turns of phrase. "I mean, this is... crazy. Confusing, you know? Ah...!​
  14. The woman in the mirror gave a mental pout and didn't like how things switched up on her. "A woman casted a spell on me out of jealousy." She spoke like it was a common thing. It was pretty much a common thing for her now since she's been stuck in the mirror for decades now. Her mind drifted to start thinking how old she would be. She thought that she would definitely be dead by now.

    Her eyes looked up hearing Katherina again and her explain the last question. "Ooh.. why didn't you say so? I don't find this crazy at all. Just me stuck in a mirror." She shrugged. "Sounds pretty simple to me!" She grinned.​
  15. "No, it's definitely crazy," she muttered, her face twisting into clear disarray with the situation. All she wanted was a calm, quiet life, and now she was stuck with trying to get this woman out of the mirror? She was obliged to, after all. She was kind and caring, and would do anything for anyone-- even a strange woman she was sure was still a figment of her imagination.​
  16. "Okay, maybe from your perspective it is." She laughed a bit then sighed. "I hate always being in this damn thing but there's no way out." Her head lowered and she squeezed her eyes shut to keep from crying. "I've been in here for way too long." Her voice sounding like she was about to cry.​
  17. "Are you... going to cry?" She grimaced, not the best when it came to tears. While she was clearly a kind girl, with a big heart and the innate nurturing that entailed she would help anyone with anything (even women she met in mirrors, apparently), she struggled to comfort those crying. It was all so... awkward. "Look, I-I'm gonna help you, so... so don't cry, please?"​
  18. "No I'm not.." She mumbled and started to cry anyways. Estoria kept her eyes shut as she hated to cry in front of people. She nodded as she wiped her tears. "Alright. I'l stop." She told her then wiped her tears away. ​
  19. "Right, thanks," she stammered still - she was hardly going to be perfectly okay with the surreality of the situation, but the least she could do was offer some sort of help and extend kindness to the upset women who clearly was in need of it. "...I promise I'll help, alright? However long it'll take."​
  20. The woman sighed as she calmed down and looked to Kat. Her lips turned into a small smile. "Well I don't know how long it'll take. I still never found out how to ever get out of here." Her fingers ran through her hair. She felt like this was pointless, like she was doomed to stay in the mirror forever just like the princess had said decades ago.​