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  1. My idea starts off with the character stepping off a train service of your choice, and onto the platform. A normal train journey, no expectations for anything out of the ordinary to happen whatsoever. But, as luck would have it, you fall through the platform you wanted to step onto. Not onto - into. Moments later, you find yourself thrown into a meeting with the head of some high school, who explains you are now in "The Gap," a space between dimensions. This particular part of the Gap is host to a twisted game, in which participants take a year of the school according their abilities, and must pass the end-of-year exams with at least an A. Otherwise, you spend a few thousand years being put through excruciating physical and mental torture, then you try again. Rinse and repeat as necessary. You can't die in the gap, but all other laws apply to humans - although death results in a week in what seems like a coma. And you can't afford to miss any classes here, unless you take option B, one seldom spoken of within earshot of a staff member. Option B is to escape from the school, brave the dngers outside, such as various monsters and traps which will maim you horrendously, and open the transportal. It's what was used to reel you in, and there's a chance it can be used to get you out again. Either wy, it's a gamble.

    So, opinions?
  2. Wow, I love it!

    The idea of The Gap as well as the idea of the twisted game of school.

    I would totally be interested.

    And from what's beginning as a character in my mind, she would probably try to escape, as well.
  3. Nobody else has expressed any interest... Well nuts to them. I can RP without them lot... Alright, I'll do it! It's not about why, it's about why not!
  4. I like your attitude! That's the spirit!

    Don't worry. I can find you players if you can give me some themes to work with :)

    Let's start with the basics :D

    What genre? I'm assuming fantasy, but I might be wrong xD

    What's the timeline? (in terms of modern, etc)

    What kinds of players are you looking for? (:

    And maybe a few more details about the plot would be good to get people discussing :]
  5. *Cue cheesy 80's fistpump*

    Not fantasy, per se, as it's most of the area will be based around real life. Everyone's human, apart from the monsters roaming the area outside, so it's sort of a modern day fantsy, if you will.

    The train you get off is in the present day, and the school grounds will be based on current schooling facilities, but various parts may seem more sci-fi than others. It's mostly Modern, though.

    I'm not really picky. All I ask is that they know what they're doing, and can type without making it seem as if they'd dragged their hand across the keyboard and hit post.
  6. Cool.

    So it's Modern / Sci-Fi / with hints of Fantasy :D

    I'll see who I can call over to discuss with you ! (:
  7. Yep, an odd little mixture, but it's mine all the same.

    More people? Wunderbar, this could go nicely.
  8. I sent out some PMs to people who had Sci-Fi and/or Modern in their roleplay invitations and resumes.

    Let's see if it works :)
  9. Yes, yes it works Sakura. :)

    Anyways, I must admit, this idea is original and quite creative. A sort of sci-fi/fantasy mixed with survival, but still managing to differenciate from the norm. I would definably be interested.
  10. I'm down. Seems very interesting.
  11. I'm liking this idea so far! :D
    What kind of exams are we looking at? I'm guessing something out of the ordinary, right?
  12. Out of the ordinary is correct, in a sense. See, I can't aallow this to have your typicl lessons, oh no. That'd be no fun. For example, let's say you take a chemistry exam. You'd be asked to write down the process for an experiment, perform it, and record your results. Sounds simple, until you remember that if you get even one measurement even a little bit wrong, even one drop off, it explodes, and you fail. Not to mention that being dead for a week stops you taking other tests or lessons, and you can't even attempt an escape through the transportal. Makes things more interesting, methinks. Anywy, I deem this to be a sufficient amount of approval - I'll get it all set up. If anything needs to be said, do say it.
  13. I am soo in on this 0_~