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  1. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in some kind of time travel rp. I had this idea in history class. I thought about "the shot heard round the world" and thought who shot that shot. This leads into my idea. What if that all the unexplained moments or at least debatable moments in history were all caused by these people called the minute men. Maybe in the future time and space will start unravel and the "true history" starts to take over. Like our timeline is not what it was originally meant to be. What if our timeline was caused because of a group of people went back in time to do all this, for example, the American revolution was never supposed to be won by the Americans. The Americans never got support from any other country and had to stand alone. That's where the minutemen come in. They come in from the future and "correct" the past to bring our history back on it's rails. I was planning on starting with the american revolution but I might go on to other time periods if I have enough interest.

    As I said in the description, I am flexible with the details and they are negotiable.