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  1. There was a thread about it barely a month ago =P

    And... HELLHEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not a paid user but will be soon!

    Courtyard of my island castle is done, so is the base for the wizard's tower (where I'll put the nether portal once I get paid up) throne room is being carved out, layout roughly resembles a typical castle in the elder scrolls series.
  2. they added cake in last patch :D

    Perhaps I'll upload some screenshots, I really need to play more minecraft and less space station 13....
  4. Minecraft: Epically addictive time waster. LOVE IT!
  5. I'm digging the free version enough as it is. I'll sell yet another fragment of my soul to the full version later today...

    I don't think WoW is enjoying sharing my soul much right now, but they haven't patched yet, so screw them.

    EDIT: And so I begin Minecraft like everyone else does: Crying like a little bitch hiding from monsters in a hole in the wall with no torches.