Mini's dad has circled the world about 1,597 times!

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  1. Not literally of course, but today we estimated the number of kilometres he trucks in a year, and rounding down and multiplying by the number of years he's been long-haul driving, we came to around 6.4 MILLION KILOMETERS.

    That's enough distance to wrap the Earth's circumference 6,400 1,597 times!

    He says he feels very tired now.
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  2. YAY for truck driving dads! 8D My dad is a driver too, and Gibs dad worked as a driver for a long time. O_O
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  3. My dad doesn't drive trucks, but he works as the person who tells all the trucks where to go, arranges things with their cargo and such :3
  4. Dispatcher! The dispatcher can make or break a truckin company
    hurray for trucker dads! *high fives*
  5. My dad likes to talk to truck drivers at work. He works in a foundry and they get scrap metal hauled in and send stuff (like metal shot) out. Truck drivers are cool. They always know good places to stop and eat!
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  6. That really is an awesome large amount.
    I don't drive a truck, but I've bicycled to school almost every day, calculated I've got roughly 105.000km of road in my schooldays. Not bad for a 24 year old XD
    Nothing compared to 6.400 times around the wold obviously o.o
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  7. My kids father (that's me if anyone was wondering) doesn't drive a truck but delivers car parts in a van Monday through Friday. 1000 miles a week, it's not like a truckers huge mileage but it's more travel time than I did in my last job. I only drove 25 miles a day last job lol.
  8. I live across a truck driver. I always know when he is home >.>

    My dad served in the Military and flew all over the World so...I have no idea on his whole mileage thing.
  9. And he still has yet to find a decent parking spot.
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  10. Girl I used to date had a father who was a life time semi-driver (rest in peace) who had skin damage on one side of his face since, when driving, the sun was always hitting the left side of his face. Just an odd occurrence that I wonder is common among semi-drivers. Last I know of, she was going to school for semi-driving (had no idea there was a school for that). So imagine this:
    You have a 5' 8" skinny blonde girl driving a semi-truck who weights only about 120 pounds. Just seems like an odd fit for what is typically thought to be a semi-driver.
  11. My dad has not had this! But he has damaged his spine from driving in a poorly designed seat, and broken his shoulder blade (there's a titanium plate there now!) falling head-first off his load while tarping. If he'd been a few centimetres over hed've smashed his skull.
  12. My dad does construction....*tumbleweed flies by*
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